27 Jan – 2 Feb Mileage

Last weeks calculation only added up to 10.5 miles:\.  It’s never good when the weather is bad and you have to rely on the tread mill.  Just can’t put in the needed miles.  Total miles for January is 65 with the longest run being 10 miles.  Now that I’m counting, I’ll have to keep track a lot better than I have – not one of my better fortes.

January 19, 2013


Today we had wonderful weather in Belleville, IL!  Got up to 66 degrees.  Stopped and took this photo of a creek by the house.  Almost looks like Spring!  Unfortunately, looks like this nice weather isn’t going to last very long.

Started my run today around 0815 at 37 degrees, started shedding layers pretty quick. Finished 8 miles today!