Mileage Stats Recap 23 – 29 June


With every step I take….I’ve reached my first milestone!  I have officially made it to the 500 mile mark.  I feel good and feel like I’m making progress toward my goal.  I finished 16.34 miles of running this week.  The weather reached into the 90s and was humid, but I like running in the heat.  Soon the runs will be early morning or later in the evening.  Total miles completed = 501.30 with 10,813.70 remaining.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday.  Remember, Life’s hard, running is easy~Laurel

Mileage Recap 16 – 22 June

Low mileage this week due to traveling.  It’s always nice to run in different places and have a fresh change of scenery.  Had some beautiful weather in Branson, MO while attending my daughter’s final dance competition.  It’s bitter-sweet to watch your child grow older.  You’re excited and sad at the same time.  Excited for all of the wonderful adventures that lay ahead and sad they’re moving on.  I imagine I’m like any other parent, happy and sad.  This weeks mileage equals 10.14 – 10,830.04 remaining.

Happy Sunday – run happy, run hard.

Mileage Recap 1 June – 8 June

The first week of June saw some heavy mileage completed.  Still basking in the afterglow of the MS 50 Mile Challenge Walk I was able to complete 43.75 miles for the week.

I feel pretty good so far.  I was lucky I didn’t have any knee problems and the back is pinching a little.  One thing for sure, my legs are super tight.  Whew, I’m in need of some heavy stretching.  That is one of my main drawbacks in running.  I just don’t do enough stretching.  I’ll be honest, it bores me.  It’s like I need to be monitored – “Laurel, do that stretching”.  Oh well, I try:)  Then there’s….

The Hunger…..

I can tell I’m still in recovery mode because I’m tired…and hungry!  I laughed when I read a post from another enterprising blogger who called it “rungry“,  Well, let me tell you, I’m way rungry.  I’ve been eating my way through Belleville, IL for the last week.


Chick-Fil-A, and Cracker Barrel just to name a few.   It hasn’t been pretty.  I was so hungry on the last day of the MS walk that some of the nice people I met along the way were beginning to remind me of the old cartoon where the two guys are stranded on an island and hungry.  They start to look at each other like food, one looks like hotdog and the other a hamburger.  “Hey guys this is Laurel, she’ll be walking with us today.  She’s very nice, but keep your distance, she’s a little…hungry”.

Hotdog and Hamburger

This would be my “other” lack of discipline I have acquired.  I’m trying to tame my eating habits, but honestly I’m hungry, all the time.  This is an area I really want to try harder.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and peaceful Sunday.  I’ve completed 462.06 miles and have  10,852.94 to go.

Run on….