Mileage Recap ~ 5 – 17 June A Slow and Steady Build

I happened to be flipping through the channels the other day and I came across some sort of “seniors Olympics” challenge.  It wasn’t the actual senior Olympics (and no, I’m not old enough for that yet) but something similar and the commentator was interviewing different people and the events they were participating.  It truly was amazing to see people running the 50 yard dash at age 90.  It was slow, but man what heart.  After about 10 minutes in, they interviewed a guy in his late 80s.  This guy was in phenomenal shape and spoke very eloquently about his participation in the events.  What stuck with me is he said never stop, you have to keep moving, our bodies are meant to move.  He went on to say I know my body, I know when I need to slow down.  I thought that was very good advice from a senior and true for everyone at every age.  Know thyself.

Marathon training for me is moving right along.  I have had some really good days and some not so good days.  I started with  walking/running the first week and then slowly built on continuous running with both weeks longer runs capping out around 5.5 miles and some speed work on Wednesdays.  The first weeks longer run was a real pain in the tail and out and out sucked.  Literally.  Allergy season as been on full blast for me and as the heat rose I found myself really struggling to breathe at certain points.  You know the “I gotta stop and bend over or I’ll pass out” type of feeling.  Started off well, but slowly deteriorated into yikes, but I finished it with an 11:50 pace.  I know, it’s slow, but that’s how things are rolling these days.  Also, don’t forget it’s getting…hot.  I’m usually out between 6 – 6:30am (way too late) and it’s already hitting the high 80s.  I will need to do a bit better than that as the runs get longer.  I think I will be safe at around 5 am – at least from the coyotes!  Next week it’s supposed to hit 1990 highs here – meaning 120s.  Go ahead and say it… It’s going to hurt!  In more ways than one.

Disney’s Hot Sun

But forward we shall go.  I’m enjoying the process. There always seems to be a bit of a climb for me when I start running again.  There is this threshold I just need to get passed and it seems a whole lot harder here in the desert.  I added another 26.41 to the tally with 6759.61 miles gratefully remaining in my adventure. I hope this finds everyone’s Saturday full of joy and hope.

“You are never a loser until you quit trying.” – Mike Ditka

Happy Miles to You!!








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