Mileage Recap ~ 24 – 31 August: Seattle

Happy Labor Day!

This week’s mileage recap comes from the beautiful city of Seattle.  I had the opportunity to visit last week as we took our daughter to a local Performing Arts College.  I passed through Seattle some years ago on my way to Ft. Lewis for some military training and all I could remember was the rain and temperatures in the 30s at night ~ during June.  Not fun for a Southern girl.  This go round was different, temperatures and weather was very pleasant.  Although I didn’t run much through the city I enjoyed my visit.

To me, Seattle gives you the big city life but not as busy as New York City.  It was easy to move about the city on foot or car.  Parking was crazy expensive.  Here a couple of photos to share:

Walked to the needle from the hotel.

Walked to the needle from the hotel.

I’m a foodie so the public market was amazing.  I think I could go there every day for the fresh veggies, fruit, and food!

The Market

The Market

Fresh veggies

Fresh veggies

Hanging peppers

Hanging peppers

photo 5

Fresh fish

I ate at a restaurant at the market and these crab cakes were great.

Crab cakes from a local resturant

Crab cakes from a local restaurant

How can you not sample the local brew?  Thank goodness I still have over 9,000 miles remaining:)  I could eat my way through Seattle.

IPA from a local brewery

IPA from a local brewery

Totem down by the water

Totem down by the water

I did pay a visit to the city’s Chinatown.  Not bad but nothing compared to San Francisco or New York.  Either way stopped for some really good Vietnamese food.



Visited the town Leavenworth, Washington that has a large German immigrant population (or did).  The town is modeled after towns in Bavaria.  The country side is breath-taking and riddled with wineries and orchards.  Just beautiful.

Reminds me of Bavaria

Reminds me of Bavaria

I tracked three days of mileage in Seattle ~ running, walking and elliptical and was able to pick some cycling up when I came home.  Total for the week came to 26.77 miles with a total of 106.95 miles for August. ~ 9,770.85 miles gratefully remaining.  Happy miles to you.

Meg’s Miles Supporters

You might have heard that some in the running community will be dedicating today’s runs in honor of Meg Menzies who was killed by a driver under the influence on 13 January 2014 while out on her morning run.  You can find the Facebook group link below if you would like to participate.

Megs Miles

Meg’s Miles Supporters

Setting out this morning in support ~ details later.


Mileage Recap 17 ~ 23 Nov

I started “counting” my mileage over a year ago.  My goal for 2013 is to have logged 1,000 total miles from my 11,315 mile goal.  I’m pleased to announce I’ve completed 939.81 total miles since I started; 868.74 miles for 2013 alone.  I think I will have no problem picking up 60.19 miles to reach that goal. 

My long run this weekend was 5 miles and it was my first cold run of the season at a crisp 31 degrees.  The wind wasn’t blowing but I still felt that bite.  Had no trouble breathing but the face was a little numb and I’m not ready to pull out the face mask just yet.  I can remember when I first started running in the cold, it took a bit of getting used to.  Now I don’t fret ~ just saddle up an move out.  We used to call that good training in the Army.

Sunday ~ rest

Monday ~ 3 miles treadmill

Tuesday ~ crossfit and yoga

Wednesday ~ 3 miles treadmill

Thursday ~ Kettle bells and heaven help me indoor softball

Friday ~ Rest

Saturday ~ 5 miles  

May this week find you at peace and Thankful ~ the best miles are hard earned. 

Mileage Recap 7 – 12 Oct

Another week of training down!  I’m beginning to taper for the St. Louis Rock and Roll Marathon on 27 Oct.  I’ve read a lot about different people’s experience on tapering.  The common denominator seems to be the restlessness and anticipation before the race, i.e. sitting still and going on shorter runs to give your body a break.  I’m going to go out on a limb here….I LOVE TAPER TIME!

Taper Week

Courtesy of


Yeah, that’s right ~ I love me some taper….

I’ve been working hard and have a lot of mileage under my belt, so I welcome a little bit of lower intensity to focus on my body, eating properly and easing my mind about the race.  The runs this week were normal and fairly uneventful.  Had the pleasure of running with my friend Kathi this Saturday for the long run.  Kathi is fast, but I enjoy the push.

The weather here in the Midwest is very unpredictable.  Wanted to get out of the house at 7 am and received an update on my phone that lightning was within 5 nautical miles of the base.  I look out the window and everything looks great.  Eh, I’m going.

