Track My Run With Race Joy

Last post tonight…If you’re interested in tracking my run on 7 May here is the app where you can do so.  You can also send me some encouragement….I will need it:-)

The Grand Canyon Half Marathon is in just a few days! We’re SO excited to see you. It’s going to be an awesome race! We want to make sure you and your supporters know about RaceJoy, which offers runner tracking during the event. It normally charges per runner, but we’re providing it to you for free!

To get started and explore the app, download to your mobile device here.

Some key features include:

Live GPS Tracking

  • Supporting spectators can track you live in a map view as you progress along the race course. You can also track up to 20 runners/walkers.
  • NearMe proximity alerts let spectators know you are drawing near.
  • Find each other using RaceJoy’s MeetUp tool.

GPS Progress Alerts

  • Receive GPS-based progress alerts at every mile on the course to get updates on your pace, elapsed time and estimated finish time.
  • Post progress alerts on your Facebook and Twitter walls.
  • Have friends and family track your performance and track others.


  • Receive and send fun, motivational audio cheers.
  • Use RaceJoy’s Text-to-Cheer to send custom messages.

Start sending cheers to others doing the race at any time!

Below is a video of how the app works.

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