Mileage Recap ~ 10 – 16 June…Sam Anthony

Happy Tuesday!  Getting to my mileage recap a bit late this week, but better late than never.

I often wonder, do I really like to write?  I mean, I have been banging away at this blog for the most part of 5 years now.  Maybe writing this blog is the challenge and not the miles.  My problem may be I have too many things I want to write about and don’t take the time to always jot down the ideas.  Just think how much better my prattle would be if I took those ideas out of my head and made some notes from time to time.  The writing process would be much more palatable.  But no, let’s give two cheers for doing things….the hard way.  I feel like Wimpy from Popeye™…

I’d gladly pay Tuesday for a blog post today.

To answer myself, yes I really do like writing.  Maybe one day I will become a bit more organized in my thought process…maybe not.

I gotta say, I’m tearing it up this month so far.  I continue to chip away every day with a bit of mileage greatness.  I have 120 miles under the belt just for this month.  Progress friends…can you feel it?

Yeah, me too.

In the past I have dedicated runs/races/rides to individuals in my life that are overcoming their own obstacles.  My post is titled Sam Anthony.  Sam is my co-worker at the National Archives in DC.  I have worked closely with Sam for over a year and he is a most outstanding individual.  Sam is fighting cancer for the third time and is taking a bit of a hiatus to fight this disease.  Sam is a bright and active individual.  He brings a lot of intellect and laughter into the office, so it is my honor to dedicate my next Century ride to him.  I will talk more about Sam and what he is going through as I move closer to my ride.  I often text him after I completed my ride to tell him if it was a good or bad ride.  He always texts me back with something positive and some words of wisdom.  This is the amazing part of Sam.  When faced with adversity, you just have to do your best.  Life can be so draining at times, but how we react makes all the difference.  It is uplifting to see others face their challenges with love, strength and class.

Century training is moving along nicely.  Last weeks long ride came to 21.67 miles.  I rode on Father’s Day and decided to go to the Mt. Vernon trail instead of Prince William park this time.  Didn’t want to deal with the traffic and I had other things I needed to get done that day.  The ride was pretty good and this time I decided to go a bit further and ended up at National Harbor.  I saw I could even go a bit further, so may next time I’ll see how far it goes.

This weeks miles came to 34.57 and I have 4628.21 miles gratefully remaining.  I hope this post finds you fighting the good fight.  Happy Miles to You!!

This song resonated this week….






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