Mileage Recap 15 – 31 Dec ~ Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful time ringing in 2015 and time to reflect upon the previous year.  2014 for me was a good year.  It was a year of challenges and changes.  My mileage goals for 2014 fell short.  I just had too much going on this year to fully complete the original goal of 1500 miles.  I also struggled with bursitis in my right hip.  This sent and continues to send me to physical therapy.  All of this sounds negative, but sometimes we hit some potholes and we pick ourselves up fix it the best we can and keep moving.  This by no means is going to stop my end goal.  It may slow me down, but stop…uh no.

My triumph this year was obtaining my yoga certification.  Yoga has helped me keep the flexibility I need to continue on my mileage path.  It took a lot of my time with the training and extra classes on weekends.  The training just didn’t leave a lot of time for too much else on the weekend.  I’m glad I did it and no doubt yoga will be a major part of me for the rest of my life. 

I added 24.71 to December for a total of 68.29 miles for the month.  It was a combination of indoor cycling, walking and running.  This brings me to a yearly total of 774.26 for 2014.  It wasn’t my goal of 1500 but it’s a “step” in the right direction.  I am grateful that I have the ability to keep moving forward in this wonderful gift we call life.  Mobility is a great gift.  I have finished 1,780.25 miles since I began this journey with 9,534.75 miles waiting to be earned.

I was able to pick up some miles in Arizona over the holidays.  It was lovely to see family and the weather was ~ COLD!  That’s right it got down to the 30s in Phoenix.  At least the sun was shining…at times.  Happy Miles to You!!


Beautiful sunset from the top


My daughter


Love this shot of the valley



Mileage Recap ~ 17 Nov – Dec 14

It’s hard to believe it’s been about a month since I did a mileage recap!  Time just seems to be getting away from me.  Our weather here in the Midwest hasn’t been helping either.  One day cold another day in the 60s.  I will say the 60 degree days are lovely.  November was a low mileage month for me but I hope to make a final push in December to “recover” some of those miles.  I was able to get some running in but have been focusing more on my cycling.  I did get a nice walk in on Thanksgiving.  It snowed!  I don’t know but it seems sort of strange to have snow on Thanksgiving.  Here are some pictures from my walk.

Love the winter berries

Love the winter berries



Since the weather change I went to one of our local cycle shops and purchased some long riding pants and gloves.  Needless to say they came in handy (no pun intended) for last weeks ride.  It was the first time I went out in 30 degree weather.  My ride was around 18 miles and about 3/4 into the ride I really began to feel it in my exposed areas and uh…feet.  Note to self ~ when on a bike you are moving faster therefore, weather temps are exemplified much different from running.  My toes were so frozen I could barely feel them walking into the house.  Yes I know another lesson learned.

I know this is the season to be thankful and reflect.  I hope everyone is having a joyous and peaceful holiday season.  This year has been a good year.  I’m thankful that I can keep going.  I picked up 56.49 miles this go round with 9,559.46 thankfully remaining.  Never.Give.Up.  Happy miles to you.