Monday Motivation…I Get Enough

I came across this article the other day called I Have Enough, by Ann Voskamp.  What caught my attention was the sell line that said “Three words that are stealing your joy”.  Me being me, I had to know what those three words were!  I am guilty, like many others I’m sure, of always needing to get to the next task, climb the next mountain, or climb the ladder to new heights.  What is the next level! I often find myself looking so many years in advance and not living in the now.  In doing that you lose the little wins in life I think.  It’s one thing to plan ahead, but at some point you do have to learn to be content.

The article states that when we constantly strive for more we miss our true calling in life.  That we are struggling so much for “more” that it is impossible to live life in the present and truly appreciate what we have.  It doesn’t mean that we don’t try to better ourselves, but at least enjoy the ride and know enough to know when we have enough.

Some of my favorite take aways:

“When I can’t remember that I get enough – I just have to remember to give thanks”.

“The disease of not-enough… is cured when you give thanks for more than enough grace”.

“But when we know we get enough – we get happy for what others get”.

If you want to read the whole article just Google Ann Voskamp.

I have more than enough….I hope you do too:)  Happy Miles to You!!





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