Mileage Recap ~ 6 – 19 Feb 2017 – What To Do Next?

It’s always funny when I sit down to write about my miles.  Usually, I have all these things I want to say and I can bang out these electrons easily.  These last couple of weeks I’ve been traveling a bit – new niece – then it’s back to the grind.  I try to stick to a process ~ blog on Sundays start on Mondays.  Sometimes this process doesn’t seem to work.  I’m anxiously awaiting the days to get longer so I can get out and ride my bike more.  It usually starts around March.  It will be nice to get out early before work and if I can’t do it then I’ll have some daylight afterwards.

I follow some cyclists and runners on Instagram and I’m always amazed how many marathons, half-marathons and road races some people complete.  I have only participated in one marathon, 2 half-marathons, countless smaller races and one Century.  I guess I look at all the miles in between as accomplishments until I can decide what event I want to participate in next.  I think I look for the purpose in the event I choose.  Sort of a been there done that sort of thing.  Once done, let’s move on to something else.

So, I’m looking for my next “big” thing.  My next event of purpose.  I will turn 50 this year.  It’s hard to believe.  I don’t feel 50 at all.  At least my mind doesn’t feel like 50.  Isn’t that the way it always goes.  The mind says yes but the body says no.  All in all I would say the body is holding up well too.  A few aches and pains but the show shall go on.

My miles for this couple of weeks came to 19.56 with 7023.17 happily remaining.  Don’t worry…things are about to get real busy:) Happy Miles to You!!

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