Mileage Recap ~ 1 – 15 November Honoring the Past, Present and Looking to the Future

November is turning out to be a traveling month for me.  After I graduated college I went into the US Army and was very fortunate to have visited and lived in different countries and states.  It’s quite lovely to explore another country or state and make life long friends.  It’s even better when you are able to maintain those friendships over the years.  I’ve been lucky in that respect.  Of course social medias have helped in the effort as well.  With all the traveling and moving, it hasn’t been easy to get back home and visit family as often as I want and should.  It’s been far and between sometimes.  So with my new life endeavors I have made a point to make going home a priority.  No more three-year stints at being gone.

My home town, is Aiken, SC. An old horse town with old money and the Savannah river site just down the road.  When I moved there all those years ago it was quite different from the town today.  Very small and not much happening.  Still, it was a good place to grow up.  Now its a bit larger and still holding on to its quaintness.

I have been fortunate to maintain friendships with some high school friends that will be going on 30 years shortly:-) All of my direct family lives there and it is always a joy for me to go back and visit.  See everybody and of course hear what is going on in and around town.  It is joyful and bittersweet all in the same moment. As I walked downtown I can still remember so many fine memories of people and places.  The air was brisk, the tall pine trees, old and new people bustling around town.  An overcast day with just enough chill in the air to give you that nostalgic feeling of the holidays that are about to come.  I love this time of year. Change.  Leaves falling to the ground.  Summer has long gone and by a is replaced by a different type of beauty.  I’ve been coming back to this town over the years.  Some things change and others not so much. Some things have improved and others hold fast.

I decided to drive from Arizona to South Carolina.  I am one of these people who love to drive.  There is a freedom I love to driving. I love it.  I will admit it did get a little tiring and it is hard to “get mileage” in after you’ve been driving for 8 – 10 hours a day.  So the mileage was minimal but rewarding.  Rewarding in the aspect that I got to reflect.  Just to slow down and take it at my pace, adjust to the new environment and reflect on how things have changed in my life and in the things around me.  I call them spiritual miles, and they might just be the most rewarding, important miles to be had.  Some where in hotel fitness rooms and others running around the neighborhood in Aiken.

Today I turned 48.  I am blessed.  Blessed to have the physical strength to complete these miles and to roll with the changes.  Something we often take for granted.  I also honor those relationships that have carried me from the past, those that are ongoing and those yet to come.   Only 8.11 miles to log.  Meh, it’s okay.  A little quote I thought I’d share:

When you are through changing, you are through. ~Bruce Barton

Every mile is different, every mile is unique ~ 8,475.56 miles await.  Happy Miles to You.

2 thoughts on “Mileage Recap ~ 1 – 15 November Honoring the Past, Present and Looking to the Future

  1. Happy Birthday! There is no better way to celebrate than with a road trip. Like you, I enjoy driving. It gives me a sense of freedom and adventure. This winter, I hope to drive to Arizona and spend a month there cycling.

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