Mileage Recap ~ 19 Feb 22 Mar…Grand Canyon Half Is A Go

Hello Friends I hope this post finds you well and excited for Spring.  What have been up to you ask?  Cue a hefty chuckle….well last I left you lads and lasses I had a friend visit and I was gearing up for the Grand Canyon Half.  Everything is great, really…great.  Except for that little visit to the allergist.  I had found out through an “Arizona blood panel” that I was allergic to 5 grasses…not 4 but 5.  So, the follow up was the “prick” test.  Yes, that should be the proper name.  The roll you on your stomach and “prick” your back with about 25 different things to see the allergic reaction.  Of course, the grasses started to react on my back.  Not crazy, but whelping none-the-less and started itching.  The nurse, bless her, decided she wanted to give me some “relief”.  Now folks, this was a blue or red pill situation.  Anytime someone says with a shot in their hand…”may I administer this?” you better think long and hard.  Do I really need it….do I.  So there I was nodding yes as she administered the Epi pen to the affected area.

I’m laying on my stomach and I start to feel jittery.  I’ve never had an Epi so I wasn’t really sure what it was…I mean I know people who have allergies take it for bee stings…but why the hell did I say yes again.  The nurse applies an ice pack to the area and says lets sit up.  Again I start to feel really jumpy.  Nurse…”oh that’s normal everybody feels like that”…okay.

I get off the table and sit in the chair waiting the required 30 minutes.  Then….all-of-a sudden my head began to hurt so bad I was doubled over…and screaming.  I don’t think there has been any moment in my life that I was screaming from pain.  I thought this was going to be a 911 moment.  I was going to die in that cubical…surrounded by the torn paper on the medical table, a used Epi pen and a bewildered nurse.  I mean heck if I’m going to leave this world can we make it a little more interesting.  Both the doctor and the nurse had looks of fear and confusion.  I come to find out that they’ve seen over 10,000 people and this has never happened.  Of course not….I’m so lucky to have won the pain train lottery.  BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) I have very low blood pressure.  The Epi pen, which is adrenaline, shot my blood pressure up 55 points and caused a strain on the veins in my head, thus the pain and thank goodness not a stroke.  But don’t worry…I’m still here and thankfully.  I never want to experience that again so now I can’t have shots and have to take an allergy pill.

Good news is I am on track for the Grand Canyon Half on 7 May.  This will be my second half marathon and a destination run to boot!  I also paid half the entry fee for being a Vet – awesome.  Not so good news the closest hotel I could find is 53 miles away from the starting line.  Whew!  This will be one spicy meatball!

I finished February with 41.41 miles.  This mileage recap comes to 33.04 with 8,238.15 painlessly remaining.  Happy Miles to You!


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