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Faith. Fear. Freedom.

I’m going to begin this blog post before lunch and probably apologize profusely afterwards. I have unfortunately entered into my early morning rungry state and I am desperate for something unrelated to my actual profession, to distract me.

Some of you may be scratching your heads asking “what in the world is rungry?” Well today is your lucky day because I’m gonna go ahead and educate you on this lovely Wednesday.

Run-gry. Adjective. Country of Origin: ‘MERICA! Being so hungry post early morning run, one turns into an absolute monster and chugs obscene amounts of ice cold water to prevent the eating of lunch too early. Also see: Runger.

“Stephanie is so Run-gry from this morning’s run she literally growled out loud at an ignorant e-mail that wasn’t all that ignorant.”

But seriously, this is a major issue at least 2-3 times a month. Typically, I only find…

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MS 50 Mile Walk Day One Recap

Day one is over. Fifteen miles down, 35 to go.

There are about 170 people participating in this event. People started arriving about 0630 and the route opened at about 0815. Here I am at the start of day one.

I started off feeling pretty good. I was sure to take an Aleve before I walked. The knee still hurts and the top of the right foot still isn’t healed. Otherwise I still felt ok.

The St. Louis staff were helpful and kind. Really a great bunch of folks. It was interesting to “people watch”. I didn’t speak with many people but I overheard a lot of their stories. Everyone is there for a different reason. Friends, family or for themselves. It’s always good to see people putting their best selves forward. And let me tell you 50 miles isn’t going to be easy. My hats off to a lot of these people.

The route took us through some of St. Louis’s old neighborhoods. St. Louis really is a lovely city. The walk was extremely pleasant. The weather cooperated in the morning up until lunch.

We had a great selection for lunch and honestly I don’t think I ever heard anyone complain. There was a lot of walking barefoot and foot rubbing but everyone was in good spirits. Here I am at lunch, not looking as rested – ha!

Again I was watching those participating and volunteering and saw some really amazing people. There were two ladies that caught my attention. Both were young and wheelchair bound and both were volunteering at the event. They were so cheerful and pleasant. I watched one of the ladies for a while. She was an extremely beautiful woman. Asian, with bobbed hair and a beautiful angelic face. Even though she was wheelchair bound, her confidence and grace were amazing. I saw her again later at the end of today’s walk and she was so cheerful. I later learned that she was diagnosed with MS while in college, but went on to graduate and become a doctor. Wonderful.

The bad weather kept us there for about an hour. Started back out but it began to rain. There is something so cleansing when you’re in the rain. I love it. I know it’s not good for your feet, but what a good excuse to feel the rain against my skin. One of the best experiences as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve got three roommates and my own room! That was a nice surprise.


When I finished the race there were massages, foot soaks and physical therapy offered. I took the massage and foot soak – worth it!

The perfect ending to a great day.


Ready for round two. Keep on keeping on…

Pre-Race Preparation

Preparing for my MS walk and of course nothing can go easy.  Tired and packing I realize the weather in St. Louis isn’t going to be great this weekend.  Out of everything I have ready to go I didn’t have a rain poncho.  Decided to go down to the local Wal-Mart and purchase one.

The tornado sirens go off and I’m stuck in the car because Wal-Mart is on lock-down.  Sigh.  Finally, the sirens stop and in I go.  Acquired said poncho, some G2 Gels, a gel shot (no alcohol) and some protein bars.  Annoyed.  Finally, left Wal-Mart.

Blogging, when I should be packing.  Cat tearing up furniture.  Whatever.

Going to throw some clothes in the dryer.