10 -16 Feb 13 Running Stats

Off work early today because of snow.  Nice because I can update my blog.  Last week was an interesting week for me.  All in all not a good week.  Total miles for this week = 10.11 overall total so far 41.61.  It’s hard when you have this outside:


I need to get back to weather that is milder like in this photo:


Keep on running.

2 Feb – 9 Feb Mileage

Glad to be back from traveling.  Sometimes when traveling, you just can’t complete a nice long run.  To finish out the week I put in three miles on a squeaky Holiday Inn tread mill.  There’s nothing better than running on a tread mill that’s on its last breath and the constant flipping through channels from another exerciser trying to find that perfect program to watch.  We finally settled on The Bourne Legacy, which I’ve seen so many times I should be getting paid.  Total mile count for the week – 21.

6 Feb 13

Today was a beautiful day in Belleville, clear skies and no wind (always a plus in the MidWest).  Todays workout consisted of ab and arm work and 6 miles this evening.  Was lucky that I didn’t have to wear full pants and a running jacket.  One of the things I hate about cold weather running is the layers of clothes.  I’m one of those people who tend to “run” hot.  Meaning, after the first couple of miles I’m usually regretting all the layers of clothes I’m wearing.  There’s nothing worse than trying to keep your pace while shedding the jacket, readjusting the iPod, dropping the iPod, removing the gloves putting them in the jacket pocket you just removed; dropping said gloves and finally tieing the jacket around your waist.  So, I try to wear less, knowing that I’ll warm up soon.

Happy February

Happy February fellow runners!  It’s been cold in Belleville, IL.  Standard temperatures are reaching a high in the 30s and as cold as 10 degrees a few days ago.  Needless to say, it’s time to pull out that cold weather running gear.  I recently went for a run and my lungs were hurting so I have broken down and purchased a face mask.  What a difference it has made.  It’s breathable and very comfortable.  I highly recommend it!

Looking forward to running in Feb.  On tap tomorrow is The Nippy Niner out of St. Louis.  This will be about 9 miles of on and off track fun.  No doubt it’s going to be cold and muddy!  I think I hear a new pair of shoes calling!