Mileage Recap …The Girl’s Trip Special Addition and August Recap

I have joined the ranks of thousands of other females and embarked on the time honored frilly favorite…the girls trip or aka girls vacation.  A couple of weeks ago I flew out to Denver and met two high school friends to reconnect.  We stayed a few days in Summit Colorado and made our way down to Santa Fe, Flagstaff, Sedona and finally Phoenix.   It was a week full of adventure and discovery and I was able to put in some miles along the way.

First stop was Colorado.  What a beautiful state.  We stayed in Summit for a few days with little side trips.


Beautiful Colorado



dscn1136 dscn1155




















Next Santa Fe, New Mexico.  This was my first time in Santa Fe and it was just bustling with shops, artisans, bands and plenty of food to eat.  I did a lot of walking and I got in one good run.  Some of my faves:

Candles in the Basilica

Candles in the Basilica


Wooden gate


Oldest church in Santa Fe


Love the dried chilies

















Next Flagstaff.  I absolutely loved this place…why you ask, because it has trees and is cool.  If there is one thing I have learned to appreciate being in the desert is that I miss green and trees.  Stayed in a cute little A frame on Fort Tuthill, owned by the US Air Force.  Only open to the military.  Have some magnificent woods in Flagstaff and I was able to get in a 5 mile hike.


Our A frame cabin. Hey there’s Jen!


Inside was so darn cute and it came with a family of feral cats! I was in heaven.









Bonus stop! The crater outside of Flagstaff. This was really cool!









Next Sedona, AZ.  Sedona is absolutely gorgeous.  Lots of art and artsy people.  We went on a Pink jeep tour to one of the Vortexes.  Visiting one of Sedona’s many vortexes attracts many kinds of people.  I found it interesting that our guides theory is completely scientific.  The reason humans feel energy at the vortexes is due to magma closer to the earth’s surface.  Don’t know if that was true, but interesting anyway.


Our beautiful world.


Obligatory tree pose.

dscn1190 dscn1196 dscn1202




















Then finally back to Phoenix, AZ.  Was grateful to travel with these two ladies and will have memories to last a lifetime, or until my memory fades….with all of this travel I had a very good month with cycling, running and walking with 76.54 miles for August and 7,845.02 miles gratefully remaining.  Sometimes I think it’s weird to “share” my mileage adventure in a blog.  Often feeling it is a little arrogant…that must be the Catholic in me.  I will say, social media has it’s good and it’s bad.  This is it’s good.  I’ve been friends with these women since high school ~ this year will be my 3oth high school reunion.  Life is short…live large.  Happy Miles to You!





June Mileage Recap ~ Breaking the 8,000 Mile Mark!

Happy Fourth of July!  I hope everyone who celebrates is having a wonderful holiday today.  It’s always good when a holiday is in tandem with a weekend.

June came and went with a vengeance.  I mean where did that time go?  Maybe it has flown by because I have had the pleasure of my daughter home with me that has kept me busy and traveling home to South Carolina.

First, June mileage has been the strongest so far!  I concentrated on running in May and now will throw my efforts into cycling.  An exciting announcement is I have broken the 8,000 mile mark.  Now remember we’re counting down – lol.  I’m now in the 7,000s!  Exciting for sure!  It’s always nice to see those miles melt away.

Second, I made the trek home to see my family in South Carolina.  My parents rent a house about every summer out on Fripp Island and all the siblings and their families come down to live under one roof for about a week.  It is a very generous and wonderful gift.  I can’t tell you how calming and invigorating it is to just hear the wind blow through the palms or the ebb and flow of the waves.  I love Fripp because it’s not over commercialized beach resort.  Don’t get me wrong there is plenty of things to do there, it’s just not a hectic or crowded beach place.  You can really come down and relax.  If you want some night life you can be in Beaufort, SC in 30 minutes.  Beaufort, SC is my new love too.  Such history there and a beautiful southern town.

