Hydration Pack….I’ll Never Be Thirsty Again!

I moseyed on down to the local Big 5 today and acquired one each hydration pack.  We have been informed by the race coordinator that bottles or cups will not be provided.  It makes sense, no one wants trash around the Grand Canyon.  Personal hydration apparatuses are allowed.

I didn’t do a lot of research on hydration packs.  Everyone knows Camelback© but there are quite a few packs out there varying in price that received some good reviews.  Since this was the first time I’ve ever run with one I decided on something a little cheaper.  I ended up with the Outdoor© 2L Hydration pack.


It has pockets to carry things, neoprene wrapped hydration hose, and is quite lovely for short or extended trips….so says the label.  I tried on a few packs and what sold me on this one was the ability to carry items, larger reservoir, and STERNUM strap.  Why did I capitalized.  Some packs had the strap under the…uh breast bone.  Ladies, if you are heavily endowed, well let’s just say you want the strap higher.  I tried on a lighter weight pack with the strap below the sternum and I do believe I could have directed traffic.  Odd for sure.  My only fear with this is it looks heavy.  Cue wavy lines and music….oddly similar of my days in the Army.  Now the pack isn’t that big but I do believe after a few miles I don’t think I will be breaking any PRs.  Important steps to follow:


Well I think we can cut to the chase here…open mouth insert tube.  There you go…easy.

The impulse buy was the pepper spray.  Or what I thought was pepper spray.  The guy that was selling me the pack casually said, “Oh yeah, a lot of women carry it”.  Okay, I’m going to be leaving earlier and there are some areas where I could be by myself…Ok! I’ll buy it!  He then says, “Yeah. some of the women buy the bigger packs to carry their guns”.  Damn!  Now we’re really going back.  Nothing like taking it back old school!  Something tells me I need to get in a little better shape running wise to lug 2L of water and a nine for 13 miles.  Intriguing ~ yes.

Getting back to the pepper spray ~ I decided to go cheap.  Apparently a little too cheap.  The spray I bought was “practice pepper spray”.  What the hell is that?  I saw pepper, small bottle and $5.99 ~ sold!  Get home and realize it’s practice, but it does include a free safety video and practice target.  The banner across the package says Maximize Your Safety.  Uh, the only safety maximized here is trying to keep getting cut from opening the package.


Tomorrow should prove interesting.  I’m game for five miles tomorrow.  Here’s to hydration!

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