Mileage Recap ~ 16 – 22 April…Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day everyone!  I didn’t even know it was earth day until I saw it on Google.  They have a great video on Dr. Jane Goodall.  I can’t think of a better representative for Earth Day then Jane Goodall.  I love all the work she’s done with primates and her overall sentiment that the earth is something to love, cherish and pass on to our youth.  If you would like to know more about Jane go to this link:

There are a lot of “days” out there to be celebrated and I imagine for most people some of this stuff is just a waste of time and money.  Maybe so in some cases, but I think earth day is a great day to reflect on how we live in our environment now and what can we do to improve and consume less.  At least I do. This weekend’s weather was true spring weather in Alexandria.  Blue skies, a little nip in the morning with it heating up later.

As I ran my longer run this weekend I took in the beauty of the trees, river, blue bonnets, and even the dandelions. Birds are singing and squirrels are running about the woods.  People moving freely and enjoying the warmer weather, just being. I know what you’re thinking…oh brother, so it was a nice day, so what?  Well, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’ve been in places, countries if you will where it wasn’t such a nice day.  Actually, it was quite the opposite.  Despair, anger, death and hopelessness.  I think often about my time in Somalia and it’s sad to know that there are places and people in this world who can’t go out and let the beauty of the world wash over them, even if it’s just for an hour.  These are the things I sometimes think about trying to log these miles. Thoughts that I will always carry with me until the end I guess.   If I were Queen for a day I would change these things if I could.   So, out of all the days Earth Day is a bit of an enigma.   It’s fun to talk about, but harder to walk the walk.  As I age I always think, hmmm, do I really need that or turn off the lights, recycle, conserve water.  I ask myself how much is enough.  It’s hard because no one wants to be uncomfortable, including me.  I do try though in mind, spirit and action.

This week I picked up more mileage than the prior week.  The plan was to cycle today but “bad kitty” (aka my bike) wasn’t having any part.  Cleaned her off and started to air up the tires only to find a valve issue…again.  I guess the trek across country was a little more damaging than I previously thought.  This weeks business will be to find a cycle shop and take her in for some my need professional maintenance.  I ran instead.  Started the week off with a longer run, indoor cycling on Thursday and a longer run today of 3.5 miles.  Slowly bringing the distance back up.  I felt good today ~ pain is low and I ended up running 10:39.  Not too shabby but the annoyance level was a little high because of the bike.

Total mileage came out to 17.63 this week.  I’ve already passed March numbers and I’m not even in the hotter weather and have a week to go!  I have 6030.71 miles graciously awaiting me.  I hope this post finds you well enough to go outside, close your eyes and let the beauty of this earth wash over you.  Happy Earth Day.  Happy Miles to You!!

If I could change the world…I surly would.





Mileage Recap ~ 2 – 8 April…Scanning My Sector

Happy Sunday everyone!  Don’t you hate it when it seems like the weekend just flies by?  One minute you’re heading out the door after the bird says go:

And the next minute you’re back at it:

Still a newbie here in DC my weekends are filled with getting my routine down and things to uh…live.  So I’m running when I can, permitting somewhat decent weather, time and always on the lookout for new paths.

and gents!  Let’s just pause for a moment to look at this handsome cat…I mean.. golf clap here.  I venture out when I can at work for small walks to pick up some mileage and then slide on to the Yellow/Blue line home to hit the streets or the treadmill if it’s a crappy weather day.  Today I hit the jackpot!  Right down the road from me is Mt. Vernon and the awesome Mt. Vernon trail!  I have found my first off-road trail that is paved for walking, cycling and running.  This afternoon was great and I went out to explore a bit.  Some scenes from today.











