Mileage Recap ~ 13 – 18 Feb

It seems like an odd date choice but I really haven’t been keeping up on the dates with blogging and I felt like blogging.  This week was filled with running and hiking.  I was fortunate to have a visit from a dear friend from Illinois.  The weekend was spent walking around Old Town Scottsdale and hiking South Mountain Park and Pima Canyon.  I had been to South Mountain Park before but Pima canyon was something new.  It really was lovely and even though the scenery was the “same” it was different if you know what I mean.  Here are a few pictures:

D_L1 D_L2 D_L3 D_L4 D_L5 D_L6 D_L7

Hiking came to 6.39 total miles and 7.28 were running/cool down miles.  I just decided that, during the middle of the week, I would start training for a half.  Unorthodox yes, but who cares.  Of course I will start week one over again next week, but I do have to switch the days the plan calls for runs.

Yesterday’s run was far from stellar.  It was warm, so I had shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt and my water belt with one water pod.  I shot out the door and trotted about 50 yards and had to turn around and go to the bathroom.  I hate when that happens.  Okay, take two.  I trotted out the door and hey there I go!  Everything was moving along then dang it’s like a sauna out here!  I mean really where am I the desert?  No problem, I’ll just reach back and get my wat…what the heck!  No water pod.  I mean the damn thing fell off my belt and I didn’t even notice.  How does that happen?  My iPod wasn’t that loud.  So, I’m about halfway through the run and on the return and I’m looking for the pod like a parent looks for a lost child.  I mean I thought I saw it a couple of times, but it was a desert mirage.  I was thirsty too.  You know the kind of thirsty where you’re licking your lips and opening your mouth because it was so dry.  I just haven’t gotten past the crazy thirst thing here…maybe I never will.  I begin fantasizing that I could put up “If you’ve seen me” posters on stop signs.  Or maybe I’d see it run over in the middle of the road.

Okay, now I’m really thirsty.  Allergies are kicking in…agua please.  Maybe some driver will throw a bottle my way…maybe I’ll have to drink from someone’s sprinkler (yes, I’ve done that one)…then I started thinking about people who are trapped in a natural disaster like an earthquake.  You always hear the survivors talk about “Yep I survived off of my urine for 7 days!”.  Really…will it come down to this?  For God’s sake people throw me a bone!

Anyhooo, I made it home and behold!  There was my water pod about 50ft from my front door.

13.67 beautiful miles this go round with 8,271.19 graciously awaiting.  Stay thirsty my friends and Happy Miles to you!


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