Twas The Night Before Tour El De Tucson

Well it’s finally here, or almost here I should say.  Tomorrow is my century ride, 106 miles.  It’s hard to believe that after training once and having to redirect and starting again I’m finally here.  It’s exciting and scary at the same time.  I overheard at the expo that they are expecting 13,000 cyclists.  That’s simply amazing.  There are a combination of rides in the Tour with the shortest being 25 miles I believe.  My race starts at 0700 in downtown Tucson.  Let’s hope it will be fun and injury free.

I decided to stay at a hotel that was on the race website.  It’s a little out of town but much better than the hotel I stayed at for the Grand Canyon Half!

bike-in-hote hallway








The room is much better and the hallway isn’t creepy like the other hotel, although I can picture dead twins.

chicken dinner french-fries fruit-plate















I had to eat!  No I didn’t eat everything.  I’m saving some for the morning because I have to be out the door of the hotel by 5:15.  The fries and fruit were pretty darn good.

The expo was interesting.  You have to go for packet pickup.  There were vendors there selling everything from riding gear to pickle juice!  I bought a six pack of pickle juice that is supposed to help with cramps.  I love pickle juice and I realize it isn’t for everyone.

pickle-juice expo














I got a cute T Shirt, key chain, and chapstick (lol) in my swag bag.








Now I’m just doing a little maintenance on my bike and stressing about where I’m going to park tomorrow morning.  It’s never easy or flows well in my experience so allowing yourself time for error is necessary.

Tomorrow’s gear:









These events are always very reflective for me.  I usually do them with a certain someone in mind, (usually many certain someones) and it is my way of trying to transcend how grateful that I have survived these 49 years and can participate!  Life is a precious wonderful gift.  Be kind to each other.  Happy Miles to You!

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