New Year – More Miles and the Danger of DuraFlame

Aaaaannnnd we’re back.  Well me, I’m back.  January blew by.  It always seems that when the holidays are over, everyone is at breakneck speed–to get stuff done.  They don’t always know what, but by God we’re gonna get shit done this year.  That’s how January becomes one big crazy blur.  I used to make New Year’s resolutions.

I’m going to do this, and that, and this and oh yes, that!  Uh…yeah.  So I got tired of that crap.  I mean, you shouldn’t have to wait until the new year to decide – yep, this is going to be the year!  Just do it.  So I don’t even bother with that any more.kewpie-doll








I just think of an idea, see if it’s viable, I plan, then it’s off I go.  No hovering over the great porcelain god after a night of drinking on NYE celebrating all the “awesomeness” I’m going to do the following year. Just kidding, that was an extreme sentence above, I just wanted to see if you are still with me….ok put it out of your mind.

What was really extraordinary is this year started off with an “un-bang”.  Yes, I believe an infant just learning to crawl would have cleared more  mileage then I did in January.  First, I was traveling.  My daughter was still home from college and we went to Slot Canyon in Arizona (more of that in another post) and I went home to South Carolina to see family and my new niece.  Mixed in with that was an injury.  Nothing sexy like falling off my bike or running a big race and pulling a muscle.  No, that’s not how I roll.  No, I decided that I would tassel with a 6pk DuraFlame box on my way inside the grocery store.  It has been cold lately in the desert.  We do drop to freezing temps from time to time.  It doesn’t last long, but it’s chilly.  There isn’t a lot of wood for the fireplaces here.  You’ll see the prepackaged wood, about five pieces in a bag, but it’s a little pricey.  Burning a fake log, while not that esthetic, does give you ambience and heat.

I’m on my way into the grocery store and I see the box…so shiney, and six logs! You know how they stack stuff at the store entrance.

duraflame I pull a ballerina move by balancing on one leg, reaching down with my left hand to grab the box and throw it in the cart as I’m still walking into the store, mind you.  During mid swing, I hear a pop.  I drop the box and then I became really dizzy and my breathing became labored.  There are moments in life you know aren’t going to end well.  This was one of those moments.  I just stood there trying to gain my composure while my lower back was screaming.  I was hurting so bad my breathing was erratic and thought I would pass out.  I knew that I might be calling for help because I couldn’t move forward.  I stood there holding on to the cart with both hands for what seemed to be 2 minutes in front of the automatic door just watching it open and close because I was in its radar proximity.  Meanwhile, people just passed me.  WTH Ahwatukee?  After I caught my breath I hobbled in to continue shopping.    Long story short – I have been recovering for about 3 weeks.  I was able to get in some walks, a few short runs and a couple of rides.  I was really hoping to blaze out of the 2017 gates, but that didn’t happen.  Bonehead move for sure.  Some days you start the day feeling like Wonder Woman™ and then reality sets in:






I’m starting off the year with 20.91 miles!  If you do make resolutions I hope you reach your goal.  I have a few goals for this year too….one is to do more miles than last year.  Here’s to all the Wonder Women out there..Happy 2017 and Happy Miles to You! 7042.73 left to go.





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