I was able to get in a couple of runs.  I had no problem adjusting to the humidity and my skin was thankful for it.  I would have ran more but I was busy doing this:









Fripp is interesting because it is home to protected deer and some alligators.  The deer are friendly and will come up to let you pet and feed them….the alligators I would suggest leaving them alone.

Can you see me?

Can you see me?










Fripp is a combination of swamp, beach and dry land vegetation.

The moss hanging from the trees is my absolute favorite.

The moss hanging from the trees is my absolute favorite.

Swamp Vegitation















We took a nature boat ride and ended up on a small island to pick up shells.  To my surprise there was a combination of dark and light sand and it sparkled when the sun hit it just right.

A detailed pattern in the sand.

A detailed pattern in the sand.

Driftwood on the beach

Driftwood on the beach

Moment in time....

Moment in time….

















There are many beaches to enjoy on Fripp, but if you choose to be more adventurous you can go one island over to Hunting island.  There is a lighthouse to explore, beaches and a pier for a small fee.  Well worth it especially if you love lighthouses….which I do.

Hunting Island LightHouse

Spectacular view inside the lighthouse.

Spectacular view inside the lighthouse.










Towards the end of our trip we stopped in Beaufort, SC.  I absolutely fell in love with the charm of this town.  Huge trees with moss hanging from the trees, plantation houses that have been turned into bed and breakfasts, eateries, art and plenty of history.  I just loved it.  I’m a bit of a history buff and nothing says history like an old graveyard.  Yes, I’m one of those.  I find cemeteries fascinating, the older the better.  A few of my fave pics:

Decorative door

Decorative door

My favorite tombstone in the cemetery.

My favorite tombstone in the cemetery.

Dying so young.

Dying so young.

















Grateful for this life experience.  As I write this I’m thrilled to have reached another milestone in this journey.  I have completed 3332.64 miles and have 7982.26 miles remaining.  A little tired at times, but no worse for wear.  I look forward to the next adventure.  Happy Miles to You!


Into Everyone’s Life A Little Pain Must Fall ~ Mileage Recap 18 – 31 May

May was great for two reasons: 1) My completion of the Grand Canyon Half and 2) My daughter came home from college (at least for a while) .  Needless-to-say we have been adventuring!

I didn’t want to lump all my miles into one post so just decided to finish up with May.  May was a strong month for me and I have been busy to say the least.  I finished up a little under April by about 8 miles.  Mostly running miles and now I  begin to focus more on cycling and my goal to complete a century.  I’m finding training time and availability of races an issue, but I will keep going forward to complete this goal.

This month also celebrates a milestone ~ I finally have fallen off the bike.  I can’t tell you how many times I have told myself before taking off for a ride that eventually it’s going to happen.  Now I wish I could tell you that it happened while I was powering up a hill, escaping from some wild animal, or cruising around some corner.  Nope!  I was screwing around trying to get something out of my pack….lost my balance and over I went.  For a moment I just sat there…dazed really.  It all happened in slow motion too…I just toppled over.  I broke my fall with my left hand…so I felt that jarring pain the next morning for sure.  My left handle was a little worse for wear.  I’ll have to get that into the shop soon.  Still works but annoying as heck.

Left Side of the handlebar is bent.

Left Side of the handlebar is bent.









I try to remember to turn on my Garmin to capture my miles, but sometimes I just forget.  I was able to capture a little bit of hiking mileage at one of Arizona’s “swimming holes” at Camp Verde called the bullpen.  Just two hours away from Phoenix the desert turned to green and offered up miles of clear water and green.  To get there was five miles off the beaten path and a mile walk after that, but well worth the effort and a good time.

Camp Verde CampVerde_BullPen








I finished the month of May with a total of 68.42 miles.  I have completed 3,236.20 miles so far and 8,078.80 adventures await.  I hope this finds you well.  Happy Miles to You.





Good Eats ~ Chicken Tacos

I haven’t been posting as much in my good eats sections as much as I have wanted so I’m aiming to change that a bit…or at least try.  I love food…one of the main reasons I run:-).  I also love dessert.  I am good at preparing both, but love making cakes, cookies, and generally anything sweet.  Funny, I don’t eat a lot of sweets, but I like making them and sharing with friends.

