Passion Post #7 ~ What It Feels Like To Meet A Winner

Gerald Hayden

With Gerald Hayden

I have to laugh sometimes at these titles I choose for my posts.  The title is usually the first thing that pops into my head and then I go from there.  I am very excited to share this post with you.  I wanted to write about it the night I took the picture but I really didn’t know what to say ~ I was really blown away.  For lack of a better word it was… well just cool.

Last winter one of my neighbors posted to her Facebook page that her brother, Gerald Hayden, would be participating at the U.S. Paralympics in Sochi 2014 for Alpine Skiing.  Now, I was raised in the South and don’t really care for cold weather sports.  My idea of skiing is sitting in the lodge watching the skiers as I sip my hot cocoa.  I can remember when we were stationed in Germany we went to a  ski lodge in Garmisch .  I was outside for about 20 minutes before I migrated back to the mother ship for the warmth of a hot beverage.

I immediately sent a message that if he came to visit I wanted to meet him.  I didn’t even think twice about asking.  Last Saturday I got my chance.  I thought how cool can it be to meet an Olympian.  COOL!  I’ve meet a lot of amazing people in my life and he will be added to that list.  I don’t look at this from the sports view but rather from the angle of the great perseverance of the human spirit.  Even though an accident took away his ability to walk, here you have an incredibly talented young man that is a fantastic role model.  Frankly, he just soars!  He was very kind to put up with my questions ~ I could have asked a ton more and even more kind to take a photo with me.  It was a privilege to meet him.  I’ve added a link to his name above for more information.



Mileage Recap ~ 31 Mar – 5 Apr

It’s beginning to look a lot like Spring here in the Midwest.  Thank goodness. I have to laugh though because once the weather started to warm up a bit the rain came…along with tornado warnings and watches.  It seems we’ve gone from one extreme to the other.  Not to worry…I get out when I can.

Was able to get some short runs in this last week.  I was able to run outside except for Friday.  The wind was whipping and it was cold.  I just didn’t want to deal with it so inside I went.  Don’t you hate it when you’re ready to run outside, but you just don’t want to deal with the weather.

Not too many complaints on the pain side.  I am suffering from runner’s knee on the left and my right hip is giving me some trouble.  Hoping I can get those worked out and probably time to mix it up with a bike.  I just need to get one!

I was able to put in 15.78 miles for the week with two days dedicated to yoga and weights.  I’m excited because soon I will break into the 9,000 range!  It’s all mental right?  I hope everyone is having a great Sunday…10,154.66 miles waiting to be completed!  Happy miles to you.

Good Eats ~ Cucumber, Mint and Lemon Infused Water

I love naturally infused waters.  I know there are a lot of recipes out there and they normally are associated with “detoxification” diets etc.  I believe in eating healthy and exercise.  Be very careful when you diet, everyone is different and has different needs.  I’m looking at this from the perspective of  refreshing drinks without additives and sugars. These are located on my Good Eats page.  Enjoy.

Cucumber, Mint and Lemon (Tried this today ~ really liked it)

Recipe: 1/2 cucumber, one lemon and 4 – 5 mint leaves.  I used about 20 oz of water.  Steep for about 4 hours.

Cucumber Lemon Detox Water

Very good post, thought I’d share.


I have settled into my marathon training programme well. The fitness I built up and the kms I ran training for the Colville Connection have sustained my fitness levels and it has been no problem to ramp up the weekly totals again. Last week I ran 44kms and have been feeling great this week. While I was doing my long run on Sunday I started thinking about knees (I always get ideas while I run, I figure I get creative….more on that later in the blog). I was thinking about women’s knees in particular. You see we are a bit more at risk because of the way we are built, and running can get blamed for all sorts of knee evils that it actually isn’t to blame for.

Women have a bigger Q-angle than men. That is, our hips are wider and the line that goes from our external hip…

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Post Race Rundown of the 2013 Gateway Pet Guardians 5K-9

Completed the 2013 Gateway Pet Guardians 5K-9 this morning held at Rock Springs Park, O’Fallon, IL.   This race was for runners, runners with dogs or walkers with dogs.  Much to my chagrin, no cats.  (Yes, I’m a cat person – I have four, all rescues).  It was a great event and for a good cause.    Their mission is as follows:

From their website

Gateway Pet Guardians is a nonprofit animal shelter bringing hope to stray pets in East St. Louis and the metro area while educating the community in order to eliminate homelessness for stray dogs and cats – your support saves lives.

Now for the “rundown“.  Woke up to foggy conditions and about 38 degrees here in Belleville, IL.  By 0900 the temperature had risen to a whopping 42 degrees and windy. (Sigh) It was cold.  The race started on time, much appreciated, (it was cold) and followed the trail through the park.  This was the first time I had run on the paved park trail which was about 3 feet wide.  Ran another race starting from Rock Springs Park, but we ran through the adjoining neighborhood and out on the street.  Did I mention it was cold?

The race for me went fairly well.  Ate some G2 gels, that seemed to do nothing for me -lol.  I think I started off a little to fast, felt like I was breathing harder than normal and really didn’t feel well after the first mile.  Kept up the pace and began to even out around the 2K mark.  Knee held up well.  Set my running glasses on the side of the trail around the 2.5K mark, yeah they weren’t there upon my return, and finished the race.  Bad habit – I didn’t look at my final time, will have to post that result later.  All in all it was a good race and for a good cause.  I’m glad I participated.

I don’t know about you but after I run I crave salt.  So for lunch I had a burrito and a margarita. Perfect ending, no?


No friends, it’s only a medium. Not the El Presidente!


Ready to Run!

Picked up my packet for the Gateway Pet Guardian’s 5-K9 run last night.  Definitely a plus since now I just need to show up.  Looking forward to good race.  Conditions are foggy at the moment, so hopefully by 9:00 it will clear up.


The running attire for today.


Wearing my Irish socks today!