Mileage Recap ~ 30 Dec – 4 Jan

I think I deserve at least 2 weeks off.  At least that is what I’m telling myself.  After making my mileage goal I wanted (ok I don’t really want to) give my body just a little bit of rejuvenation.  I have been having some nagging in the dreaded left knee and my right hip has been hurting with sharp pains shooting down the back right hamstring from time to time.  Sigh.
Things I know I could do better:

1. Stretch and ice

2. Foam roll

3.  Stretch and ice

The holidays have left me busy so I haven’t been at yoga for about a month, but my legs are in need of some TLC.  I really want to get these pains in check so I’m concentrating on my mileage but I may have to hit the machines which provide less impact for a couple of weeks.  Not liking it, but it may have to be done.

Even though I said I was going to take a few weeks off I still found myself walking around the neighborhood and on the elliptical at the gym.  I’m trying!  Plus the Midwest weather has been a bear!  It was -11 on the way to work this morning.

I’m looking forward to getting my training plan in order and start looking for some new races this year.  I was able to sneak in 5.93 miles for the week ~ 3.48 miles walking and 2.45 on the elliptical.  This leaves 10,306.56 miles remaining.  Trying to remain somewhat idle.  I hope your week is moving along ~ Happy Miles to you:)

Mileage Recap 22 – 29 Dec End of Year 2013 Goal ~ 1000 Miles Reached

Road to 1000 The road to 1000 total miles has been completed.  It is 31 degrees today with winds of 11 knots.  Normally Sunday is my rest day, but when I ran yesterday I found that I was .35 miles short of my 1000 mile goal after yesterday’s long run for the end of the year.  So out I went this morning to complete the goal.  Why not let it ride you ask?  Well, one of the purposes of this blog is to keep track of the mileage.  The way I look at it, it’s 13.1 miles in a half marathon not 12.5.  If you’re going to do it ~ then complete to the best of your ability.  There is a lot to be said about completion and seeing things through.  It’s not necessarily how fast it was done, but that it was done.  As you know this can be applied to almost anything in life.  Running is just one of many vessels.

I took the above photo this morning.  From the photo it doesn’t look like a big hill, but it is steep and long.  It has gravel and footing is not guaranteed.  Just when you get to the top there’s another hill.  It’s where my running journey began.  It represents strength, determination, dedication to task, and importance of being humble.  Running down this hill is what caused knee surgery in 2011, a little too sure of myself and going too quickly down a hill I wasn’t prepared or trained.  The hill put me in my “place” if you will.  Not like I had to be reminded, but there is always something greater and bigger than you out there.  Now when I travel this path I have only walked down.  Showing some respect and realizing the end goal or the completion of my 11315 task is greater than saying I ran down that hill (face intact)! It seemed fitting to end the year on this hill.

shoes 2

I’m continuing to “mark” my shoes.  The previous background picture on my blog, the shoes were new with no mileage.  I’m happy to say I’ve reached my goal and now the shoes are turned inward with 500 miles marked on their “soles”.

Weekly Mileage recap:  18.96 for the week and puts me at 50.31 for the month of December.  Total miles completed stands at 1,002.51 with 10,312.49 adventures waiting…

Sun ~ Rest

Mon ~ 3.35 run

Tues ~ Rest

Wed ~ 3.24 Christmas day walk with the family

Thurs ~ 4.02 run

Fri ~ Rest

Sat ~ 5.49 run

Sun ~ 2.86 walk

May the end of your week be positive ~ Happy Miles To You:)



Quinoa and Black Beans

Love fresh cilantro

Love fresh cilantro

I love food and I love to cook.  I have many cookbooks and when I see a good recipe I can’t wait to go home and try it!  I have my ups and downs with eating.  Some times I eat well other times not great.  If you want to eat well you have to plan a bit.  At least for me it’s best if I sit down and write what I want to cook for the week.  I’ll get groceries on the weekend and plan my week accordingly.  If I do that it works every time ` NOT!  Pardon me while I brush the Doritos© crumbs from my shirt:)

Throw in kids, work and all the other things (life) and you’re heading down to Chick-Fil-A© faster than you can blink and you feel great because it’s always their pleasure to serve you at Chick-Fil-A.  Hey they serve lettuce. Reality check!

