Mileage Recap 26 ~ 31 Jan

The year is starting off at more of a trot than a gallop, but that’s okay.  I made a big push towards the end of the year and I’m slowly getting the body back in full swing.  I have to say running on the treadmill these last few weeks have really lessened the impact and my knee and hip are feeling pretty good.  My yoga classes have helped exponentially, what did I ever do without them.  Runners, if you haven’t tried yoga yet, give it a shot.  It has helped recovery time immensely.

Feeling good and raring to go!  Nothing really to shout about this week or for the month.  Weather is making progress a little difficult.  I finished 44.25 miles for January with 10,264.76 anxiously awaiting.
Here’s to a great start of a new month.  Never.Give.Up.


Mileage Recap 19 ~ 25 Jan

Tough week.  A little under the weather and work has been let’s just say… less than fun and way too busy.  Was hoping to get at least 15 in but had to settle for a little less.  The weather has been terrible on my run days.  Oh well not complaining just have to take it inside which is probably for the best to rest the left knee that is still hurting a bit.  Two things to look forward too next week, look for races to run and get back into some weight lifting.

Sun ~ Rest

Mon ~ 3.43 running miles (tread)

Tues ~ rest

Wed ~ 4.07 running miles (tread)

Thurs ~ rest

Fri ~ rest

Sat ~ 5.06

Total of 12.56 miles ran this week, 33.09 so far for the month and 10,275.92 happily remaining.  Happy miles to you!

Mileage Recap ~ 12 Jan – 18 Jan

The temperature has been everywhere this week ~ teens to the 50s.  Unfortunately, today is my rest day and I won’t be take advantage of today’s warmer weather and sunshine.  Needless to say the week started off with some pain but ended with my hip and knee feeling pretty good.  It’s great to get back to my normal routine of yoga and the purchase of some new running shoes didn’t hurt.  I wonder if buying new running shoes has some sort of placebo effect?  Your body starts hurting ~ go buy shoes and hey…I feel better already!

If you’ve been following the news in the running community many of you are aware that many runners dedicated their runs on 18 January to Meg Menzies ~  Facebook page here:  Meg’s Miles Supporters.  When I checked last, the page is reporting that 94,000 people took part and over a million miles were logged.  I didn’t know Meg.  I’m very sorry that she lost her life so young to a driver under the influence.  Her children are without a mother.  I understand the pain clearly of losing a mother so young.  Although life moves us forward, the memory of loss will always remain.  I used to think that was a bad thing ~ but in reality it’s not.  Memory of loss, even when it’s difficult, makes us into who we are and no matter how painful it is at it’s rawest moment ~ we learn to use that pain in triumph.  I don’t just believe it ~ I know it because I’m living proof.

Mileage Recap this week:

Sun ~ 4.79 elliptical and tread

Mon ~ rest

Tues ~ yoga – hip stretching

Wed ~ 5.02 tread run

Thur ~ rest

Fri ~ rest

Sat ~ 5.27 ran outside

This week saw 15.08 miles with 10,288.48 miles happily remaining.  Get rid of the small stuff and make room for what matters.  Here’s to a great week.

Meg’s Miles Supporters

You might have heard that some in the running community will be dedicating today’s runs in honor of Meg Menzies who was killed by a driver under the influence on 13 January 2014 while out on her morning run.  You can find the Facebook group link below if you would like to participate.

Megs Miles

Meg’s Miles Supporters

Setting out this morning in support ~ details later.


Mileage Recap ~ 5 – 11 Jan and 2014 Goals

I almost did it.  I almost gave myself two weeks of rest.  Two weeks of body rejuvenation before I start-up again.  The weather was very bad last week so that helped keep me inside and at home, but then I became too stir-crazy and had to do at least the elliptical and was happy to start-up yoga again.  Now that the holidays are behind me I was glad to get back to my normal routine.  Had a great yoga class and the next day my hip felt much better.

My main goal for 2014 is to complete 1500 miles.  I completed 1000 miles last year and I’m looking forward to as many road miles I can put in this year without injury.  Looking to finally purchase a bike this year too!  My mileage goals for 2014:

  1. Two half marathons (maybe a full)
  2. One destination race
  3. First Biathlon
  4. Five separate local races
  5. Bike the Katy Trail in MO
  6. More strength training
  7. Complete 1500 miles

Not to lofty and plenty of room to expand.

This weeks total miles equal 3 miles on the elliptical on a snowy day.  Total mileage happily remaining = 10,303.56.  I’m ready!


Passion Post #6 ~ The Art of Letting Go

Letting go.  It sounds so simple, but depending on the circumstances it might be painful and tough.  Life’s lessons.  Letting go of loved ones, friendships, and bad habits.  Sometimes we let go on purpose to better ourselves, other times change is thrown upon us and we have no choice but to let go in  hope that there is a lesson to be learned and that in the end we become better.

Letting go is an art form so-to-speak.  You can handle letting go well or you can handle it poorly.   So for this post it’s all positive.

For most women our hair is our crowning glory.  It is the cherry on top.  Our hair defines us.  Don’t think so?  How many times have you looked in the mirror ~ you’re wearing a rocking outfit but that hair!  Bad hair can put a damper on anybody’s day.  We spend lot’s of money each year cutting, coloring and taking care of our hair.  It is the ultimate accessory.  I am no different.  I think I’ve had my hair every conceivable way.  Short, long, colored, punk and don’t forget big.  Hey the bigger the hair the closer to God!    There was a musical based on Hair!

Have you ever thought what it would be like if you lost it to disease?  Would it bother you?  How would you feel?  Hopefully, most of us won’t ever find out, but for many it is a reality.  I have been growing my hair out for the last two years in order to donate to Locks of Love. My hair was getting majorly long and I really, really loved it.  I haven’t had my hair that long since I was sixteen.  I was getting to the point I liked it so much I didn’t want to cut it anytime soon.  Kind of had this feeling….hair blowing in the wind.  Ok, not really ~ :).

Joe Dirt

This weekend I decided to part with my hair so someone else can enjoy it.  I can only hope that each strand will bring someone the happiness and strength they need to fight their disease.  Donating my hair only strengthened my ability for patience and fills my heart with gratitude for giving.  Letting go can mean, strength, respect and resolve.  If you’re interested in donating to Locks of Love see the link below:

Locks of Love






Enjoy your Sunday ~ capture your passion.  Happy Miles to you!