Pre Century Race Blogging

It was hard to concentrate all week. I will admit my focus wasn’t 100% in work mode. Reading things over and over before they sunk in. I’m getting more excited as the race gets closer. I’m having a big week. I celebrated my 49th birthday. It sounds weird to say 49 but there it is!  Lots of emotions, changes and challenges. 

Reading some of the information it appears the morning might be a little cold. So I will buy a windbreaker and I was glad my long sleeve jersey came in time!

If there is one thing I like about cycling is the different style of jerseys. A nice Fall feel and warm too!  Happy Miles to You!

Mileage Recap ~ Oct 10 – 27 Oct First Group Ride

Studying, running and riding sometimes aren’t a good mix.  Meaning the time it takes.  I have a love hate relationship with studying.  I love learning something new, but sometimes hate the time it takes to learn.  Trying to pack everything in is daunting at times.  I finish my boards at the end of the month and I’ll be one happy puppy.

I pretty much hit the ground running when I moved to Arizona.  I’m one of these people who don’t like to be out too long in a transition.  Seven months of change I’m ready to get back to normalcy.     I’ll be one of those people who just can’t seem to retire or I’ll have to just travel.

This month is turning out to be a good one for miles.  I’ve been increasing my running due to the cooler temperatures and even went on my first group ride.  The ride was interesting.  It was a beginners ride and about 10 people showed up.  Good grouping of people and even a small girl of 10 ~ who mind you was getting ready for her first triathlon.  Yeah, let that sink in for a minute.  It was nice to be around like minded people and the route was new for me.  I learned the basics of riding in a group which I will say isn’t very easy.  The speed was supposed to between 12 – 13 but really ended up being a little slower ~ thus the caterpillar effect.  Reminded me of my days in the Army running in formation.  Nothing worse than the fast then slow running style.  I’m riding at about 13 – 15 mph so this was a little slow for me.  Plus I almost rammed into the guy in front of me a couple of times.  So “checking” out is not allowed when riding.  I did learn the hand signals which can also be hard when you’re trying to steer and stop!  It was a successful ride and I’m glad I participated and I would like to try again, maybe the intermediate group would be a better fit at this time.

I was able to complete 60.33 miles and that brings me to a total of 98.01 for the month so far.  Still a couple of days left to make it to 100!  There are 8,483.67 miles spookily remaining.  Happy Miles to You!

Mileage Recap ~ 22 Jun – 30 July The Great Cycle Challenge Completed…And A Little Rest Earned

The break felt good ~ from miles and blogging.  I completed The Great Cycle Challenge for the month of June.  I logged 300.69 miles on the bike and raised a little over $600 for children’s cancer research.  Although the donations were raised for children, I dedicated my ride and miles to my Illinois neighbor and friend, James Boivin.  I love a challenge and it was for a good cause.  The month of June were the most miles I’ve ever logged in a month.   Even on school days I had to get up.  I got up every morning and tried to get out before the heat.  I think there were about 3 days I didn’t ride due to rain or other circumstances.   Well, worth the effort and time.  When I first thought about the challenge I was throwing 500 miles around, I’m glad I came off of that number just a bit….;-)

During June I finally took a bicycle maintenance class.  Especially, since my chain fell off on one of the long rides and I had to learn on the fly.  I can now replace the inner tube and reset the chain.  The correct patch to use because of the high heat.  I know what I need to carry just incase.  I’m glad I went and I understand the mechanics of my bike much better.  Also very important to carry a phone.  I was warned that someday all of the above just might not work.

It has been a challenge to re-engage running after riding for a month and basically taking the next month off.  I have gone on a few small runs.  The first one I had to walk just a bit.  Breathing a little too hard.  All in all I’m getting it done.

I completed 300.69 for June and 23.90 for July ~ another 324.59 to add to the count.  So far a total of 793.99 for the year, already passing 2014 total.  There are 8,740.76 challenges remaining.  Happy Miles To You!

Mileage Recap ~ 23 – 31 March 2000 Miles Completed!

Such a happy post today!  I have surpassed the 2000 mile mark of my journey!

2000 Miles Completed!

2000 Miles Completed!

I have walked, cycled, ran and crawled to get those miles.  There were good days and bad days physically.  I was outside when the weather permitted and continue on inside when the weather or the body said no.  It’s a good feeling to see these amount of miles behind me.

March ended on a good note.  I’m getting used to my new environment here in Phoenix, AZ and happy that I can go out more often.  I completed 105.76 miles for the month a good 19.22 more than February.  Such a great goal to reach but so many more to go.  Dare I say I’m excited?  Well, I am.  As I write this I would love to go out and do some more, but I know better to pace myself.  It’s about finishing strong.

There have been many times where I just don’t want to stop moving while I’m out.  I see something that’s beautiful and I wish I had stopped just to enjoy it or take a photo.  I love taking photographs.  When I cycle I have the phone with me so sometimes I stop.  As I was making my route there is this beautiful range of mountains.  It never gets old and they have their own beauty.  I love the color of the sky how it transitions from lighter to darker.  It’s good to get the miles but enjoying the journey is just as important.

MountainBike Ride

2000 miles under my belt may seem just a drop in the bucket especially with so much more ahead of me.  I am grateful for the follows and the kind comments on the blog.  This is turning out to be a fantastic journey.  I hope this finds you with much love and peace ~ 9,288.21 miles gratefully remaining.