I truly believe everything in moderation.  I don’t believe you should deny yourself anything good.  By good I mean something made well and using natural ingredients, not processed crap.  It’s hard but with a little preparation you can have healthy GOOD meals and a dessert every now and then.

Today’s recipe is….chicken tacos.  I have been receiving Health© magazine through courtesy hotel points.  The magazine isn’t bad at all and the recipe section has some good dishes to try.  This recipe was fantabulous!  Everything you need in a soft tortilla.  The best thing is after I ate it I felt good, meaning no feeling blah after you eat.  I like when I eat food that generally makes me feel good.  I’m sure you all know what I mean.  Sometimes we crave things eat them and wonder why did I just eat that?

It takes about 30 minutes to make.  Fast and easy on a work night.  377 Calories, 16g Fat (3g Sat Fat), 118 mg Chol., 8g Fiber, 24g Pro., 38g Carb., 596mg Sod., 3mg Iron, 146mg Calcium.

Here was my picture:

Chicken Tacos

Not too shabby…not too shabby.



Visit the site for the full recipe at

Happy Miles To You!


Special Edition Post ~ My First Boston Marathon Experience by Kathi White

I have this lovely friend Kathi White.  She is not only a wonderful human being but an avid and talented runner.  I met Kathi when I was living in Belleville, Illinois.  Needless to say we have maintained our friend and running relationship through our distance.  The creed of my blog says: Never.Give.Up.  It means so much more than you probably think.  It’s not just about running and cycling and completing a race to earn a medal or a T-Shirt.  It’s about fighting the hard fight to finish a task you may find important and your journey.  Experiencing the failure, working hard and turning that failure into YOUR victory.  It can be running or something else.  Maybe completing school, preparing for an interview or pushing yourself to new limits to complete something you didn’t think you could ever achieve.  It’s not about being first.  It’s about doing it…whatever it is.

Kathi is a perfect example of the Never.Give.Up creed.  Here is her story and journey about her experience to eventually qualify and then complete the Boston Marathon.  Total respect.

Boston MarathonMedal Medal 2  Start Swag The Unicorn Thumbs Up WonMedal

Opening dialog from Kathi:

My First Boston Marathon Experience by Kathi White
Wow! I don’t even know where to start! So, I will simply start at the beginning. On Sunday, 17 Apr 2016  when I walked into the expo at the John Hynes Convention Center before I even picked up my runner’s bib, the emotions began to kick in and the tears began! I suddenly realized at that exact moment that this is really happening and I am finally here. 4 years of hard work and seven marathons later this is it!
Fast forward to the next morning, Marathon Monday…I was able to connect up with my friend Jill and ride the bus to Hopkinton with her where Athletes’ Village awaited us. We decided to start the race together. We were in the same Wave but different corrals. You can move back to higher numbered corrals but not move up. Jill decided to move back with me. We had a plan/strategy in mind to run a certain pace and to even try to re-qualify for the 2017 Boston Marathon. We soon learned early on after the first 5-6 miles that may not be possible and we should not stress out about our times and to simply enjoy the race for what it is, the tough course, amazing spectators and everything in between from the beginning Hopkinton until reaching the famous finish line on Boylston Street. After all, I had to stress about my time to even get to Boston in the first place. Why do that now that I was there? Enjoy it I thought. Around mile 10 I decided to pull back and let Jill run ahead of me. She made sure I was ok and not hurt and I assured her I was and to have a good run. I even stopped and jumped on a mini trampoline (actually there was about 6-7 of them lined up with kids jumping on them) that was set up along the course!  Yes, this was my first Boston and I decided to enjoy it, soak it all up and enjoy the experience and the people of Boston and the city’s hospitality. I truly felt like a celebrity amongst the spectators! They almost live for this day on the third Monday every April:),,,Patriot’s Day! The course was tough…rolling hills so I began a walk/run marathon until I finished. This story has a pretty cool ending. I had wondered about Jill after we separated at mile 10 or so and if she had already finished before me, perhaps even requalifying. Just before the finish line, I caught up to her. Unbelievable that we reconnected given we were two of over 27, 000 runners on the course!! Definitely a God thing that we found each other again! You can’t make this stuff up! So we got to finish together what we both started back in Hopkinton!! After all of this I do plan on qualifying again for Boston…it may not be for 2017 but perhaps for 2018! I do plan on going back! It is an awesome event and my favorite marathon of all!! Thank you to everyone for all of the kind words, motivation and encouragement along the way!

