Mileage Recap ~ 20 – 26 April

Phoenix is a wonderful place. When I was here last year it was 117 degrees in August and I’m not sure how I really felt about the place. I’m used to green and rain not brown and dusty.  I’m looking at this place with a new set of eyes and see beauty everywhere. I really love it. So, traveling has put me back a bit on my blogging and running.

I’m one of these people that need to change it up…often. When I started this blog I knew that if I was going to concentrate on mileage it had to be more than running. I also think that it is imperative to switch it up so you don’t overuse the same muscles, cause overuse and injury. I’m classic for overuse so I’ve been trading my runs in for spinning lately – and I’m loving it. I didn’t get around to buying a bike last year but last week I took the big plunge!  I can’t wait to get back and actually ride it!  I bought it then traveled so I haven’t even had a chance to test it out.

Mileage for this week equaled 20 with 10,105.16 gratefully remaining.

Mileage Recap ~ 6 – 19 April ~ I’m A Stubborn Soul

Happy Easter to all of those who celebrate!  I hope everyone is doing well and finally beginning to get some nice Spring weather temps!  Today was a lovely day here.  It was…dare I say it ~ almost hot.  I think we’ve finally rounded the corner and the cold weather is in the rearview mirror.  Thank goodness.

Last week was my second yoga teacher training session.  It reminds me of weekend military training.  One weekend a month ~ lol.  It proved to be another tough weekend.  Friday night we had a four hour training with the head yoga teacher.  Not sure if I mentioned it before, but she’s got to be at least 20 years older than me.  She gave me a run for my money.  Slept well that night.

Saturday morning we have anatomy.  I love my yoga anatomy teacher.  You know how you just instantly connect with certain people?  That’s how I am with her.  She has the most pleasant voice.  I know that sounds crazy, but she just glides.  That’s the perfect word for it ~ glides.  She knows her stuff and she presents it well.  I find it very easy to retain and I carry that with me through the following week.  Just a pleasant person to be around.  The only issue I have is there really aren’t any breaks per se in her class.  If you have to go to the bathroom or throw down a sports bar you do it on your own time.  So, from 0800 to 1300 we’re busy.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I eat many small meals during the day ~ around 1000 I’m getting hungry.  Around 1100 I’m about to chew a hole in my mat…around 1200 I’m about to gnaw off my arm and close to 1300, well the gal next to me was looking like a hotdog from one of those old cartoons.  1300 comes around and finally we get released for lunch.  I decide to go to the Schnucks down the street.  It’s a really nice grocery store.  What’s the golden rule here…never go to a grocery store when hungry?  I saunter into the fruit section…nah keep walking.  Ooh fried chicken..keep walking…I find myself in the cookie isle.  Hmmm, Luna bars…okay that’s healthy.  Yes, coconut and chocolate…sure why not.  Oh and look there is a twelve pack of Nutter Butters!  Well…heck yeah!  I reach for the Nutter Butters and I’m like whoa back this train up.  I put the Nutter Butters back and just purchase the Luna bars.  I need to go to a restaurant.

Exiting the Shnucks I scan my sector.  Irish pub, Chinese, Bagels…okay I’ll try the bagel place.  I walk into the bagel place, wearing yoga pants, ahhh that’s acceptable right?  Immediately, I see the “lighter fare” menu and of course I order the broccoli and cheese soup and large ham and cheese bagel.  Mentally, I remind myself that I shouldn’t eat so heavy as our afternoon teacher just got back from training in India and will be showing us some new intense yoga moves.  I eat everything.  The soup was thick enough I could have filled holes in drywall ~ not to worry I was hungry.

Get back to the studio and I’m already wishing I didn’t eat all that food ~ yeah this might not be pretty.  I see the teacher and right away I know I’m in trouble.  We start the class and proceed to practice all standing positions.  Downward dog, triangle pose and cheese and broccoli soup.  Yeah, oh yeah.

Still experiencing some left knee niggles.  It’s unfortunate and most likely overuse.  Running and starting to bike along with yoga and crossfit might be putting a little stress on the ‘ol knee.  I’m in full protection mode right now.  I haven’t gone to get it checked out yet but it has my full attention.  I saw this quote a few days back ~ one of these inspirational things and it said, “Do you have the strength to stop” or something close.  The moral here, are you listening to your body.  I am listening, but I’m stubborn and determined.  So I’m being careful, but not stopping.  I was able to do a combination of elliptical, bike and run these past two weeks.  Total mileage was 29.5 with 10,125.16 miles happily and stubbornly remaining.  I’m a happy soul that even through the pain I can continue.  Here’s to happy, stubborn, determined souls ~ Happy miles to you!