Mileage Recap ~ 4 – 10 December….I’ve Reached a Milestone!

I have reached another milestone…wait this calls for a glass of wine!!  Que angelic music.  There. I have completed over 5,000 miles in my journey.  Updating my Excel spreadsheet, I love Excel.  I have my spreadsheet all nice and color coded…formulas…good times…good times.  This leaves me with a little over 6000 to go.  Hey, in the scheme of things 6000 doesn’t seem like much at all.  I’m having wild thoughts of completing it in two years.  I IM’d my friend Karen today who lives in Las Cruces out of the blue (she’s used to it) and said I’m thinking of riding my bike to you.  She says, that’s dangerous by yourself.  We were in the Army, whatever.  Crazy, ya’ll.  But, I can put the “C” in crazy, thank you very much.  By cracky, let’s dids this thing.

I have slowly increased the running miles per week.  I had two days I ran on the treadmill so I could also focus on strength training at the gym.  The “Judge Free Zone” at Planet fitness.  No one is judging you there.  One thing I really want to achieve this year is less pain.  I haven’t been riding my bike as much while I was training for the marathon, so I knew there was a little bit of maintenance that needed done on the bike.  Out I go Saturday morning preparing to air up the tires, wipe down the bike…okay let me just tighten the valve on the tube.  Just a little loose.  I start pumping the air in the tire and I hear a whoosh…whoosh sound.  Hmmm, let me just tighten up this valve…whoosh…whoosh.  Aww man, I don’t think tightening will help this time around because the valve is broken.  Now, let me just say this, I am a very handy woman.  My first car was a 1967 VW super beetle. A total piece of crap that I scored for about $1500 in the 80s and it probably ended costing me 5 times that much.  Unless I figured out how to maintain, I wouldn’t have a car. Which, thinking about it now would have been better during those high school years.  This is how I pictured myself:

But I think this was more of the reality:

Then there was the Army.  Yes, even as an officer you need to know how to take care of your equipment.  No self-respecting officer wouldn’t.  So, I know a thing or two…about a thing or two…but this was the first time I’ve ever changed my tube.  I”VE NEVER HAD A BLOWOUT either.  Thank you goddess of bikes or something like that.  I sat there for a long time and just stared at it, then reached into my bike pack to pull out all of the things I would need to change the tube.  Fiddled and fiddled some more, hung the tube over the seat, got hungry, decided I needed to watch a video on proper tube replacement, this is sooo not happening today.  Before you ask, yes I have attended the “How to change your tire, Homie” class.  But as we all know very well….

It didn’t happen this week.  Sigh, I know I should have sucked it up cupcake, but my cupcake fell…. along the side of the road and then a big bus ran over it.  It was chocolate too…darn I love chocolate.  I did have a smore last night.  Ok, that has nothing to do with this…or does it?  Bottom line, I will get it done, soon and it will be like watching NASCAR.  Yeah…

In other mileage news I have signed up for my first race of 2018!!  I will be running the Winter Trail Frosty on January 28th in Tempe, Arizona.  Need to keep the momentum going.  Such a positive thing to say!!!  Hooah!

This weeks mileage came to a total of 12.64.  My long run was only 3 miles today.  I felt good.  It has been nice and cool out, but still shorts weather.

Every mile I complete has been a good one and this song came into my head today when I saw the spreadsheet calculations.  I love André Rieu, he brings all sorts of people together to create these awesome shows.  Love the costumes of the people singing.  Oh Happy Day!

I have completed 5008.86 miles with 6306.14 lovely, chocolate (and red wine) miles to go!  I hope this post finds you surrounded by happiness.  Happy Miles to You!!



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