Questions from editor:

1.  Why did you want to run the race?  What was the motive for you as a person.
Question 1 Answer–I wanted to run Boston because it is the “Taj Mahal” of races for amateur runners such as myself. I figured if other friends of mine can run it or even people that aren’t trying to qualify and are running for charities, what about me? I can work hard and try and make it my goal to run there too. The motive for me was to keep pushing towards my goal of qualifying for Boston and running there and to not give up even if I didn’t get the time I needed after my very first marathon.
2.  Did you have any detractors?  If so what and how did you overcome them.
3.  Describe your feelings when you tried to qualify but didn’t make it for the time qualifications.
Question 2 and 3 Answers–My detractors were different marathons I would run and not getting the time I needed or being misled to believe I possibly qualified. Two of my marathons I ran early on in pursuit of a BQ (Boston Qualifying time) were Run for the Ranch in Springfield, Missouri in December 2012. It was a loop course,,,I don’t recommend this at all. I was supposed to loop it 8 times. I only did 7 after volunteers shouted for me to come back to the finish. I thought it was strange because I thought I had another loop to run. Needless to say, I listened to the volunteer and finished. My time ended and I was led to believe I had qualified for Boston. Not true. Another race I became too hot and so I listened to my body and from miles 16-26.2 I walked/ran until I finished. When I would try to qualify and didn’t I would get discouraged until I could find another marathon to run and qualify for. I was not going to give up easily and let one or two races define me. The marathon I did qualify at after running two years prior was the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon in Champaign/Urbana. April 2013 I missed my BQ by 41 seconds. I had pr’ed (personal record) by 6 minutes! I was upset to be so close, however I finished in the top 10 in my age group! April 2014 is where I became really hot as explained above. April 2015 was my year! I got my BQ time for the 2016 Boston Marathon by nearly 5 minutes! Boston, here I come!
4.  Talk about the race what to expect so other people may learn from your experience.
Question 4 Answer–I pretty much answered this in my Facebook post above. For first time Boston marathoners, run the marathon for enjoyment and not to requalify! I had sheer intentions going into it I too wanted to requalify there. I realized after Mile 10 it wasn’t going to happen. The course is tough and a lot of gentle rolling hills. You definitely want to take it easy in the first 5 miles as it is all downhill. If your used to running rolling hills, then you may have a good chance of requalifying there. I decided  to take past runners’ advice and run the course, enjoy it, soak it all in, the spectators, everything about it. As I stated earlier, I worked hard to get there,,,,why stress so much now?
5.  Do you plan to run again?
Question 5 Answer–I definitely plan on running it again! out of all of the marathons I have ran, as far as enjoyment, Boston is my favorite! As I write this, I am already looking to BQ for 2018! I registered for my 9th marathon, second for this year. The town I live in is having its first inaugural marathon this September. The Belleville Main Street Marathon:-)
Happy Miles to You

Grand Canyon Half Recap – The Camaraderie of Like Minded Souls

I completed the Grand Canyon Half.  What?  Where you expecting more…okay here it goes.  This was by far the most difficult race I have ever had the honor of participating.  I will admit from the beginning I could have been in a little better shape for this one.  But…it is what it is as they say.

The Expo:  I arrived a day early to pick up my packet, swag bag and to spend time in Williams, AZ where my hotel was located and to see the sites.  It was windy, sunny and a cool 57.  Didn’t worry about that too much and I definitely didn’t pay any attention to what the weather was the next day.

