Good Eats ~ Great Balls of Energy!

I came across this recipe a while back but just now getting around to trying.  Courtesy of Health Magazine I tried the Zesty Orange Chocolate Energy Balls.  Say hello to my little friends:

Anything with chocolate is good.  YES IT IS!!!!  And if it’s supposed to give you energy ~ well slap me and call me Sally.  Main ingredients are dates, nuts (choice), vanilla, cocoa powder, orange zest, and shredded coconut. Everything goes in the food processor then you ball them up and freeze them.  I found that they really didn’t ball up to well and I had to add a little water. Then rolled them and put them in the freezer.  I kept them in the freezer and was still able to eat them in 5 minutes, no problem.  Adding the water did make construction a little messy but it was worth the fuss.  I was looking to take some with me on runs and rides but, uh no dice in this 106 Phoenix heat.  So I pop one before or after I go.  Not hard on the stomach either.  The recipe is in Health Magazine June 2016 issue.

If you are old enough and you remember when Saturday Night Live was funny you’ll remember this…funny thing though even as I was making them I immediately thought of this….yes, you can’t take me anywhere.  Happy Miles to You!!

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