2014 is going to be the year of eating well!  I can feel it!  I really can ~ or maybe that’s heartburn from my Doritos:(

I’ve always wanted to try Quinoa.  I picked some up and found this recipe.  If you are looking for a nice vegetarian dish ~ I must say this was fantastic!  I threw in my own spin and added a dash of lime juice and curry powder instead  (I was out of cumin).  I absolutely loved the chopped cilantro and the color was fantastic.  Recipe is below:

Quinoa and Black Beans

Enjoy ~ Happy Miles to You!

Mileage Recap 12 ~ 21 Dec

My weekly mileage  recap is off, so I’m trying to get back on track. Holidays have me hopping. The weather here has been erratic. It has gone from the teens to 64 in a matter of two weeks with snow and rain on the days I wanted to get in some long runs. I’m not one to shy away from rain or cold, but sometimes the weather is just too bad and it’s not safe. So indoors I had to go. Last Saturday was too snowy and this Saturday it was raining hard holding at a steady 33 ~ 34 degrees. To make matters worse the normal gym I go to is renovating. I showed up yesterday only to find every machine taken. I decide to go across the base to the other gym ~ closed at 1300! Ugh. My daughter and I really wanted to run so we both got the bright idea to buy a day at the Y. Yep, the best $20 spent that day. Felt better and I was able to put in five. Nothing like a little holiday rolling.  Total miles for the week 11.32.

Sat (Dec 14) ~ 5 miles on the tread
Sun ~ Rest
Mon ~ 3 miles elliptical
Tues ~ KB/CrossFit
Wed ~ 3.35 miles running
Thurs ~ KB/CrossFit
Fri ~ Rest
Sat ~ 4.97 Miles on the Y tread

Total miles completed so far 983.55 with only 16.45 miles remaining for the 2013 1,000 end of year goal. 10,331.45 grateful miles remaining overall.

Here’s to happy runs.

I’m Up on Facebook

I have finally created the 11315miles Facebook page ~ I know some of my Facebook friends are extremely happy about this:)  For most of the year I just had my updates going back to my regular page, but now it’s time to “soar” a little.  I have even added the Facebook widget.  So, if you’d like to follow along there too or give me a “like” I’d be much obliged.

My October “Giveaway” ~ Giveaway

I’ve done just a couple of giveaways at 11315.  I would like to do more, but like all things sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day.  It’s always fun to give back, even when it is just your friends that are participating ~ lol.  I’m now just getting around to my “October” giveaway ~ giveaway.  It’s nice to get put your name in the hat and get “stuff”.  I mean what runner doesn’t like to get some neat running stuff?  But, I got to thinking about it and I want the “giveaway’ to be a little more meaningful, at least to me anyway.

I had bought this bracelet with the word “courage” stamped in metal a few months before I ran my marathon.  I would wear it when I went on long runs and look at it every now and again to give me an extra push and to remind me of my end goal.  Silly?  Maybe so.

I thought it would be neat to wear it during the marathon and give it away at the end to someone else, sort of like a good luck charm.  Passing on my success and joys to someone else.  That person was my good friend Lorene who was waiting for me at the end of my marathon.  She is the loveliest of people and someone I admire very much.  She is strong, witty and beautiful (inside and out).  It was such a wonderful feeling to run across the finish line, take the bracelet off my wrist and place it on hers.  Yes, it was sweaty ~ but who cares.  Giving happiness and strength is so much fun!

Happy miles to you!

Mileage Recap ~ 1-11 Dec

The holidays are keeping me so busy so a short update today!  The snow kept me from putting in a desired 7 miles last Saturday.  Normally I would tough it out but I was conservative because the roads were just not cleared very well, so I had to settle for 5 on the treadmill.

Was able to pick up 15.03miles for a total of 967.23 total miles.  That leaves 32.77 remain for the end of 2013 and of course 10,347.77 happily remaining.

Passion Post # 5 ~ Distance is Just A Number

I love being 46 years old.  Yeah you heard me.  I love being 46.  I have no desire to be a teenager or a twenty something.  Don’t get me wrong, I liked being a teen, and enjoyed my 20s and 30s, but now I’m in my 40s ~ and I love it.  I’m comfortable in my 46 year old skin.  When I look in the mirror and see the lines that are beginning to form I see battles won and a few I lost.  I see love, happiness and adventures still to be experienced ~ hard work, joy and pain.  Every line that is forming and every line that will be has been/will be earned.  Some are joyous lines others lines of pain.  They’re my lines.