Backpack and food!

Backpack and food!

A fellow runner was nice enough to capture this moment!

A fellow runner was nice enough to capture this moment!

I picked up my bib and made the normal rounds.  I found out at the expo that Nuun Energy© was supplying little water pods…somehow I missed the memo on that one and brought my water pods and hydration pack.  The information was a little cryptic as to what really was provided.  The race promoters didn’t want any garbage left along the route and made it sound like they weren’t going to have any water stations.

I decided to buy a shirt and as I was looking at what was available I overheard a conversation between a participant and one of the race promoters.  The participant was talking about what time he wanted to make and the promoter just laughed and said “dude you just need to stay ahead of the weather and finish”.  I didn’t really think twice about the weather comment, bought the shirt and on to the hotel!

Williams, AZ:  I arrived at the Bates Motel aka Howard Johnsons, dropped off my gear and decided to mosey into town for food and a look around.  Williams, AZ is a Route 66 town.  I’ve always wanted to experience Route 66 and was excited to see what was in store.  The main strip was busier then I thought it would be, mostly likely because the town was so close to the Grand Canyon.  Cars driving up and down a strip sprinkled with old and new businesses.  I decided to just walk around to see if any restaurant caught my eye.  I didn’t want to go to an old “stand by” place like a food franchise.  When I travel I like to try different places and experience the culture of the town.  The strip had Mom and Pop burger joints, country cooking, Mexican, Italian and shops of course.  There were a few high-end artist shops that sold pottery and paintings.  It was a strange feeling walking around downtown Williams.  It was interesting and sad at the same time.  Maybe lonely is the right word.  Very hard to explain and pin down.  A happiness of people visiting the shops and restaurants but a sadness of just every day life.  I didn’t get a peaceful easy feeling.  Something very hard to pin down is all I can say.  Some pictures I captured.

Elvis James Dean Main Drag in Williams Map Pump Resturant Sidewalk View Signs

I stepped into a corner store that was selling local honey.  I picked up a jar of honey and walked to the counter.  There at the counter was some bright baby blue and pink terry gloves.  They reminded me of some Hello Kitty© type gloves.  2.99$.  A little voice said…buy them…so I did.

I ended up at a local brewery…of course…that sold Italian food.  It was a great experience and a great choice.  The waitress was awesome and made me pasta that wasn’t on the menu and even sold me a half growler of Pie hole beer brewed at their micro brewery.  No I didn’t drink it there…I did test before I bought though.  Amazing Porter with cherry notes.  Absolutely unbelievable if you enjoy a good beer.

Brewing Company Piehole Beer

Williams has a lot more to offer and many other sites to see, here is the city link: .  It’s not far from Flagstaff, AZ.

The Night Before The Race:  Didn’t really do much but drink water and nibbled a little more on my left over pasta.  The race started at 0700 in the morning so this meant I was out the door no later than 0500 to make my 53 mile drive to the start line.  Ugh…

My quench gum, Gu, bib and new shirt that I didn't wear.

My quench gum, Gu, bib and new shirt that I didn’t wear.

Shirt and Bib

The Morning of the Race:  Got up at 0200 and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I wasn’t nervous, maybe a little excited and so ready to get going.  I packed my gear the night before so all I needed to do is take care of…business (runners know what I’m talking about) and hit the road.  I almost didn’t bring warm gear to wear…but again that little voice.  I looked out the window and it’s raining.  Ooooookkaaay…you know what they say if it ain’t raining you’re not training!  I gather everything up and hit the door feeling a little sad that I won’t be able to sport that cute little racer T I bought at the Under Armour outlet.  I walk outside and it is COLD.  I mean what the heck over…cold and rainy.  Again, me being the glass is half full type of girl, I say to myself maybe it isn’t raining 53 miles away.

