Midweek Mileage Update and Using Salty Four Letter Words

Now that I have your @!#$ attention!  I haven’t included a sidebar post in a while and I thought meh ~ what the heck.  Had two interesting experiences today…so stay the #@!% with me if you can.

Have you ever met someone and immediately knew you didn’t like them?  I mean, the more they talked you just couldn’t take it?  That happened to me today.  I was at the bank for what I thought was a business credit card meeting with a lady who travels around to the bank branches helping clients.  The minute she walked through the door…I didn’t like her.  I think it was a combination of her and the spiel I was about to hear.  I just didn’t want to hear that $%^&!@#$ today but had to honor the appointment.

She was one of those people who would be talking and then immediately squirrel!  And some crazy #@$! too!  I mean I was thinking what the heck!  Ha!  You thought I was using the other word didn’t you!  I will admit this was the first time I really was ready to walk out of something.  I mean I was through with this one…and she knew.  She knew she was losing me.  Then…all of a sudden…she dropped the f-bomb.  Bam!  It was like a nuke had just gone off.  Everything was neutralized around me and there was no sound.  Just the ringing in my ears and her mouth moving.  After I got over the shell shock and my hearing came back she started cussing like an old salty sailor.  I’m thinking to myself what the !@#$!  It was like the Charlie Brown teacher.  She’s talking and I’m having a conversation with myself and all I heard was a muffled sound.

Self, I asked, why do you think she’s speaking this way?  It was a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde moment.  I really think she thought speaking this way was…going to…bond us.  Now don’t get me wrong…I’ve used some salty language.  Four letter words and me, well let’s just say we’re not strangers.

The whole time I’m analyzing what was it about me that made her think I would be like @#$! yeah!  Was it my eyes?  My mouth?  My I couldn’t give two @#!$@ attitude!  Holy *(%$ she’s a mind reader!  She knows.  She knows what I’m thinking.  Finally I say, “I do believe I have misunderstood this meeting and what it was for” and I just wanted to get the #@!$ out.  I get up to leave and she says you know I’ve had two surgeries for aneurysms.  I sit back down.  “Yes”, she said, “I’m not like most people”.  “I live every day like it’s my last and I am grateful”.  Well, now she’s talking my language.  I softened a bit and listened to her story, shook her hand when she was through and told her to have a wonderful day.  Interesting how something so ##@$@@ weird actually turned out okay.

Second, I texted a friend of mine just to see how she was doing.  She immediately told me about a dear friend of hers that suffered a seizure and is now in the hospital for about three months for rehabilitation.  It’s weird how you just know sometimes that something isn’t right.  Just happened, like that.  Both of these women are young and if you read this blog regularly you know how I feel about dying young.

If I may plant the seed, know that no one is promised tomorrow.  Do those things you want to do…see those places you want to see…and be those things you want to be.  It ain’t !@#$%^& easy but maybe some of it can be won.  How about these “salt of the earth” words: live, love, life and hope.  Had a good run, it’s coming back.  Allergies are a little crazy but what the heck!  Adding 3.55 at a 10:00 pace.  8,224.38 miles gratefully remaining.  Happy Miles to You!


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