Mileage Recap ~ 15 – 21 Jan…Pain Is Temporary

There are no gains without pains.

                                                Benjamin Franklin

Pain can occupy the mind, body and spirit.  How we choose to react to pain is obviously our prerogative.  We can accept it and let it make us wiser and stronger or allow it to defeat us.  The choice is ours.  I often wonder sometimes that when you hurt yourself physically and you see  the damage like blood etc., mentally your reaction is more intense.  Would be something good to research!

This weeks training for the Winter Trail Frosty Half Marathon is going well.  I was able to get in three runs; 4, 6 and 9 miles.  I had some good paces for the shorter runs and kept a predictable 11:11 pace for the longer run.  I will say though training this time around has seen things speed up.  The 6 mile run, a combination of steady two miles and the remainder was intermittent speed work.  I really liked doing it that way because I warmed up and I felt strong throughout.  After each run I have a cool down walk and that always adds to my miles.  Otherwise, feeling good and I think I’m ready for the race in a week!

Soooo, I had planned to get in a bike ride today.  You may remember I changed the rear tire and the front tire needed changed too.  Just didn’t get to it in the same day.  Today I started to change the front tire.  Sigh….  First, the positive.  I got the tire off and replaced the tube, quick.  I mean it was good.  Now putting it back on was a bit of a challenge, but I got in on in about 10 minutes this time.  My levers slipped and…wait..wait.  Levers don’t have minds.  I was attempting to put the tire on and the levers slipped because I wasn’t holding them properly.  Then my hands kind of bonked together and my nail from one hand gouged out the thumb on the other hand.  If you have a queasy stomach please scroll down.


What?  Aww suck it up!








Nice eh?  It looks worse than it really was.  This wasn’t the main problem either.  There is a very important lesson in all this.  After I got the tire back on I was so happy ♪ where’s the pump ♪ pumping…. hmmm

pumping ♪♪♫♫!!!!  I’m going for a ride….♪♪ ♫♫

What the!!!  The valve is bad.  So, ladies/gentleman ~ girls/boys always ensure your gear is worth a dang before trying to implement it in whatever activity you wish to partake.  After all of that, I was not defeated but realized that I needed another tube and that wasn’t going to happen today.

All in all a good week of miles.  This weeks round-up equaled 25.66 miles in total.  I have 6232.09 bloody miles remaining.  Just kidding, this isn’t Vikings!  Or is it??!!!   (Courtesy of


I thought this song was appropriate, kinda cheesy but my thumb ya’ll.  Happy Miles to You!!












4 thoughts on “Mileage Recap ~ 15 – 21 Jan…Pain Is Temporary

  1. This might sound strange but whenever I’ve unexpectedly hurt myself sort of badly and there’s been blood, etc, I am always surprised by how actually not terrible it is. I think I am a little tougher than I give myself credit for!
    Hope you have another great week this week! x


  2. It is a worthwhile skill to practice at home, especially without levers as you never know when one will break.

    I tell everyone that but usually totally fail to mention the start of arthritis in my thumbs from my time in bicycle retail and doing around 10 puncture repairs a day, saying that I can still change a tube super quick.


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