I hop in the car and the gauge says 35 degrees…ok no problem…maybe it’s warmer THERE.  Uh no, that’s not how higher elevation works.  The higher you go…the colder it gets.  I’m on the road and the gauge drops to 32 I’m on this little two lane road leading up to Tusayan, AZ.  I won’t lie…I’m cussing for two reasons.  One, it’s snowing and two, it’s the caterpillar of cars leading up to the Canyon.  There are only two passing lanes and good luck with that one.

Arrive At the Venue:  I arrive on time and manage to find a space sandwiched between a creepy camper and a SUV.  Now there is the dilemma of how and where to place the running bib.  I don’t want to put it on my jacket…what if I have to take that off!  Pants…no, too uncomfortable.  Unzip the jacket and place on shirt…hmmm.  For heavens sake why so cold!  I ended up pining it to my waist.

Needing To Use the Porta John:  Well it doesn’t get any better than this…using the porta johns in sub temps…I take that back.  Use the porta johns in hot weather…like baking Georgia sun weather.  Now there’s a winner.  Every runner or race participant knows you better use the john before you run.  Usually there are long lines, for some reason I happened to hit it before that happened.  I walked up and see a group of people standing there…I say “are you in line?” they all shake their heads no.  Ok, why people like to convene near the shitters…I’ll never know.  So now you have to choose…it’s really like Russian Roulette, a “crap shoot” all puns intended.  Spin the bullets and hope you don’t get a LOADED chamber.  I zone in on my target and start to walk towards the one of my choice.  I open the door and I’m hit with a WWE smack down of putrid stink.  So I’m just going to tell you now there is a CODE.  You’ve opened the door…do you or don’t you?  That is the question my friends.  Are you Man or Woman enough to follow through?  Do you finish your business or do you cry like a baby and run to a cleaner john?  My friends…you Man or Woman up, that’s right…step inside…

I step inside and I immediately try to breathe through my mouth…concentrating on a point on the tan porta wall.  They tell us that in yoga.  Concentrate on a point and focus your breathing for balance.  But this smell…it was so bad…breathing through my mouth wasn’t cutting it.  Then…I broke a very serious rule.  I’m fighting with the Devil on my left shoulder and the Angel on my right…don’t do it…do it….don’t do it…do it and I did it…as sure as the sun will come up every morning I DID IT!  I looked in the hole.  And there my friends was what no civilized person should ever see…a fresh steaming load.  You heard me, don’t act like you didn’t.  A fresh 98.6 degree of Hello…and that was it for me.  The old gag reflex kicked in and I began to sweat and urinate as fast as I could.  I was gagging so loud the person in the next porta john was laughing.  I was opening the door as I was pulling up my pants, still gagging.  I threw open that door stumbled out still gagging.  There were a few people who saw me and started laughing.  This little blonde gal looked at me and smiled as she started walking over to my porta…I put up my hand and said NO, you don’t want that one.  Horror crossed that pretty face as she repeatedly said thank you, thank you!  I sanitized my hands.  On to the race now shall we!

The Grand Canyon Half:  There were people there from 49 states and 10 countries.  It really was a sight to see.  I called this post The Camaraderie of Like Minded Souls because there is nothing better than being in a moment like this even though the conditions are bad with individuals that want to share this experience.

As we were all lining up and waiting for the race to begin the promoters were talking about how bad the conditions were, that after mile three there was no turning back.  Of course I was like, meh how bad can this be…I was about to find out.

When you first start a race it’s a bit like cattle coming out of a shoot.  Trying to move along without stepping on anyone’s feet and finding a clear path.  The race was pretty much all trail.  This was something that I wasn’t aware of…or didn’t take the time to research fully.  It started on a little gravel path that turned into trail.  It is important to note that the trail wasn’t in the Canyon.  It was in a close by ravine.  Miles 1 through 4 weren’t too bad.  It was muddy and raining, but doable.  At mile 4 I really started to feel the elevation.  People don’t realize but the elevation at the Canyon is around 6,700 feet.  I really felt it in my lungs and at one point at the beginning of the race I felt dizzy and sick.  It was short-lived but I developed a pain in my upper back early on and I figure this was because I was having trouble with the air and it was causing me to slouch.  I really had to focus on running straight to keep the pain down.  It was unfortunate because the scenery was so lovely.  Even in the rain.  I had to remind myself to look up and take in all the beauty.  The trees and the rocks on the side walls were beautiful.  At one point the rocks appeared a cobalt blue.  Just amazing.  This was a perfect example that even though it was raining there was still so much beauty to take in…me, perfect strangers and my Hello Kitty gloves which were wet and sagging.

