Good Eats ~ Breakfast Cookies

I am an eater.  I can remember when I was a teenager I went out on a date with this one guy and he took me to a steakhouse.  There really wasn’t too much choice back in Aiken, circa 1984.  I believe the name of the restaurant was Ryan’s which has since closed and Aiken has much better choices now.  I was NEVER one of those girls that shied away from eating in front of dates.  The next day I happened to see his brother to which I partook in the typical teenage banter fishing around to see if said individual “liked” me.  To which his brother replied, “yes he likes you, and he said you can really put away some groceries“.  BADGE OF HONOR  Mama likes her food, that ain’t no lie.






Matter of fact when I’m not eating, I’m thinking about what I’m going to make next.  Multiply this by 100 when I’m training.  I am an Eggos™ gal too.  I love two in the morning with butter.  But even the Eggo™ routine can get old and I do like to mix things up.

Behold the savory breakfast cookie!

I found this recipe online and now I can’t seem to find it…again to link.  I’m sure with enough diligence if you’re interested you can find something similar.  Again a quick fix for the morning to give you energy.  There are a lot of breakfast cookie recipes out there, but most of them are a sweet version.  When I came across this one, I thought that I would give it a try because it had meat.  Ingredients are almond and coconut flour, bell pepper, onion, cheddar cheese, eggs and turkey.   Mix it all together and bake for about 15 – 18 minutes.  They can be made ahead of time and frozen for later.  And you can make them meatless.  I thought they tasted good and they are small enough to have a few and not feel like you over ate.  Enjoy!  Happy Miles to You!!

Good Eats ~ Great Balls of Energy!

I came across this recipe a while back but just now getting around to trying.  Courtesy of Health Magazine I tried the Zesty Orange Chocolate Energy Balls.  Say hello to my little friends:

Anything with chocolate is good.  YES IT IS!!!!  And if it’s supposed to give you energy ~ well slap me and call me Sally.  Main ingredients are dates, nuts (choice), vanilla, cocoa powder, orange zest, and shredded coconut. Everything goes in the food processor then you ball them up and freeze them.  I found that they really didn’t ball up to well and I had to add a little water. Then rolled them and put them in the freezer.  I kept them in the freezer and was still able to eat them in 5 minutes, no problem.  Adding the water did make construction a little messy but it was worth the fuss.  I was looking to take some with me on runs and rides but, uh no dice in this 106 Phoenix heat.  So I pop one before or after I go.  Not hard on the stomach either.  The recipe is in Health Magazine June 2016 issue.

If you are old enough and you remember when Saturday Night Live was funny you’ll remember this…funny thing though even as I was making them I immediately thought of this….yes, you can’t take me anywhere.  Happy Miles to You!!

Good Eats ~ Chicken and Quinoa with Olive Gremolata

Now that I’m in full training mode I have been seeking out more recipes for energy and overall body health.  I find this to be a little irritating and too time consuming at times.  It seems for every search there is something that is supposed to give you more energy and be healthier etc.  ad nauseam.  For the most part I eat healthy and I love to cook and bake.  Did I mention…bake.  For me I’m always looking for things that won’t make me feel sick or dragged down.  Once I’m in the running zone, I don’t have to worry too much about calories, but I do look after what I’m putting in my body.  I judge a good meal by eating enough and I don’t fee like I want to crash afterwards.  I think everyone knows what I mean.

I have been cooking with quinoa and man do I have way to much of it in my house right now.  This next recipe is a little ditty I found on the internet.  I know it came from one of the running sites or someone’s running site ~ so I give you kudos my friend!  I’m not even sure of the real name but I’m calling it Chicken and quinoa with olive gremolata.


Not bad at all.  I could have done with a little less of the parsley and mint that made the gremolata, but overall it was a really tasty dish.  The recipe however made a LOT.  If this dish appeals to you I would suggest halving the recipe or you will be swimming in quinoa.  I’ve attached the recipe below in pdf.  Enjoy and happy eating!




