Mileage Recap ~ 7 – 14 October…Back At It

Hello everyone and Happy Sunday!

There were a couple of hot days last week but it seems like Fall has won out this weekend.  I had to turn my heat on for the first time yesterday!  I love this time of year.  My baking beast-mode switch gets flipped and I want to bake everything I see in all the magazines.  Thank goodness for all the people at work!  I can’t eat it all.

I love baking and decorating sugar cookies.  I’m always on the look out for the perfect sugar cookie recipe and I have tried a lot of them.  Then there is the decorating part of the cookie.  There are so many great ideas out there…and Pinterest… don’t get me started.  I’ll often look at the finished product and think…I can do that!  Needless to say decorating sugar cookies comes in steps.  Normally you put the base down, then that has to dry and then additional decoration on top of that of royal icing.  It takes a while.  I like to try different designs and themes for sugar cookies, but I think my passion is just regular baking ~ all types of desserts.

Here is my first cookie of the season:

It’s been a while…. and yes those are green stems…just really dark.

I’m sure the folks at work will appreciate and it keeps me from eating too many.

I’m starting to look for my next run.  I would like to do one every month if I can, but sometimes I don’t find one that I’m interests me.  October holds a lot of spooky type of runs, but not sure I want to bite the bullet on the ones I saw.  I did see a Veterans Day 10k and the route goes by some of the major memorials here in DC that looks like a winner.

This week has been great with the cooler temps, but along with those temps came some rain.  I was hoping to get out on the bike this weekend, but my timing was off and I had to take my ride inside.  I did a combination of walking and running during the week with an indoor ride of 10 miles for a total of 16.28 miles.  I have 5635.15 miles gratefully remaining.  I hope this post finds you in a very spooky sort of mood.  Happy Miles to you!!








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