July Mileage Recap

Another month has come and gone.  Time flies when you’re having fun.  It’s hard to believe I’m coming up on my 8th month of blogging.   I’ve been having a ball.  This blog really has brought me much joy and happiness.  It’s fun and I enjoy hearing all the interactions from the running (or just active!) community at home and virtually.  The world is truly filled with amazing people.  I have a lot of hopes and goals coming into this next month for the blog and running.  I’m very grateful and inspired to everyone who has taken the time to stop by the blog, comment and of course follow.  Again, having way too much fun.

July was a pretty good month.  Besides the normal aches and pains I’m feeling good and strong.  The big change for me this month is incorporating yoga into the fitness plan.  I’ve only just begun – but needless to say I’m hooked and with just a few short visits I can see the difference it has made.

I finished 28 – 31 July with 7.77 miles.  I also might add the 3.1 I ran on the 29th clocked 27.07.  Felt pretty good!  July saw a mileage total of 70.9 miles.  Total Miles Completed = 587.63 – 10,727.37 remaining (thankfully).

Mileage Recap 21 – 27 July

I decided to mix it up a bit this week.  I have incorporated yoga into my weekly runs/workout.  I’ve wanted to try it for some time now and I was super lucky a new yoga studio opened right down the street.  My legs are super tight and I thought this might help me with stretching and breathing.  I decided to give it a whirl.  All I can say is wow!  I’m hooked and after a couple of sessions I can tell a difference.  The instructor worked with me and I feel that I’m stretching parts of my body that haven’t been worked in a long time.  In my opinion running is a mental workout.  Yoga seems to incorporate the mental with the physical.  Give it a try I think you’ll agree.

Workout included:

Sun – Ran 3.43 miles

Mon – 3.05 miles on the elliptical

Tues – Yoga!

Wed – rest

Thur – Ran 2.05 miles and yoga

Fri – Kettle bell workout

Sat – Ran 4.66 miles

Total = 16.38 for the week – 10,735.14 miles remaining:)


Mileage Recap 14 – 20 July

A hot and humid week for running.  Feeling pretty good with the exception of the kidney stone issue and the top of my right foot still hurting a bit.  Work team softball seemed to exacerbate the issue again.

I worked in 3 miles of elliptical on Monday and did speed work on Tuesday.  100 yard bursts with abs workout and stretching.  Finished with 17.12 miles for the week…10,751.52 remaining.

Mileage Stats Recap 7 – 13 July

A disappointing running week.  Been feeling pretty good with the exception of some minor aches and pains.  The top of the right foot is still hurting a bit and had some lower left back pain that has been lingering for a month, so I decided to go get it checked out.

One thing is certain, I usually have one foot in the grave before I trudge to the doctor.  I know, it’s not always the smartest thing to do, but I do hate to go.  The doctor gave me an MRI and it looks like I have a kidney stone.  Enter you’re own horror story here____________:-/  What!  I also found out that I most likely developed this due to dehydration.  I’ve been doing a little checking up and yep, it’s a possibility.

Now that I’m going through this I tried to think back on my hydration habits and yes, I could and should do much better.  Feed the machine.  Oh well – this too shall pass(wink:)

Completed 14.2 miles this week

Total Miles = 546.36

Remaining = 10,768.64

Keep on running.

Mileage Stats Recap 1 – 6 July

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July.  We’ve been having some great weather here in Belleville.  It hovered in the 80s, so not too hot and no humidity, perfect for grilling and fireworks!  I enjoyed the festivities without the clammy, sweaty skin, always a plus.

Pretty good week.  I incorporated some training on Friday with a co-worker who is just beginning his journey in exercise.  He’s excited and I’m excited for him.  We created a small team of co-workers and will be participating in the Warrior Dash in the Fall.  It’s a great motivator and I have no doubt he’ll be happy when he completes the race.  It’s gratifying to share my enthusiasm with him.

Total miles completed this week = 15.43 – 10,798.27 remaining.

Always run with your head up, or your tiara may fall off….

Twete Bird Giveaway Winners


Contest Winner

Reaching that 500 mile mark is very rewarding.  Even more rewarding is sharing this milestone with our readers.  Thank you for hanging with me for the first 500 and here’s to the next 500.

The winner of the G.I. Jane camouflage headband goes to Andrea S.

The winner of the Girl Power headband goes to Anna D.

Again, thank you and keep on running……