Monday Motivation…It’s All Been Done Before

Have you ever had a really good idea and then you start researching only to find out someone else also had your really good idea and beat you to the punch?  Then what happens?  You give up on your idea.  It happens all the time to me.  It’s like I’m doing the Vulcan Mind Meld with other people…

I’ve got this idea see…. Google…Google…what…no way!   Sigh, yes way.

I think for most of us we give up because let’s face it, to make something better or original is hard work.  Is that the right way to think? No.  But it is the easy way out.  I remember the Commandant of the Transportation School when I was a 2LT, General Montero, would always say; “Take the hard left, not the easy right.”  That was such a profound statement for me.  I have never forgotten that advice for many of my decisions.  Also, one of my old bosses in my college days, Larry Long (what great person), he always would leave me with a nugget of advice.  The best, “Four out of five people will tell you it can’t be done, always be the fifth guy.”  Another code I live by.  Yes, yes there is a lot of similarity and duplication in all things, but just because your idea is similar to someone else’s, doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own, especially if it is important to you.  You are an original, capable of original thought!  I should take my own advice sometimes!  That leaves me with today’s quote:

I’m not sure who said this, I couldn’t find the source.  So true though…I’m sure Sharknado will be a cult classic years to come.  Happy Miles to You!!



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