Mileage Recap ~ 17 – 27 Apr…Ten Days Until the Grand Canyon Half

This month has been my best mileage month in a long while.  For the most part training for the Grand Canyon Half has been good and fairly pain-free.  I have been switching between the hydration pack and the water belt.  I’m not really sure which one I will be using at the race.  I like the pack because I can pack more in (phone, keys) but the water belt is lighter.  Training with both has been more challenging than I thought.  On the days when there is a little bit of a struggle carrying water isn’t the best fun.  I just realized that this will be the first race where I have to carry water.  There are no water stops at the race.  I think it will be safe to say speed won’t be the main objective.

My longest run last week was eight miles.  It’s so funny how some days you just feel great and others your feet are like two bricks.  I carried the hydration pack on this run.  I felt good and for the most part my pace was strong and I had to walk several times.  But…I got it done.  I filled the pack up all the way with water, 2L, and really didn’t drink but one-quarter.  It was hard and it wasn’t.  I didn’t feel as winded but there were points I just had to stop and wog a bit, mostly uphill.

Pain is to a minimum but I’m experiencing all the familiar foot and back niggles that remind me of when I first started running.  Just shows I haven’t been running for a while.  I remain excited about the race and my goal is to finish strong and thankful.

Mileage count for this entry is 28.62!  Really very happy about that number.  Miles remaining = 8,157.  Happy Miles to You!

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