Not sure why I can’t get my pictures to line up, but hey we’re going to go with it!!  As you can see it’s a very nice path and quite scenic.  I think it’s 8 miles one way, hey I’ll take 16 with a turn around!  There was a stop and drop at mile two.  If you have to go to the bathroom…might I suggest no.  For those who don’t know what a stop and drop is…well I just coined the phrase.  There is no flushing.  Are you getting the picture?  Hmmm.  No?  Well, maybe this will help you out…

Yeah, can you hear me now?

There was a small little irritant.  Cyclists.  What, you say!!  I am one..and..can I just say, the douche meter was off the chart today.  Extreme red ~ douche encounter was imminent.  There are all sorts of people doing all sorts of things on the path.  If you’re a cyclist, you don’t own the road.  You don’t.  Don’t get pissy when people can’t hear your little bell.  If you see someone walking ~ hmm let’s see mother with a baby or an older person walking…if you have a little bell and those people don’t get out-of-the-way for you…speak up and slow down.  Don’t continue to barrel down the path at your full speed, because you can’t be bothered to slow down, and get irritated said person didn’t get out-of-the-way for you.  You look foolish and like a novice.  If you don’t want your  pace interrupted, might I suggest the road?  I wonder if any of the cyclists will read this?  Hmmm, if a tree falls in the woods does anyone hear it?  Most likely not.  All in all I had a great experience and I can’t wait to run and ride on the path.

This week consisted of running and walking.  I was able to pull out 11.97 miles this week with 6060.87 gratefully remaining.  I hope this Sunday finds you well and full of hope.  Happy Miles to You!!

I dedicate this song to all the cyclists out there!





Mileage Recap ~ 26 Feb – 25 March…DC Version

Hello all!  Long time no blog…

There is a good reason for my absence.  I have moved to Washington, DC for a new job.  It came up fairly quickly and I had a good deal of planning to do which minimized my blogging.  I have settled in and will be up and going in no time at all.  The obvious is the weather change.  Baby it’s cold outside!  So a very quick recap today.  I was able to finish February with 86.82 miles and so far for March I have completed 31.75.  There was a lot of hotel treadmill running and incumbent biking.  If you travel, you know what I’m talking about.

Grateful for a new work opportunity.  I have 6088.07 DC miles remaining.  Hope this finds you well.  Happy Miles to You!!

Mileage Recap ~ 19 – 25 Feb…Action Selfies

This week has been particularly cold in Phoenix.  I guess you could say we are experiencing the one week of winter we get each year.  Lows in the 30s and highs in the 50s.  That being said, it makes for good cycling weather.

I’ve been on Instagram for a while now and I had an account for my blog and then a personal account.  For some strange reason, everyone just migrated over to my personal account.  Most likely because my name is easier to memorize rather than the blog name.  I have dropped the 11315miles Instagram account and just post every now and again on the personal one.  I enjoy seeing people all around the world cycling, running or sharing all their cooking dishes.  It’s easy to blow a cool 30 minutes scrolling sometimes.  I try to make sure I don’t let social media control too much of my time.  I do like the virtual “diary” if you will while I’m trying to complete all of these miles.

Some people can just take great photos.  They’re sleeping…looks great.  Eating spaghetti…looks great.  Awww, just came out of the porto potty…looks marvelous.  Me?  Well, I usually look like I’ve just plowed the back 40.  Great.  Maybe one out of every thousand photos, there might be a keeper.

I love to see the “action” selfies.  Sometimes they’re phenomenal.  I even asked a gal one time how she took these cool action shots.  Did she have someone follow her around?  Some were taken at 6am!  Some people are just media geniuses.  I know there are all sorts of things you can do, such as time delay, using your apple watch, etc.  But, I haven’t mastered the art of the action selfie.  You know the cool photo where I’m riding…there’s an awesome background (not someone photo-bombing) and I have this concentrated far-off look like I’m contemplating the price of rice in China. You know the one.  Kinda like this:

I was out for a ride and thought…hey…wouldn’t it be cool to take a selfie…said no one ever!  Believe me, I’m not a big selfie person, but a couple of “proof of cycle” photos never hurts the mileage cause.  This was my awesome action selfie.   I was on mile 9 in a rural neighborhood and thought this is a pretty place.  Do you like how I got in the background?  Don’t I look like I’m concentrating hard?  Whatever Baby!  This is how I roll!

