Mileage Recap ~ 15 – 28 June

June is almost over and I was able to pick up 27.33 miles these last couple of weeks.  Last week was pretty slow, but I was happy I could get in some very light running.  Knee felt good but the hip is still in  bit of pain.  The week was finished up with yoga certification training that runs Friday to Sunday ~ I’m halfway through!!

This week proved a bit better.  Rained a lot but was able to bag 22.82 miles.  The long ride was 17.82 on the Illinois/Missouri Metro link bike path.  It’s actually a nice smooth ride with plenty of hills for a challenge.  Ride was uneventful with one notable mention ~ the heavy marijuana smell as I passed the local community college on the path.  I surprised it didn’t knock me off the bike it was so strong.  🙂  9,945.98 miles remaining.  Happy miles to you.


Mileage Recap ~ 1 – 14 June: Four Hump Chump

First…Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads.  Hope today was special.

Since I’ve been experiencing some pain in my left knee and right hip I decided to make an appointment with the doctor.  The great news is no degradation in the knee but mild bursitis in the hip.  The bad news is I might need some cortisone shots in the knee and hip…again.  Uh…not if I can help it.  I’ve had about 5 shots in the knee and I can only imagine what the hip will feel like.  So for now ice, ice baby.

I had planned to run a 5k on the 6th but that got cancelled. That’s okay because I’ve been quite content with the bike for the moment.

The second week of June was quite a different story ~ feeling better I was able to get some good mileage in during the week with a long ride on Saturday.

Long ride conditions:

Weather:   Was a cool 61 with light wind and 88% humidity.  Not bad but a little chilly for June.

Road Kill:  Moderate/High.  There’s not a lot of shoulder on the route and if there’s a dead animal it can be quite challenging.  Opossums, birds, snakes, frogs, turtles and a beaver!  Meh, I can’t listen to music so….

Road Douchebaggery: Mild.  Thank you to the big white truck that passed so close and needs one heck of a tune-up.  You’re special…really I mean that.

Beer Can Sightings: Low.  Mile 16.52 Keystone…yes it was lite.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t one of my best rides and I was slightly annoyed.  I kept looking at my Garmin for some reason and I just wanted to be done.  The great news is I’m in the 4 digits!  Check it out!

1 – 14 June mileage = 32.96 with 9,973.31 gratefully remaining.  Happy miles to you:)