Mileage Recap 17 ~ 23 Nov

I started “counting” my mileage over a year ago.  My goal for 2013 is to have logged 1,000 total miles from my 11,315 mile goal.  I’m pleased to announce I’ve completed 939.81 total miles since I started; 868.74 miles for 2013 alone.  I think I will have no problem picking up 60.19 miles to reach that goal. 

My long run this weekend was 5 miles and it was my first cold run of the season at a crisp 31 degrees.  The wind wasn’t blowing but I still felt that bite.  Had no trouble breathing but the face was a little numb and I’m not ready to pull out the face mask just yet.  I can remember when I first started running in the cold, it took a bit of getting used to.  Now I don’t fret ~ just saddle up an move out.  We used to call that good training in the Army.

Sunday ~ rest

Monday ~ 3 miles treadmill

Tuesday ~ crossfit and yoga

Wednesday ~ 3 miles treadmill

Thursday ~ Kettle bells and heaven help me indoor softball

Friday ~ Rest

Saturday ~ 5 miles  

May this week find you at peace and Thankful ~ the best miles are hard earned. 

AstroTurf Meet Knees Mileage Recap 10 ~ 16 Nov

Before my marathon a co-worker asked if I would like to play “indoor softball”.  Since I played on the summer work team (outside mind you) I thought this would be another good way to uh…mix things up.  Now the only sports I’ve ever played “indoors” is basketball and volleyball.  So nothing could have prepared me for the evil, known as indoor “softball”.  Ladies and Gents…let me be the first to tell you, softball wasn’t meant to be played indoors.  Oh no, no, no! 

I enter the indoor facility to find a walled area with a net enclosing the “field” and AstroTurf.  So, I’m looking at this and think okay, this is different but let’s see where this goes.  My co-worker friend comes up to me and starts explaining the “rules” which were as follows:

1.  You can play it off the net ~ what?

2.  If you hit the wall where it says homerun, well that’s a home run ~ okay.

3.  When you run to first base you can over shoot it as long as you stay between the wall and the red line ~ there’s about 8 inches of space:\

4.  Oh and it’s hard to get use to the AstroTurf ~ no kidding.

Oh AstroTurf, how do I hate thee…let me count the ways.  When I stepped on to the “field” I noticed the bounce.  Oohh this is kind of neat.  I started frolicking around like some pony in the meadow.  Wow, can you imagine running on this stuff for a long distance I exclaimed.  This would be so easy on my…wait for it….knees!

The game begins and I do something called take a base ~ I have no idea what I did but I was able to get on base without hitting ~ sorry some strange rule and it wasn’t a “walk” either ~ whatever.  The ball is hit…I’m off to second.  As I approached second I began to stop.  I stopped alright.  Did I mention AstroTurf will decide when you stop?  Since I’ve never run on AstroTurf when my legs stopped, I stopped and I fell only to stop the fall with my knees.  Both knees.  I look down at the damage, okay not too bad but not good either.  I’m safe!  The ball is hit again, I run out to third.  Now third base is about 3 inches from the wall.  Oh, did I mention you can’t slide on AstroTurf?  I didn’t…well let me tell you, there is no sliding on AstroTurf.  No sir.  What the heck was I thinking?  You guessed it, I wasn’t thinking.  The two small knee burns are now two full blown HOLY MOLY, what the He**, that’s going to hurt in the morning, yes it is.

I’ll survive.  So last week and this week have been semi-regulated to elliptical, treadmill and outside.

Sun ~ Rest

Mon ~ 3.43 miles treadmill run

Tues ~ 2 miles elliptical

Wed ~ Fri ~ Rest

Sat ~ 4.08 miles outside run

Total for the week = 9.51 Miles.  Here’s to laughing at every mile ~ 10,386.19 remaining.

Mileage Recap 1 ~ 9 Nov

I am slowly recovering and taking my time before I start longer distances after running the St. Louis marathon.  I didn’t have any injuries but I did have pain that manifested about two to three days after the race.  The most prominent was the top of my right foot.  It was really hurting for a few days so I forced myself to do lighter “runs” if you will, using the elliptical and treadmill for about a week.  I iced and used my foam roller ~ both seem to help quite a bit.  The “rungry” also didn’t happen.  I find that amazing as well.  When I ran the half I was extremely hungry for a couple of days.  I’m chalking this one up to eating well.  I really made sure I stayed hydrated and ate enough(tried to eat the right foods).

It’s funny, I had no problem with the taper before the marathon.  It was aftermath of “still wanting to keep moving” I found more difficult.  The urge to go out and run, knowing that wouldn’t be a smart idea.  You have to give yourself time.  It’s the smart and healthy thing to do.  So, catching up with a few days this was the recap:

Nov 2 Sat ~ 3.49  walked

Sun ~ rest

Mon ~ 3 miles elliptical

Tues ~ 1:15 hrs yoga

Wed ~ 3 miles elliptical

Thurs ~ Fri  rest

Sat ~ 2 miles treadmill 3 miles elliptical

Total = 14.49 miles.  To all of you who visit from time-to-time, follow my progress, or just the curious.  I thank you and happy miles to you ~ 10,395.70 thankfully remaining.