Was happy with my mileage this week, because I slightly edged out last week.  I would have done more, but I had a chemical facial peel (another story) and it stung a bit.  Not good to be out in the sun and sweating for a long time.  I put 30.65 on the books this week.  Looking pretty good for the month.  I have 2973.23 remaining for this years goal and 6114.82 gratefully remaining in my journey.  Sending positive vibes your way.  Happy Miles to You!!

Thought this was a good one for this week!






Mileage Recap ~ 12 – 18 Feb…Be A Bright Light

Another week down!  This week felt really good.  With the bulk of the coughing behind me, I felt like I was able to pull up some of that stamina I had lost the last couple of weeks.  The weather here was a little wonky as it rained for about two days!!  One day pretty heavy all day long so I opted for the gym.  Do you ride in the rain?  If so, what gear do you use?  I have ridden in a slight sprinkling, but not a full on rain.  I imagine it’s a lot like running you just need the right gear.

Continued on with strength training this week.  I go to the gym at least three times a week and work arms, legs and back adding in core exercises.  Cardio is always good, but you have to do strength training as well.  The stronger your core the less injury you’re going to have and let’s face it, that’s a good thing.  It keeps us doing our activity longer.

If you’re having trouble getting to a gym, no worries.  With a little bit of research you can create a program at home that will fit your schedule.  You just have to have that discipline and drive.  I remember those days of being a stay at home Mom and then I became the working Mom, it’s hard to set some time aside for yourself.  But take it from someone who’s been there, your health and well-being is important.  You want to be around for your family and for yourself.  There is so much information out there you can develop a plan and you don’t need all the fancy machines or weights.  You would be surprised the many safe exercises you can do right at home, no equipment needed.  It also doesn’t need to be a super long workout.  I remember when stationed in Japan, as a gift to myself for my 35th birthday I bought a few sessions with a gal who was a personal trainer.  She developed a plan for me that was about 35 minutes.  The key was consistency.  You have to follow through.  You have to show up!  I did and I saw great results.  Just 35 minutes a day.

I also make daily plans.  Yeah, you knew there must have been something else right?  I type my agenda every night for the next day.  I include everything to include my workout.  Once you get the shell of that down the way you want, it only takes a few minutes to update.  You can even make it motivational with a quote a week at the top.  Sounds, funny but sometimes when you read positivity it will stay with you throughout the day.  Write down your goals and make them happen.  No goal is too small.  Sometimes we need to take baby steps to get to our desired location.  If I can do it, so can you.

I was totally on the bike this week!  Absolutely loved every minute.  For the most part the rides were really good.  My pace kept climbing with each ride.  The only downside, is it appears we have hit garage sale season in the valley and this means crazy driving, short stops and very short tempers.

After a slight wardrobe malfunction of my jersey (zipper broke) I was able to get on the road fairly early, or at least shortly after sunrise.  Garage salers where out in full force.  I had a couple of close calls by people who stopped short because hey…can’t miss that 25¢ find!  The douche bag alert was at moderate to severe.  The jeep who decided they really didn’t want to adhere to the stop sign and give me the right of way, even though I was already in the street..I thank you.  Yeah….gotta love those types of people.  So the question is this, when driving do you offer the right of way to cyclists or runners?  I always do.  I think it’s just common courtesy.  I also do it for safety reasons.  It’s just safer to let the runner or cyclist pass.

My long ride was 12.57 for a weeks total of 29.76 road miles 3 more than last week.  Chipping away and getting closer to the halfway mark!   I have 6145.47 miles remaining in my journey.   That always makes me feel like a sentimental lady.


I hope this post finds you surrounded by positivity!  Feel that fire!!  Happy Miles to You!!



