Mileage Recap ~ 25 – 31 May

I can’t believe May has come and gone!  We seem to have jumped from the cold weather straight into the hot here in the Midwest.

This week was a really great week for mileage.  I was hoping to get under the 10,000 mark by the end of May but find myself about 6 miles short.  No worries, here.  With the threat of rain every day, I was able to get in 36.2 miles for the week and 92.89 for the month.

Two 10 mile rides with a long ride on Saturday of 15.16.  I had calculated the long ride to be about 16 miles but…that seemed to fall a bit short too!  Today’s ride was fairly smooth with some good weather and road kill was light to moderate.  The bugs were out in force and I really need to learn to keep my mouth shut.  There’s nothing worse than riding along and you hit one of those crazy pools of gnats with a mouth wide open.  I got my protein intake for the day. The ol’ derriere is getting used to the thin seat and my back it hurting less from leaning over.  Those first couple of rides were hard on the neck.I’m getting used to the bike but have decided I need to get a mirror so I can see what’s coming up behind me.  When running I don’t have a problem because I see what’s coming but it is a little nerve-wracking on some of these roads when you don’t know what’s behind you.  Thinking, that’s going to be the next addition to the bike.

Life is good with 10,006.27 miles remaining, Garmin stats .  Never.Give.Up


Mileage Recap – 12 ~ 24 May

flagLet me start off by saying Happy Memorial Day weekend.  As an Army veteran, I hold this day of recognition in high regard.  Some of the best people you’ll ever meet are veterans. 

I’m really enjoying the bike.  Took it out for a little spin on Mother’s Day in normal attire, i.e., no bike shorts.  Now remember, I’m a “new” biker.  The seats on these bad boys are pretty thin.  I figured that I could pick up a pair of bike pants sometime down the road when I have time.  Took the bike out again a couple of days later around the neighborhood and I do believe I hit every bump I possibly could.  I felt it ~ did I say a felt it?  I felt like I was one of those horse riders who never really sits down in the saddle when they jump an obstacle.  Hmmmm this girl needs some cushion STAT!  I purchased a pair of “riding pants” and it made all the difference.  Whew, crisis adverted.

Riding the bike is really giving me a chance to build up my legs differently than running provides and to strengthen the knees.  I can really tell the difference already.  Plus, this is giving me a chance to branch out into other activities besides just running.  I’m looking into a local biathlon in the area to participate in a few months.  Just have to figure out which one I want to do followed by triathlon training!  I’m excited and the challenge keeps me interested.

Blogger Live, Run, Grow suggested I pick up the book Triathlon For Every Woman, by Meredith Atwood, who also has the Swim, Bike, Mom blog.  Excited to read the book and the blog on my journey through triathlon training.

I use a variety of methods to track my miles.  I use the Nike plus, Garmin Forerunner ~ Garmin connect and the good ol honor system.  I thought that I would try to post the link to Garmin Connect showing some of the mileage I’ve done.  You’ll have to let me know if it works.

The mileage this time around came to a totally of 37.19 with a long ride of 14.40 yesterday.  Total miles gratefully remaining 10,042.47!  I have a week to make those 5 numbers into 4.  So grateful.  Remember….if you see a vet, please shake their hand and give them a hug ~ look them in the eye and say thanks!




Mileage Recap ~ 27 Apr – 11 May and Happy Mother’s Day Thoughts

I wish running would be easier when you’re traveling ~ but sometimes that’s just not the case.  Spent some time down in Phoenix, AZ picking up my kid from her first year at ASU last week and found myself relegated to the Courtyard Marriott treadmill.  So let me just tell you my treadmill runs were so fantastic!  NOT!

Crying Baby






When I first visited Phoenix I didn’t really care for the place.  No trees, dirt and 117 degrees in August.  The heat doesn’t really bother me, but I love green and there isn’t much green.  This time around I saw Phoenix with new eyes.  I really enjoyed it and let’s face it after this year’s winter I’m liking it even more.  I liked it so much…well I’ll just leave that for another post:)

I’ve finally signed up for my first race this year, the Glow Run in St. Louis.  It will be my first 5k in June.  I will run this with a friend of mine from work which I’m sure will be a good time.  Running at night with glow stuff on you, haven’t done that one yet so I’m looking forward the race.  I haven’t signed up for many runs because frankly I just haven’t had as much time as I thought this year and I’ve been trying to nurse some pains as well ~ add yoga certification and I’m a little busy.  I do like to try different types of runs as well.  I’ll do a run once then I’m looking for something else or a different type of run to participate.  I’ve been reading from a lot of other bloggers about the race season ending ~ I guess I don’t look at it that way.  There seems to be plenty of races out there all year-long so I guess that’s good for me.

What I’m really excited about is I finally bought a bike!  I chose The Cyclery in Shiloh, IL and had a great buying experience.  Now I have to tell you when I was younger I did a lot of biking, but haven’t been on one for a long time.  If you are an avid biker you know that some of these bikes are into the $1,000s of dollars.  I didn’t need a bike that expensive but I did want a solid bike that I could really lay down some miles.  It’s always nice when the sales person listens to what you want and need then takes you to the bike that’s best for you.  The salesman selected a Trek women’s road bike.  Not top of the line but perfect for a beginner.  When he brought the bike to me I couldn’t believe how light it was.  Right away I’m noticing some differences, the gear shifting is easier, there are straps for my feet and then…I’m looking at the bike and I finally ask…where’s the kickstand?  Yes, I actually asked that question.  He was so polite and said Ma’am there isn’t a kickstand on this type of bike.  Ooohhh….ok.  Nice!

Anyway, I finally got to try it out today and put in an easy 10 miles.

My Bike

Of course the helmet matches the bike – lol.










I really think I’m going to like this ~ no doubt it will make me TRI harder!

This blog is almost a 1-1/2 old and is dedicated to my Mother who passed away too young.  One mile for every year of life puts my own life into perspective.  So many miles ahead to go, but each one a dedication and affirmation that life is precious and beautiful.  Now I’m a Mother and have been blessed to experience many wonderful moments with my daughter.  I will not waste one mile of this gift that has been given to me.  My mileage count for April totaled 68.17 and 19.50 so far for May.  Mileage check for the year is 229.35 with 10,079.66 gratefully remaining.  Life is Good.