The funny thing about this race was that the trail was so bad most people were running through the woods.  That was hard.  A lot of stop and go.  I would pass some people – they would pass me and eventually one woman looked at me and said “this is a lot harder than I thought are you having fun yet?”.  Unfortunately, I wouldn’t have put this in the fun category.  Challenging, yes.  Fun, not that much.

There were stops that offered water, bananas, oranges and a natural type of goo gel.  It was honey based.  I took them, but it was almost like hmmmm which flavored turd will I choose at this stop, acai berry or orange flavored.  Hey at least they offered it up.

At mile 10 I was ready to be done.  This was the hardest part of the terrain.  Really a struggle.  I was starting to pass the same people over and over again with the stop and go and just wanted this race to be over.  The saving grace is there were two female elk close to the path and were spectating!  It was so neat.  I didn’t bring my camera with me but I wish I had, so many lovely pictures to take.

And finally the results!

Race stats

Video Of Laurel McClean Finishing Grand Canyon Half

Post Race: Thank goodness for the Hello Kitty gloves.  I think they helped a bit but my fingers were so frozen that I had to wait over an hour before I could take my shoes off.  I was grateful for the post race recovery food and the medal was awesome too.


Grand Canyon Half Complete!

Ruined shoes

Ruined shoes

Mileage for this recap came to 32.84 this time around.  I was even able to get in a nice ride of 9.35 this week.  Felt so good back on the bike.

I’m very grateful I was able to run this race.  There were many people there that had remembrance shirts or were running for various reasons.  The camaraderie of like-minded souls.  Such a beautiful thing.  I would do this race or something similar again.  Maybe not soon, but yes another one some day.

Total miles remaining ~ 8111.05.  I hope this finds you in good spirits and thankful to be in the presence of a like-minded soul.  Happy Miles to You.




Track My Run With Race Joy

Last post tonight…If you’re interested in tracking my run on 7 May here is the app where you can do so.  You can also send me some encouragement….I will need it:-)

The Grand Canyon Half Marathon is in just a few days! We’re SO excited to see you. It’s going to be an awesome race! We want to make sure you and your supporters know about RaceJoy, which offers runner tracking during the event. It normally charges per runner, but we’re providing it to you for free!

To get started and explore the app, download to your mobile device here.

Some key features include:

Live GPS Tracking

  • Supporting spectators can track you live in a map view as you progress along the race course. You can also track up to 20 runners/walkers.
  • NearMe proximity alerts let spectators know you are drawing near.
  • Find each other using RaceJoy’s MeetUp tool.

GPS Progress Alerts

  • Receive GPS-based progress alerts at every mile on the course to get updates on your pace, elapsed time and estimated finish time.
  • Post progress alerts on your Facebook and Twitter walls.
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  • Receive and send fun, motivational audio cheers.
  • Use RaceJoy’s Text-to-Cheer to send custom messages.

Start sending cheers to others doing the race at any time!

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Tales of a Hotel Diva…Or Snob Whichever You Prefer

It’s almost here!  The Grand Canyon Half is in two days and I’m excited!  I can’t wait to be running at one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  When I visited the Grand Canyon last year it took my breath away.  I have been fortunate to have traveled to many countries and see some wonderful things and places and the Grand Canyon is up there in the top ten.  It is truly awe inspiring.  It’s weird but you just can’t get enough in my humble opinion.  Around every corner there are more sites to see and more questions to be asked.  Truly an amazing place.

