My October “Giveaway” ~ Giveaway

I’ve done just a couple of giveaways at 11315.  I would like to do more, but like all things sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day.  It’s always fun to give back, even when it is just your friends that are participating ~ lol.  I’m now just getting around to my “October” giveaway ~ giveaway.  It’s nice to get put your name in the hat and get “stuff”.  I mean what runner doesn’t like to get some neat running stuff?  But, I got to thinking about it and I want the “giveaway’ to be a little more meaningful, at least to me anyway.

I had bought this bracelet with the word “courage” stamped in metal a few months before I ran my marathon.  I would wear it when I went on long runs and look at it every now and again to give me an extra push and to remind me of my end goal.  Silly?  Maybe so.

I thought it would be neat to wear it during the marathon and give it away at the end to someone else, sort of like a good luck charm.  Passing on my success and joys to someone else.  That person was my good friend Lorene who was waiting for me at the end of my marathon.  She is the loveliest of people and someone I admire very much.  She is strong, witty and beautiful (inside and out).  It was such a wonderful feeling to run across the finish line, take the bracelet off my wrist and place it on hers.  Yes, it was sweaty ~ but who cares.  Giving happiness and strength is so much fun!

Happy miles to you!