Mileage Recap 23 ~ 28 Feb

My last week in February went out with a whimper unfortunately.  All these cold temperatures have left my sinuses pretty beat up.  Between headaches and fatigue I was only able to pull out 4.61 miles.  No worries, sometimes that’s just the way it goes.

I finished February with a total of 44.80 miles ~ I keep on moving…

Mileage Recap 17 ~ 22 Feb

Had a couple good breaks in the weather this week.  Wednesday was 55 degrees and sunny.  Unfortunately, looks like we we’re heading for more bad weather this coming week.  Where’s my February going?!!!!

I got in two outside runs this week and felt both of them.  I’ve been running on the treadmill too long!  My schedule is off too and I’m trying to get back on my normal running routine.  Wanted to throw in 6 for Sunday but dinner with friends the night before changed that plan.

On the upside I have decided to get my yoga certification.  Excited!

Mon ~  Rest

Tues ~ Cross Fit and Kettle Bells 1:15 of yoga

Wed ~ 4.64 miles (outside!)

Thurs/Fri ~ rest

Sat ~ 5.11 miles outside

Total miles for the week ~ 9.75 with 10,224.57 graciously remaining.  Happy miles to you.

Mileage Recap 9 ~ 16 Feb…As The Treadmill Turns

Unfortunately, this was a slow week.  Busy and the weather was crappy.  I was hoping to get outside this weekend ~ the weather was so bad we were released from work early on Friday and Saturday the roads had ice.  So, back to the treadmill I went.

This is what I woke up to

Icy conditions

Icy conditions

I made sure I got to the Y early so I could get a machine.  I couldn’t believe it, there was only one left!  I figured that I would run and bike.  One of my goals this year is to participate in a biathlon so I want to start pedaling a bit.

I finish my run on the treadmill and I walk over to where the disinfectant spray is to wipe down the machine.  Before I can get to the paper towels this guy jumps out and says “Are you all finished?”  He was a little intense…”Uh yeah, let me just wipe the machine down and it’s all yours”.  I wipe the machine down and turn around a there he is.  “So how much did you run?”  I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever been approached by someone in the gym asking me how much did I run….on the treadmill.  It must have been my mad treadmill skillz he was admiring.  You know, running, messing with my Ipod, drinking water and flipping through those stupid TV channels because you just can’t watch another episode of Saved By The Bell.  All the while I’m running…on the treadmill….awwwwwww yeah.

Now I’m looking at this guy, he’s in shape and maybe a good 10 years younger.  It was hard to tell.  I find myself saying ~ “yeah I did four…and now I’m going over to the bikes.  Yeah you heard me…I’m going to ride the bike”.  Then he says “yeah I ran 7, but I need to run a few more”.  Oooooookkkkk, and with that I’m heading to the bikes.

The take away folks ~ you just can’t truly appreciate the YMCA without a little treadmill drama.

Workout stats:

Sun ~ Rest

Mon ~ 4.5 running

Tues ~ Kettle Bells and 1:15 yoga

Wed ~ Nothing!

Thurs ~ Kettle Bells

Fri ~ Rest

Sat ~ 4 running

Sun ~ 4.10 running and 2 on the bike

Total for this week (yes I added two Sundays) is 14. 6 miles with 10,234.32 thankfully remaining.

Mileage Recap 2 ~8 Feb

This is making it very hard for me at the moment:


I know, I know ~ everyone is thinking…uh so what?  Well, I have no problem running in the cold or the snow for that matter, but the conditions have been less than hospitable lately.  Ice and snow and let’s just say the streets aren’t always the best, so I’ve been keeping inside.  I can tell running on the black stuff (the treadmill) because of the white stuff is beginning to grate on my nerves.  I recently joined our local YMCA because the gym on base is going through “remodeling”.  Ah yes, military remodeling = painting and long closures.  This has left parts of the gym closed and thus selection of machines thin.  Plus, it’s the beginning of a new year; sooooo the gym is always crowed.

I started off my week with a run on Sunday which I usually hold for a rest day, but I thought hey it’s Super Bowl Sunday who’s going to the gym.  Well, there was a whole lot of “who’s” at the gym on Super Bowl Sunday.  Every machine is taken.  I mean EVERY machine.  Even the crappy one in the corner nobody wants to use because it’s in that deep, dark corner nobody wants to go near.  So, I started sauntering around.  You know, yes you do…slowly walking see if somebody is about to get off the machine and who is just (according to your standards) fooling around.  I was late getting to the gym, so I already have an attitude.  It’s snowing and did I mention ~ I already have an attitude.  I start walking around the indoor track eyeing the machines in the middle.  I realize there are “others” doing the same thing.  I realize this is quickly becoming a game of musical treadmills.  Oh yea, I’ve got an attitude.  I want a machine.

Then there’s the teaser.  You know the guy who starts using the machine, realizes he forgot “something” and hops off.  He makes eye contact with me, looks at me like I’m a vulture (I am), and says I’ll be back.  Humpf!  I keep walking.  I feel like a cheetah on the African Plain looking for the weak one in the herd…then it happens an elliptical opens up.  I immediately make a beeline and of course you have to do the gym politics ~ so in my best Southern voice I say ~ “you done with that?”  Don’t even worry about wipin’ it down sister, I’ll take it like it is.  I start on the elliptical, ready for phase two…acquire a treadmill.  Again, the dance begins.

Then there are the chatters.  You know the gal who’s talking on the phone taking selfies and talking about what she did last night.  Scanning my sector, wait there’s one, no…no false alarm.  Then one opens up.  Now, I’m not going to say I ran, but out of the corner of my eye I knew this treadmill was hot and in play.  I wog very quickly to the prize.  Don’t look at anybody.  If you do that your likely to back down if two people show up at the same time.  LOL.  Score and that’s how it’s done folks.  I’ll be glad when this weather backs off a bit.  The week was positive:

Sun ~ 5.60 Elliptical with 5 on the treadmill

Mon ~ rest

Tues ~ Kettle Bell and 1:15 yoga

Wed ~ 5.11 on the treadmill

Thurs ~ Kettle Bell workout

Fri ~ rest

Sat ~ 5.13 on the treadmill

Total for the week was 15.84 miles with 10,248.92 gratefully remaining.  May your week be full ~ Happy Miles to You!





Mileage Recap 26 ~ 31 Jan

The year is starting off at more of a trot than a gallop, but that’s okay.  I made a big push towards the end of the year and I’m slowly getting the body back in full swing.  I have to say running on the treadmill these last few weeks have really lessened the impact and my knee and hip are feeling pretty good.  My yoga classes have helped exponentially, what did I ever do without them.  Runners, if you haven’t tried yoga yet, give it a shot.  It has helped recovery time immensely.

Feeling good and raring to go!  Nothing really to shout about this week or for the month.  Weather is making progress a little difficult.  I finished 44.25 miles for January with 10,264.76 anxiously awaiting.
Here’s to a great start of a new month.  Never.Give.Up.