Mileage Recap ~ 15 July – 18 August…Rolling & Sam Anthony

Happy Sunday everyone.  I have been busy this last month.  A trip to NYC to see the kid and century training that continues to move forward.  I have been hitting the miles hard and now find myself moving towards tapering and maintaining.  The body feels good except for the occasional saddle sore and chaffing.  Otherwise, things are really coming together.  LOL!!  My bike is tracking and the 25th rolls ever closer.

I had three long rides in the last couple of weeks.  Rode out and back to Purceville, VA on the W&OD.  The trail is in pretty good shape.  In some places they have begun to repave and it makes for a good ride.  The only drawback is it gets a little crowded.  It goes through all the small towns and on a good day everyone is out.  Dodging runners, walkers (not zombies) and other cyclists.  No rain, hot and a little humid, but a great ride and time.







My longest ride for training took place in Prince William Forest Park and was 60 miles:







A lot of hills this time around and I didn’t walk any of them.  That’s the big take away here.

Yesterday’s ride was a solid 40 around DC.






I mentioned before I was dedicating this ride to my coworker and friend Sam Anthony.  I’m happy to say that he has finished his cancer treatment and is now in recovery mode.  We are all very happy for Sam and can’t wait for him to return to work.  He is a true fighter and warrior.  It makes my effort that much sweeter.

I completed 134.85 miles in July and I’m at 263.26 miles for August so far.  This is going to be a high mileage month!  I have completed 7185.99 miles in my journey with 4129.01 gratefully remaining.  By the end of August I will be in the 3ks…amazing.  I hope this finds you fighting the good fight.  Happy Miles to You!!

I want to…I really do…





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