Mileage Recap ~ Taquito or Not Taquito…That is the Question.

Hello.  Remember me?  I just love it when you are on a roll.  Nothing can stop you, then something knocks you off that sweet high horse you’ve been riding.  I had finished the WTF Half Marathon and was shopping for new races, admiring my bike and planning.  Then I started to feel a little tickle in the back of my throat.  No worries.  Allergies are going to be bad this year I can already tell.  Dragging a bit, then whoa…what just hit me?

Everyone who isn’t time traveling or living in a cave knows that the flu is hitting people hard this year.  Especially children which is just terrible.  Well, I came down with something.  I believe it was a combination of allergies that I incurred after my last race and some sort of flu.  It was strange because I didn’t have any fever but a full on bronchial smack down.  I mean this thing laid me out and made breathing very difficult.  I think I was on the couch watching TV for about three days.  One of the many benefits I have experienced from running is I rarely get sick.  So, when and if I do get it, I gets it good.

I had taken the bike out on 31 Jan for about 3 miles to test the wheels after I had changed the tubes myself.  I’m happy to report that both wheels did stay on and no injuries were had.  But after three days on the couch I was bored and decided to venture out on the bike again.  I had a lot of energy, but was literally hacking on my return ride.  Have you ever been behind the wheel driving and when you get to a destination you didn’t pay attention to anything on the way there, just sort of zoned out driving? That would explain how I felt riding.  I was able to get in about six miles but the last three were a hacked out mind numbing experience.

I let myself recover a day, realizing that maybe I needed a little more time to heal those lungs.  After another day, again needing to get out and oh I don’t know buy some food maybe, I decided to go to Costco.  I hadn’t been in a while, but nothing says freedom like a pallet of toilet paper and a 100 lbs bag of cat food.

I have a love-hate relationship with Costco.  One being the hyper-commercialism and oooh I need a year supply of Oral B electric toothbrush tips!!!!  Squirrel!!!  So there I was, deep in the bowels of the Costco, slightly hacking, and forgetting what was the reason I was there in the first place.  I am a creature of habit sometimes and I like to start at one point in the store (TVs) and do the rounds.  Knowing very well I don’t require a TV the size of a house I still stare at the quality and make note of the really good price.  I digress.  Oh yes, I remember I needed trash bags.  I then start to proceed through the liquor section, uh huh, uh huh…liking that..good price…into the food section.  Wow that’s a lot of cheese…hmmm…okay trash bags.  In the food section every isle had a nice person offering samples.   You can get juice, chips or chicken just to name a few.  Now I’m going to tell you something very important.  A few years back I took a food sanitation course.  If you ever want to change your opinion of whether you want a free sample or about the restaurant industry in general, take a food sanitation class.  You will think twice about taking the “free” sample or where you eat, I guarantee.  Knowing this, I have been weak on certain occasions and have dabbled with the dangerous with food.

In order to get to the trash bags I had to go through the food section.   My throat was starting to get itchy and I knew I needed to get what I came for and leave before I had a melt down.  I’m almost to the bags and there on the end of one isle was this sweet little old woman.  Taquito, she asks?

Media Medusa

Me:  suuurrrreeeee….

Awesome gifs

Definition:  A taquito, tacos dorados, rolled taco, or flauta is a Mexican food dish that typically consists of a small rolled-up tortilla that contains filling, including beef, cheese or chicken. The filled tortilla is then crisp-fried.

Now, there are certain moments your body is acting faster than the brain.  This was one of those moments.  Why you ask? Well it would be the last two words in the taquito definition – crisp-fried.  Crispy anything and a very sensitive scratchy throat leads to uncontrollable coughing….in Costco.  But there I was, popping that overly salted, fried, greasy radiated meat product into my mouth, smiling and knowing that in 10, 9, … 7…3, 2 …. I slowly listened to the nice lady as she said, “here’s a coupon honey, they’re in the freezer right around the corner” and as I turned the corner hoping to find solace with the frozen vegetables….1….the uncontrollable hacking began.

