Mileage Recap ~ July 1 – 15…The Great Achilles!

Hello everyone and once again happy Sunday!  I find myself trying to catch up with my blog after working all week and having a wonderful visit from my daughter during the July 4th weekend.  It was a wonderful visit, but like all visits they end too quickly and often leaves me scrambling getting ready for the next work week!  We had a great time visiting Ocean City and watching the fireworks in our nation’s capital.  It was a little too hot but we still had a great time.

The miles these last two weeks have been low and for good reason.  I have been experiencing pain in my Achilles tendon.

Unfortunately not this Achilles….

But this Achilles…

In not one foot…but two.

Yep.  To the point of major discomfort and I had to pull back a bit before my race season began.  I have to admit I’ve been pretty good with my injuries but this has been nagging at me and I wanted to take some corrective action.  I have done nothing all week, not even strength training and I plan to have no running or riding next week.  I will only focus on strength training ~ maybe a little walking.  I’m no stranger to physical therapy and for the most part I understand what I need to do to get back in balance.  But I did decide to do some reading on Achilles injuries and how to overcome.  I found an article on the Runners Connect site  that really lays out what the Achilles tendon is and how it becomes injured.  At first thought I was pointing to my new Hoka shoes that I bought in Ireland last year as a last resort when my luggage might not have arrived on time.  The fact that it was happening to both feet, I feel like the shoe isn’t the best fit for my running style.  The rise is higher than any shoe I’ve ever had, so it still remains to be seen if this could be attributing to the pain.  Also, there are a fair amount of hills around and depending on my foot strike that also could be an issue.  According to the article’s author, John Davis, the Achilles,  “it’s prone to injury in many runners, but particularly those who do a lot of speed training, uphill running, or use a forefoot-striking style. Achilles tendon injuries account for 5-12% of all running injuries, and occur disproportionately in men”.

I decided to pull back a bit and it is helping.  I am to warm up before running and ice after.  I have also incorporated a rehabilitative exercise called the eccentric heel drop, which is nothing more that twice a day I will stand on a step and lower my ankle below the toes and press back up.  Have I been doing them religiously?  Uh no, but I am getting better.  I will follow through and make it happen.  This is a very watered down version of what is going on with so much more to discuss the why and certain actions that must be done.  These are the things I need to pay attention to so I can make it to my final mileage destination.

Miles for the first part of July amounted to….9.03.  Not much and I have 126.48 miles until the halfway point.  I am a the glass is half full type of person.  Tomorrow is another day and I will work through this like I have with the other ups and downs.  I have completed 5531.02 in my journey with 5783.98 miles gratefully remaining.  I hope this post finds you well my friends and grateful.  Happy Miles to You!!  One thing I know for sure ~ everything’s going to be alright….






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