Mileage Recap ~ 16 – 22 March…Acclimation Where For Art Thou?

I have been doing some small runs around the area and this past week I finally put the front wheel on my road bike and took it out.  Since I moved to Phoenix 3 weeks ago I’ve been venturing out on a couple of routes running but I’ve kept the road bike inside opting for the stationary bike at the gym.  Cycling appears to be very robust here and that has me excited.  Everyday I see groups of people riding and even last weekend a road race, so I’m excited to look a little further and see what there is to see ~ but first I must become acclimated to my surroundings.

I didn’t really think it would be that hard.  My first few runs were pretty good but last Thursday I wanted to run about 5 and I just couldn’t finish the whole thing running.  I ran and walked.  Panted and groaned.  Either I didn’t have it in me physically or mentally.  Maybe it was both but I would run a bit then I had to walk.  Either way I finished over my 5 mile goal, but it was still a crappy run.  So, I decided to look at my Garmin and compare the elevation in Illinois to Phoenix, AZ.  I realized it was more here but it is about a 947 ft elevation difference, plus it’s dry:-).  It’s going to take some getting used to.

My first bike ride out, was Sunday.  Wiped off the bike and headed out of the drive way.  I haven’t had a chance to get on the bike for about 4 weeks.  I rolled out of the driveway and immediately I felt a little uncomfortable.  I started asking questions in my own mind “is this MY bike?”, “who screwed with the seat?”, “somebody changed the height of the seat!” as I tried to find my bike legs again.  Yes it was my bike and no one screwed with the seat ~ I just haven’t been on the darn think in 4 weeks.  I don’t have clips yet either.  Why ~ because I don’t trust my self to unhook my feet fast enough yet.  Case in point as I was trying to put my feet in the stirrups and wondering if someone had screwed with my bike.

Who screwed with my bike?!!

Who screwed with my bike?!!

It is true what they say ~ once you learn you never forget how to ride a bike.  I did a pre-victory lap around the hood and set out on my way.  I played it safe because there is a lot of traffic here.  It’s a suburb of Phoenix but this must be where racecar drivers go to retire.  It reminds me of a cartoon when the light turns green everyone speeds than comes to an abrupt halt at the red light.  Interesting for sure and one needs to stay alert.  The ride was a success with no passing out and I did have water this go round.  I was able to get 30.93 more miles under my belt for the week.  That leaves 9,317.59 glorious miles remaining.

What’s the longest it’s taken you to get acclimated in another area?

May all your miles be happy ones ~ Happy Miles to You!

Mileage Recap ~ 23 Feb – 15 Mar…Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I’m looking at the dates and I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve done a mileage update…strange.  Let me check again…hmmm ~ wow I haven’t.  All of this moving and planning has put some things (like blogging) on the back burner.

I’ve been here in Arizona for just about 2 weeks now.  Although moving is tiresome, I was excited to get out and find some new paths to run and bike.  I’m living in a Phoenix suburb and things are very different from the rural Illinois backdrop I left, i.e. busy.  There are paths between the neighborhoods which are good but there is something everywhere.  Meaning, cars, people, etc.  Back in Illinois it was farm land right outside the housing division so quite different from what I’m used too just outside my front door.  Like anything I must get used to a new environment.

I’ve slowly ventured out wondering where this or that path will lead.  I decided, like Dorothy, to follow the yellow brick road.  Theoretically there is no real yellow brick road, just the interesting prospect of where each path leads.  No, I didn’t map anything either but I figured how bad could it be there are houses everywhere (get back to what I mean here in a minute).

I’ve also joined a gym.  It is a far cry from the Army/Air Force gym I attended at Scott AFB.  It’s hard to even make a comparison.  In a military gym there is no fluff at LA Fitness it’s quite a different atmosphere.  It takes a little getting used to….:)  I did some of my miles on the bike and treadmill.  The weather has been nice but I just wasn’t ready to venture out.

Last week I started to reconnoiter the area of operation (AO).  I followed a path as it went up into the hills and onward into a lovely neighborhood.  The streets are alive with runners/walkers and bikers.  It seems that over half the population was out!  I decided to put in 4 walking miles a couple of days ago.  I did about 3 when I realized I was pretty thirsty.  I didn’t bring any water because…uh it’s only 4 miles.  Well Toto, you’re not in Kansas anymore.  Matter of fact you’re in the desert and as my real estate agent told me “Oh yes people die all the time”.  Hmmm.  It is true that accidents happen to the hikers that go up the mountains, get hurt and can’t come down and on top of it they aren’t prepared~so…..  Again hmmmm.

Needless to say it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the hydration situation here is more critical than back in the humid Midwest.  Plus, I get hot quick when I run, so this just adds to the agony.  Acclimation of  the new environment is in order.  I’m glad I’m taking it slow.  I figured that if I passed out from dehydration ~ hey there’s plenty of people around to help me right?  Right?

I was excited to see there is a robust running and biking schedule.  I’m excited to put my best foot or pedal forward in this new adventurous terrain.

I had a combination of walking, running and biking this time around which came to a glorious 64.88 miles thankfully leaving 9,360.34 remaining in my quest.  May you find your truth in every step forward you take.  Happy Miles to You!