Monday’s Motivation… A Little Late This Week

This particular quote speaks to me, probably because I am now swimming in the sea of middle age.  Putting my big toe in and saying “It’s to cold!  I don’t want to swim!”  No, not the Middle Ages but you know; black balloons, over the hill banners, oh wait there’s still some life in the old girl yet!!!  Life is about learning, becoming and achieving.  There is no age limit.  There are things that you just couldn’t do in your twenties or thirties that now you can do!  Maybe there is more time, money and less fear!  Who knows.  One thing I do know is if you can dream it, you can achieve it…and no it is never easy.  Put a plan in place.

George Eliot was a woman ya’ll!  Meet George Eliot or by her pen name Mary Anne Evans.  She was a novelist, poet, translator and a leading writer in the Victorian era.  She penned Silas Marner.  Happy Miles to You!!

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