The Sunscreen Chronicles

Whether I’m cycling or running I do try to remember to put on sunscreen.  If it’s early in the morning I usually don’t because the sun is not as strong, but I know I’m still getting sun…so I should.  What I hate is when you sweat and then the sunscreen gets in your eyes and it be like:





Running along then bam!  You want to tear you face off!  Here in Phoenix there are a lot of women who run and it looks like they’re wear a burka at times.  This is very popular:

I have never seen any men wearing this full face get up, only women.  Phoenix will give you skin cancer and wrinkles and ain’t nobody got time for that.  I look at it this way, you can’t beat everything in life and there is no way I’m going to run in 106 degree heat with something like a hoodie.  I just can’t because I get too hot and frankly, what can I do about picking up another line.

I have the a strange skin mix.  The Italian in me gives me the olive color complexion that sort of tans and although I can burn (and I have badly) I also don’t get really tan.  It’s like I cap out.  I reach a point and that is it. My face is another story ~ It seems I have inherited what I lovingly refer to as the Irish drinking strip.  Basically, the wide red band that goes across the cheeks and nose.

Uh, no this isn’t a picture of me.

Life is just better with two beers isn’t it?  So what’s the point of this post?  Hmmmm (scratching head).  Ah yes, sunscreen not beer.  I’ve tried a lot of sun screens and a girlfriend of mine gave me some Neutrogena® Ultra Sheer® Face & Body Stick to try and it really is amazing.  Amazing in the sense that if you are running or cycling this doesn’t sting the eyes.  Now I have accidentally rubbed my eyes and it did sting a bit, but just regular sweat and no rubbing it’s really good.  Here is what I use:



I have read before that anything over the 50 isn’t really offering that much more protection.  It was a while ago that I read that and I’m not really sure if it still is the case today.  This may require more research for a later post. Until then I like both of these and the stick is really good for the face and doesn’t burn the eyes.

Do you wear sunscreen?  Happy Miles to You!!

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