Portobello Fajitas

Tried a new veggie dish that I wanted to share.  I like to cook at least one new dish once a week – if I have time.  And lately, I have been trying to cut down on the amount of meat I eat for many reasons.  I find that I just feel better and I’m a bleeding heart for proper treatment of animals.  I mean you’re not going to see me on the news climbing up the side of a whaling vessel, but lets just say as humans we could really do a lot better how we treat animals we consume.  Everybody’s opinion is different about this, but I find as I age it bothers me more as I am more aware.

My problem is that if I don’t incorporate a little bit of meat in my diet I do feel lethargic and unhealthy.  Many stalwart vegetarians tell me that you can do it no problem and it’s just an excuse.  I have also spoken with some individuals who tried to go full veggie and they just couldn’t do it and felt they were unhealthy because of it.  Everyone knows their own bodies and what they need, so there is no judgment with me.

Found another recipe from™ called Portobello Fajitas. (Click link for recipe) This was a very simple and quick meal to make on a busy work night.  And if you like mushrooms (I do!) this is for you.  It kept really well the next day for leftovers.

And don’t forget the lime!!  Enjoy – Happy Miles to You!!

Pasta Pearls With Spinach and Turmeric

Just tried this dish from Health Magazine April 2017.  Pasta Pearls with Spinach and Turmeric.  I give this a 10 for a light healthy meal and it wasn’t bad the next day as a left over.  I tend not to like anything leafy the next day.  It’s a texture thing with me.  It was extremely easy and fast to make and turmeric is healthy for the body.  (disclaimer: I’m NOT a nutritionist)  One of the healing properties of turmeric is it’s a natural anti-inflammatory.  You can research this one on your own.  The dish consists of pearl pasta (couscous), garlic, spinach, salt, pepper, turmeric and zucchini cooked in a vegetable broth.  Enjoy!

Good Eats ~ Pineapple Snack

For a while there I was posting (what I consider to be healthy) healthy recipes.  I kind of got away from that but have now had a resurgence in some creativity so I thought I would share.  I love to cook and bake when I have time.  So I thought that I would share specific things I found good.

I saw this in Coastal Magazine.  There really is no explanation and you can create a variety of variances.  Let your creativity flow!  It was so easy to make, the hardest part hollowing out the pineapple, and tasted really good.  The recipe called for hemp seeds to be sprinkled on top but I chose not to add.  Enjoy and happy Sunday!

Good Eats ~ Chicken Tacos

I haven’t been posting as much in my good eats sections as much as I have wanted so I’m aiming to change that a bit…or at least try.  I love food…one of the main reasons I run:-).  I also love dessert.  I am good at preparing both, but love making cakes, cookies, and generally anything sweet.  Funny, I don’t eat a lot of sweets, but I like making them and sharing with friends.

I truly believe everything in moderation.  I don’t believe you should deny yourself anything good.  By good I mean something made well and using natural ingredients, not processed crap.  It’s hard but with a little preparation you can have healthy GOOD meals and a dessert every now and then.

Today’s recipe is….chicken tacos.  I have been receiving Health© magazine through courtesy hotel points.  The magazine isn’t bad at all and the recipe section has some good dishes to try.  This recipe was fantabulous!  Everything you need in a soft tortilla.  The best thing is after I ate it I felt good, meaning no feeling blah after you eat.  I like when I eat food that generally makes me feel good.  I’m sure you all know what I mean.  Sometimes we crave things eat them and wonder why did I just eat that?

It takes about 30 minutes to make.  Fast and easy on a work night.  377 Calories, 16g Fat (3g Sat Fat), 118 mg Chol., 8g Fiber, 24g Pro., 38g Carb., 596mg Sod., 3mg Iron, 146mg Calcium.

Here was my picture:

Chicken Tacos

Not too shabby…not too shabby.



Visit the site for the full recipe at

Happy Miles To You!