Day 3 of Gratitude…Even When You Plan ~ Sometimes Things Don’t Work Out

Happy November 3rd ya’ll!  I had been planning to take a trip to Luray, VA for a while and this Saturday was supposed to be the day!  It was a beautiful Fall day and Luray is only 1:30 minutes down the road.  My first plan was to get some miles in hiking Lewis Spring Trail.  There is a waterfall there and it is a good beginner trail, meaning not too long and that would have left me time to go visit downtown.  I got a bit of a late start and realizing the trail was an hour past Luray, I decided to hike the trail another time and the town would have to do.  The best part of Luray is the drive ~ 24 miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Off I went and when I finally got off the interstate onto a secondary road I really started to get that great country feel.  After a bit of driving I found myself in Front Royal, VA ~ “the gateway to the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway”.  Unfortunately, the gateway’s hinges were waaayyy broken.  About 2 miles before the turn on the parkway there was bumper to bumper traffic.  At first I thought it was an accident.  No.  The world had decided to take the parkway today.  After sitting in traffic for 30 minutes I decided to use the GPS on my phone to see if there were alternate routes.  I found one and immediately turned to get off the busy street only to find myself filtering into to another artery.  Not only was the world going to Luray, but they too were using alternate routes.

On the positive side there are a lot of people who wanted a nice Fall drive today.  The negative ~ so many cars.  I don’t think I have ever seen anything like this!  The bottom line, I didn’t get to Luray.  An hour in I turned the car around and headed home.  I didn’t nurse my sorrows in a bit of Chick-Fil-A™ and even they were crazy busy.  I sat and ate it in my car.  Sigh.

This is the only picture I got today ~ where I live….

Beautiful but not in Luray.  I guess it just wasn’t meant to be today.  Either way, it was a good day.  Hope yours was too!  Happy Miles to You!!

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