Mileage Recap ~ Week 15 Dublin Marathon Training

I ran out of time so now I am blogging on the road. I will do my best to keep spelling errors and poor grammar down to a minimum. I can’t promise though as I’m using my iPad. 

I finally made it!  I am sitting in the Chicago International Airport as I write eating some really bad chicken teriyaki.  I’m ready to go and run for the most part.

There is the shoe story too. I feel like I didn’t find the right sort of shoe this time around. I went from a full size shoe to two different brands that I thought were good for me. But both seem to be less than stellar. Or it could be that I was doing a lot of pounding and my feet have had enough. 

So the running shoe story goes like this. I don’t like my Nikes and I really don’t care for the Asics I bought. I also am not someone who has tons of shoes either. So the fact that I have three pair at the moment with two being new is fairly large for me. I started off with the Asics. Went to a store they watched me run and fit me with a shoe. I’m used to wearing Brooks  shoes. For me it’s all about the toe box. I have long toes and I need room. The first pair of Asics were a full size larger. This was the first time I have ever gone up a full size. When I was running in Belleville I went to this great family owned store called Toolens. It’s owned by a gentleman who is in his eighties and has been running all his life. He knows what he is doing and he fit me for about 3 1/2 years. He never suggested going up a full size. The purpose of going up a full size is your feet tend to swell. This is true, they do but I have never had my feet swell that much. I also never really experienced foot pain like I did this time around. I think it comes down to personal preference. So although I started with a full size larger I went down to half size larger for the next pair. 

The Nikes

I’ll be straight forward I don’t like Nikes. I find them too narrow  and I have never had enough toe room. When I went to buy a new pair of shoes I tried a different store that was recommended. They didn’t carry Brooks. Matter of fact it seemed like they didn’t carry too much at all. I tried on a couple of shoes and Nikes were one of the suggestions. They were the last pair I tried on but after all was said and done they had the best toe room so I walked with those. They are the black ones in the picture. A little too plain for me too! Ran with those for a bit and really started experiencing inner arch pain and I lost the typical two toenails faster than I had before. I felt that these shoes were not doing what I needed them to do so off to the store to buy something better. In my humble opinion you can skimp on the clothes but your shoes should be of good quality. There are some good buys out there that don’t break the bank. You don’t have to go walking away with 200$ shoes. 
I did some research on stability shoes with good arch support. And of course Brooks was in the top 10. I thought there was a Brooks outlet store close by but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. I get there and it’s all Asics baby! Ugh. I walk in and begin the process of trying on some shoes. I don’t hate Asics but at this point in the training I didn’t have time to order shoes. So I walked out of there with some Asic Gel Nimbus. I also love how they make “years” in running shoes. Like, “this is a 2016” almost comparable to a car. To make you feel like yeah…. You’re getting last years model. Boy, somebody in the shoe industry is very very smart. 
I started running in these and they’re ok. I’m not sold but it is what it is. At this point I’m not sure what shoes I will be running in. 

I don’t have my mileage calculations in front of me. Will just have to wait until I get home.  I will be blogging through this journey.  Happy Miles to You!!

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