Value of Process

This weekend Laurel and I got together to bang out a business plan for our partnership.  Early last week my ontological coach asked me is there value in process?  She noticed as I explained to her that things were flowing as organized as I would like that I tend to want to gift wrap things.  In other words, I’m not prepared to introduce something to the world until it’s absolutely perfect.  In my mind this means crisp, clean folds accompanied by a beautiful multi-colored bow.  If in the process of wrapping the present I miss a step, it’s as if the failure to follow the chronological process I set forth for wrapping a present, dooms the end result.  But really, in doing this, I’m forcing myself to miss the true value of the process.

Laurel and I met for about 2 hours, in which time we only managed to fully complete 2 parts of our 6 part business plan, but I made an effort to notice the value in the process vice the completion and perfection of the gift wrap.  The process was enlightening.  This is what I learned:

We are both fearful of the possibility of failure however, if you never try, you can never fail.  And what really is failure…it’s relative

We are in two different places in our lives, but we still manage to understand each other

We collaborate, we respect each other, and we enjoy each other’s company and complimentary ideas

Sometimes it’s fun to be messy and just throw down thoughts, in fact this is when the biggest ideas are born.  Gift wrapping is only the outside and you know what they say, don’t read a book by its cover.

Even if you wrap whatever you give the world in recycled newspaper, the world only really cares what’s on the inside,  don’t we all just throw away (or preferably recycle) the wrapping? defines process as: a series of actions or steps to achieve an end

But we all know process is SO MUCH MORE than that.

Run on sisters