Mileage Recap ~ 1 Feb – 12 Feb.

Hello everyone!  I hope this finds everyone in good spirits as we find ourselves in the month of February.  I love the cooler months and I always loved when the seasons change.  I can appreciate a good snow fall and all the beauty it brings.  I will admit however, that once the holidays have I am always chomping at the bit to get outside and start gardening.  I absolutely love to plant things and watch them grow.  There is a certain satisfaction of planting seeds in the earth and watching them grow into something beautiful.

The last few days here have been absolutely beautiful reaching into the 80s. Yesterday was the first time I actually went out sleeveless.  I won’t rub that in too much as I know a lot of you are in the low 20s still.  It’s not without a cost though, at least for me.  I have received my allergy test back and it looks like I’m severely allergic to about 5 different grasses here.  It has been difficult at best.  Although my running has picked up it does make it difficult to breathe at times.  Like all things, this shall pass.  I will continue and eventually I will acclimate.

I have been running and walking as of late.  Still a little too dark in the morning to ride and it isn’t  jiving with the work schedule.  So with a combination of walking and running I was able to complete 19.30 miles so far for February with 8,284.86 gratefully remaining.  Happy Miles to You!

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