I came across this link someone posted on Facebook directed at how the media portrays women’s bodies, mostly famous artistic women, i.e. models, singers etc.  The woman narrating the piece is specifically zoning in on digitally changing images that make women appear slimmer, have bigger busts and of course flawless skin.  Sending the misconception of how these women look in real life and what is considered beauty.  Hips too wide no problem digital enhancing will fix the problem.  I have no doubt this happens with male images as well.  So you’re asking yourself what does this have to do with running?  A lot actually.  I bet you would be hard pressed not to find in the top ten of “Why I run” posts/articles the reason people started to run is to slim down ~ and that is a great reason There is nothing wrong with wanting to be the best you can be physically and if running gets you there great!  A runners physique is slim and muscular.  I wanted to tie this into running because I’ve had quite a few people discuss with me (mostly females) how difficult it is to be “everything”, be fit and on top of it look great and emulate all of those images you see.

You can access the link below ~ it’s a little long but you’ll get the gist after a couple of minutes.

5 Minutes Of What The Media Actually Does To Women

When I started running I was a good 40 to 45 lbs. over my normal weight.  People tell me today when they look at pictures from a couple of years ago they can’t believe it’s the same person.   I am a petite woman.  I have always been that way.  Like all normal women I was raising a very busy child and working which didn’t leave a lot of time for working out, much less running in those early years, so I gained weight.  One day I was putting on a pair of pants and they were so tight they were high waters!  Come on laugh ~ quite a few of you know what I’m talking about:)  So I finally just got fed up.  I just wanted to be able to feel good and fit in my clothes without the fear of taking out someone’s eye if a button popped loose.  So, I started eating better and planned time   to exercise.  I started to run and it stuck.  Running changes your body and running a lot really changes your body.  I’m back to how I used to be ~ plank meet world.  I’m here to tell you I’m so okay with it ~ matter of fact I’m Amen and pass the pork chops okay.  Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care.  I eat a lot and sometimes not well, but I burn a lot of calories.  I burnt 2500 cals just running the St. Louis marathon.   You get the picture.  I have more time to myself now that the kid is older and in college ~ you’ll get there too.  Let’s face it, training for a half or full marathon takes time.  Time away from family and all those necessary’s you have to do.  Don’t beat yourself up about it if you can only spare a certain amount of time each week.  It is what it is and you do the best you can.

Queue in wavy lines and “take me way back music“.  I can remember, very specifically I might add, being at a pool and jumping off the diving board and a kid I really liked yelled out “you’re flat”!  Well I was 10 and Einstein he wasn’t, but that stuck with me for a long time.  I even thought about enhancement from time to time.  But I am comfortable with my shall we just call it the female “runners” chest.  Let me be the first to say, I don’t think there is anything wrong with “fixing” anything on your body.  If you want to do it and it makes you feel better all I’m saying is keep it in perspective.  Don’t do it because you think that’s what you have to do to be beautiful to others or you perceive that’s what is considered beautiful ~ you do it for you.  Heck, who knows, I might want to get rid of some of the crazy a few years from now.

Let’s fast forward a few years ~ Circa 1995.  I’m in the Army and in the hospital fixing to be induced to receive for our little bundle of joy.  I’m sitting there and I tell my husband to go get a magazine while I’m waiting for the blessed event to start rolling.  Lo and behold he comes back with…wait for it…Cosmo.  Now I don’t know about you, but I quit reading Cosmo back in my early 20s.  I had packed up and moved on from that crazy train long ago.  I said, “you have to be kidding”!  To which he replies, “well it was that or Newsweek”.  I just stared blankly ~ really….really?  So I had to take what I could get and I started reading Cosmo.  In walks the “female doctor”, two “female nurses” and one really young Sargent (that was a little creepy) and they all started laughing when they saw the magazine.  The older nurse blurted out “hey look she’s reading Cosmo!  We stopped reading that year’s ago”!  Guffaw guffaw…snicker snicker.  Then she says, “it’s just kind of funny ~ here you are giving birth and you’re reading Cosmo”!  Ha, ha yes the joke is on me.  Nothing better than having a pregnant body reading Cosmo magazine.

The moral here ~ no one is perfect ~ physically.  Make a reasonable training plan and stick to it the best you can.  Look in the mirror and focus on that image ~ not what the world is telling you that image should be.  Realize that good results sometimes take a little time to achieve.  Let your true passionate self radiate your true beauty.