At first it was just a light inner cough, as my shoulders tried to quell the violent eruption that was about to take place in the frozen foods section of Costco.  I tried to control it as the  last bit of the taquito made its way slowly down my throat, scraping and leaving bits of preservatives in an already raw throat.  My lungs said, oh no girlfriend, this is going to be a good one.  Tears were starting to well up in my eyes as I turned to stare at the frozen broccoli thinking, I rather eat fresh then frozen.  Now I’m starting to get loud.  It’s embarrassing, but luckily in true Costco form, everyone is just ignoring me.  I slowly make it down to the yogurt, hacking while trying to stand straight, and stop to see the Chobani  yogurt selection.  A gallon tub of Chobani, ya’ll.  Yeah, it’s good but I’m just not feeling it today….hacking and trying not cause a scene I somehow end up in the vitamin section.  It’s a good sign because I’m almost to the exit….oh damn what did I come here for…trash bags.  Screw it!!

Even with all the hacking I was able to finish the month of January with 81.54 miles and my recap for this round was 29.41 to add to the spreadsheet!  I can’t wait to breathe in my remaining 6175.23 miles.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday and breathing easy.  Happy Miles to You!!

This song is VERY appropriate!














Mileage Recap ~ 15 – 21 Jan…Pain Is Temporary

There are no gains without pains.

                                                Benjamin Franklin

Pain can occupy the mind, body and spirit.  How we choose to react to pain is obviously our prerogative.  We can accept it and let it make us wiser and stronger or allow it to defeat us.  The choice is ours.  I often wonder sometimes that when you hurt yourself physically and you see  the damage like blood etc., mentally your reaction is more intense.  Would be something good to research!

This weeks training for the Winter Trail Frosty Half Marathon is going well.  I was able to get in three runs; 4, 6 and 9 miles.  I had some good paces for the shorter runs and kept a predictable 11:11 pace for the longer run.  I will say though training this time around has seen things speed up.  The 6 mile run, a combination of steady two miles and the remainder was intermittent speed work.  I really liked doing it that way because I warmed up and I felt strong throughout.  After each run I have a cool down walk and that always adds to my miles.  Otherwise, feeling good and I think I’m ready for the race in a week!

Soooo, I had planned to get in a bike ride today.  You may remember I changed the rear tire and the front tire needed changed too.  Just didn’t get to it in the same day.  Today I started to change the front tire.  Sigh….  First, the positive.  I got the tire off and replaced the tube, quick.  I mean it was good.  Now putting it back on was a bit of a challenge, but I got in on in about 10 minutes this time.  My levers slipped and…wait..wait.  Levers don’t have minds.  I was attempting to put the tire on and the levers slipped because I wasn’t holding them properly.  Then my hands kind of bonked together and my nail from one hand gouged out the thumb on the other hand.  If you have a queasy stomach please scroll down.


What?  Aww suck it up!








Nice eh?  It looks worse than it really was.  This wasn’t the main problem either.  There is a very important lesson in all this.  After I got the tire back on I was so happy ♪ where’s the pump ♪ pumping…. hmmm

pumping ♪♪♫♫!!!!  I’m going for a ride….♪♪ ♫♫

What the!!!  The valve is bad.  So, ladies/gentleman ~ girls/boys always ensure your gear is worth a dang before trying to implement it in whatever activity you wish to partake.  After all of that, I was not defeated but realized that I needed another tube and that wasn’t going to happen today.

All in all a good week of miles.  This weeks round-up equaled 25.66 miles in total.  I have 6232.09 bloody miles remaining.  Just kidding, this isn’t Vikings!  Or is it??!!!   (Courtesy of


I thought this song was appropriate, kinda cheesy but my thumb ya’ll.  Happy Miles to You!!