Unfortunately, my lodging will not be in Tusayan, AZ but 53 miles down the road in Williams, AZ.  Yes, that’s right there was no “room” at the Inn.  Bummed big time because this means I need to wake up very early to get to the start line.  Ugh…need to be in the parking lot by 6 AM race begins at 7 AM.

When I found out there weren’t any rooms available in the host town the closest option I could find was in Williams.  Well, I take that back there were a few rooms available at $300 a night, but I’m choosing not to go that route…$150 it is!

This leads me to the Diva part…the choice of hotels.  I go on and the only hotel available is….Howard Johnsons.  Can we just say it wasn’t “Book Yeah“.  I stayed in a Howard Johnson’s once.  I remember it looking like something out of a Psycho movie:

Howard J

I remember when I was a kid and we traveled, staying at a hotel was an adventure.  Opening that door to a forbidden paradise; crooning over the individually wrapped baby soaps and shampoos; and turning on the T.V. like it was something you’ve never seen before.  Let’s not forget running down the hall to the ice and vending machines.

Now that I’m older I open the door with trepidation.  Don’t sit on the bed comforter!  Decon the remote!  Needless to say, now I’m a little bit of a hotel diva.  That’s right.  Now, I don’t get out of my car in a fur coat and a toy poodle under my arm, but come on!  A little bit of comfort and class.  It’s like when you reach the age you rather drink your beer from a glass and not the bottle.

One thing I forgot to consider are local Bed and Breakfast options!  There are many wonderful Bed and Breakfast Inns and sometimes the rate is very comparable to a hotel and so much more fun.  If you really want to get to “know” a place stay at a Bed and Breakfast.

All that set aside it doesn’t look like it’s going to be that bad.  A regular Microtel.  I think I get a free breakfast….oh that’s right I’ll be driving so NO!  Hmmm I’m going to have to figure out these logistics.

I decided to look up Williams on the Net and found the city page.  It actually looks kind of neat and I’m going to try to get there a little early and maybe take in some sites the day before.

I’ve added the link to Williams below.  I’m interested in Sycamore Falls.  Hopefully I’ll have time after the Expo and packet pick up.  Happy Miles to You!!

Mileage Recap ~ 28 Apr – 3 May….Tough Love, It’s What’s For Breakfast

It’s taper week!  I look at taper week as that false positive before the actual pain of long distance running begins.  You’re just so happy that this week is easy…so easy until Saturday.  At this point in the game taper week shouldn’t be such a big deal.  By this time I should be feeling pretty good and shouldn’t really be worried.  Saying I’m worried is really stretching it because I’m not.  I’m out there to have fun.  It’s only 13.1 and that’s doable.  I’m not in the best shape for the race.  The two weeks of allergy woes definitely set me back.  I should have ran up to 12 but I was only able to get to 10 with the program I follow.

That brings me to this recaps long run.  We’ve had a couple of cool days here and on the day of my long run it was nice and cool with a good breeze.  I had to start a little later but it was still cool.  I decided not to bring water.  Yes, you read that right.  I didn’t bring water.  I knew as I was adjusting my headband I would regret even thinking not to bring at least one pod of water.  But it was soooo cool and breezy.

It really wasn’t too bad. My run started off great but on the way back I did get a little thirsty.  Not crazy thirsty but I wished I would have brought the water.  The pace was slow too. I do wish I could pick it up a bit for some of these longer runs, but it is what it is at the moment.  This run was exciting because it’s the longest I’ve run in a while.  That to me is great.  I rekindling my love with running too.  I’m just allowing myself to go with whatever happens.  There will be good days and not so good days.  Here’s a snapshot of my run:

Grand Canyon half 10

I’m very excited for this run.  Not everyone will have this opportunity, so I’m very grateful.  I completed 76.13 miles for April!  Such a great improvement over the last couple of months.  This recap saw 13.54 miles under my “water” belt.  This brings me to 8,143.69 miles “Grandly” remaining.  The only thing to do is keep on rollin’ baby….Happy Miles to You.