Mileage Recap ~ 28 Apr – 3 May….Tough Love, It’s What’s For Breakfast

It’s taper week!  I look at taper week as that false positive before the actual pain of long distance running begins.  You’re just so happy that this week is easy…so easy until Saturday.  At this point in the game taper week shouldn’t be such a big deal.  By this time I should be feeling pretty good and shouldn’t really be worried.  Saying I’m worried is really stretching it because I’m not.  I’m out there to have fun.  It’s only 13.1 and that’s doable.  I’m not in the best shape for the race.  The two weeks of allergy woes definitely set me back.  I should have ran up to 12 but I was only able to get to 10 with the program I follow.

That brings me to this recaps long run.  We’ve had a couple of cool days here and on the day of my long run it was nice and cool with a good breeze.  I had to start a little later but it was still cool.  I decided not to bring water.  Yes, you read that right.  I didn’t bring water.  I knew as I was adjusting my headband I would regret even thinking not to bring at least one pod of water.  But it was soooo cool and breezy.

It really wasn’t too bad. My run started off great but on the way back I did get a little thirsty.  Not crazy thirsty but I wished I would have brought the water.  The pace was slow too. I do wish I could pick it up a bit for some of these longer runs, but it is what it is at the moment.  This run was exciting because it’s the longest I’ve run in a while.  That to me is great.  I rekindling my love with running too.  I’m just allowing myself to go with whatever happens.  There will be good days and not so good days.  Here’s a snapshot of my run:

Grand Canyon half 10

I’m very excited for this run.  Not everyone will have this opportunity, so I’m very grateful.  I completed 76.13 miles for April!  Such a great improvement over the last couple of months.  This recap saw 13.54 miles under my “water” belt.  This brings me to 8,143.69 miles “Grandly” remaining.  The only thing to do is keep on rollin’ baby….Happy Miles to You.

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