Mileage Recap ~ Week 5 Century Training and Race Dedication

Week 5 is under my belt!  I’ve been getting in at least three days of riding, four if possible during the week.  As long as I can hit that long ride, I figure I’m okay.  Another week with a longer ride and so far I’m feeling well.  Got out of the house around 6:30 to an overcast morning, which I was grateful for, but not really cool.  That overcast lasted about a good hour and-a-half then it was full on sun with a little wind.  I wear sunscreen and I still got a little burned this time around.  Not bad but I may need to invest in a cap and go for some long sleeves.

I made sure I stopped on the hour for water and a bar or at least what I could eat of a nutrition bar.  No gels this time around because…they just didn’t come in time, mail order.  It was okay, Saturday mornings I take the time to eat something even if it means getting out a little later.  Although, now that I’m riding 3+ I don’t want to wait too long to get started or I’ll be home by dinner.

The route that I’m using is just going to have to suffice.  It’s long and challenging and just makes more sense then driving somewhere right now.  The only drawback I have is the traffic.  Heavy at times and c-r-a-z-y.  Especially now that it’s garage sale season.  Nothing says be aware as people scouting neighborhoods looking for a deal.

Douche Bag alert was at medium level this time out.  I need to come up with a color coded chart, just like homeland security.  If there are three lanes to drive, please get over and share the road!

Like I mentioned before I felt pretty good on this ride and I completed more miles faster this time around.  The last 15 minuets I found myself clock watching and finding “another place to ride” to make up the time.  During that last 15 I began to feel, I won’t say dizzy, but maybe done.  Ready to give it a rest.  Whenever I stopped for a snack it was only long enough for a few bites and to take a photo.  Like this one:

roadThis is a picture of the last stretch.  By this shot I’m already 25 miles in and when I complete the loop it’s about 32 miles give or take.  It is a slow gradual climb.  Don’t let the “flatness” fool you.  Different areas of the road are steep then even out again.  The desert at it’s finest…hot, dusty, dry and it a lot of places barren.  Surprisingly, lots of people out biking and running.



As with most of my races I do them for a reason, i.e. dedication or raising money for a particular cause.  It’s no different with this race.  I don’t think “race” is really the right word.  It is more of a challenge, a very big challenge.  Doing these challenges is an honor and because it is where I am at peace.

In a couple of posts back I blogged about going on a girls trip with two friends from high school.  I am very sorry to say that my friend Jen’s husband, Tim Stachelski, was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer.  I know there was a longer more scientific name attached, of which Jen will surly remind me, but there it is in basic form and black and white.  He is only in his 40s and loves the outdoors, cycling being one of his sports.  I don’t know him very well, but being the type of person I am, my heart does bleed for him.  I hope that all my good energy finds him and he makes a full recovery.  This one is for you.

The snap shot for this week:

week-5-long-rideLook at that calorie burn!  It doesn’t count if I eat everything that isn’t nailed down.:-) I hope this post finds you at peace.  I finished 58.34 miles for the week (child’s play), with 7605.87 miles waiting to be claimed.  Happy Miles to You!!


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