It’s a cool morning, slightly overcast and an easy run of 9 miles ahead of us.  Kathi is so polite; she can tell when I need to slow down.  She just finished a marathon the week before (her fourth) and was giving me some good advice.  If you are running your first race, doesn’t matter the length, it’s always good to get advice from someone who has completed that length of a race.  They will give you the true ups and downs of what’s going on and how they felt during the run and what to expect.  Granted each race is a little different, but you get the picture.  Nothing beats experience.

Out running on our main road the road kill is in full force.  Sigh….running side-by-side I find myself dodging this and that.  I’m beginning to think I’m running an obstacle race this morning.  What is that?  Kathi, “It’s weird how it gets so flat“.  I’m just bracing for the stink!  Me, “Is that seven or eight now?”  We get to our turn around point and we see the weather off in the distance.  Around mile 5.5 it starts pouring.  You know when you’re with a good running buddy when you both start laughing.  I love running in the rain.  There’s something so freeing.  It’s beyond the fact that you are getting soaked.  You remember when you were young and it was raining outside?  Your parents would yell at you to get into the house.  You’re going to catch a cold!  And you would run around in defiance!  Hey, at least I did.  Well, let me tell you, that feeling you had at five feels the same at forty-five.  The way the drops hit your face.  It was cool and warm at the same time.  Lean your head back and watch those big drops fall down.  We laughed all the way home.  Being rained on…look at it as a blessing and character building and we Army folk like to say ~ good training!

Last week’s workout:

Mon ~ 4.7 miles

Tues ~ 1:15 yoga

Wed ~ 8 miles

Thurs ~ 5 miles

Fri ~ rest

Sat ~ 9.01

Sun ~ rest

Total miles for the week = 26.71 with 10,458.58 (rainy possibly) miles remaining.  Happy miles to you!

Digging Deep

This is a hard week.  I’m tired and need a little bit of motivation.  I missed Monday’s run because I rode my motorcycle for four hours on Sunday.  My body was physically whipped.  So, I listened and took a break.  I want to stay focused, but I also know when to say, okay I need a break and not to take myself too seriously.

This brings me to Tuesday.  Went to yoga class.  Drive up to the studio and notice there aren’t any cars in the lot.  Not a good sign.  Hmmm, maybe class was cancelled.  Then a car rolls up and the other yoga teacher gets out.  I feel bad because I don’t remember her name, but I will remember her…no doubt.  This was the first time I’ve ever really interacted with this new teacher.  I’m excited because – hey I’ll learn some new things.  I go to “my” place and wait.  About 10 minutes pass and I realize I’m the only student.  Here is an equation for you..

Only student does not equal easy class

Guess what…she’s a runner too – that equals hip opening exercises – one on one style!

I have earned the honor of the tightest hips – meaning I do not like to bend certain ways.  Fast forward to Wednesday.  Apparently my hips were very, very angry.  Very angry.  This eight mile run will go down as the worst run ever!  I think someone strapped two concrete blocks to my feet when I wasn’t looking.  I couldn’t believe how heavy my legs felt.  Then the right hip and hamstring were howling.  The whole run was a conversation with my inner running self “Awww come on you can do it…just put your mind to it” ~ eh, be quiet.

Digging way down deep…completed but very hard.

Happy miles to you.


Passion vs. Crazy Part 1- My Inner Thoughts of Why I Run

If you run long distances I’m sure you have heard at one time or another “you’re crazy”.  Ah yes, those magical two words that trash all of those hours of hard work and preparation for any event in a nanosecond.  Usually by someone who is holding a taco or a Snickers.  (Not that there is anything wrong with that I like Taco Hell every now and again and chocolate is my weakness)

On the other hand I’m sure you’ve heard the word passion equated with running.  Passion.  PASSION…it’s so easy to say.  If you say it enough, you start to feel it.  Don’t believe me, think about it.  What are you passionate about?  In other words, what makes you sing.  That single thing (or few things) that when those words leave your lips, you smile.  That is passion.  That thing, that action you do that continues to bring you joy even though the process is hard but the reward is great.  Passion.  Say passion.  See how easily it leaves your lips.  You’re doing it now – aren’t you:)

Passion in the positive: Desire, hunger, thirst, appetite, craving and ache.  Passion in the negative:  Rage, fury, fit, furor and anger.

Crazy in the positive:  Fond, keen, passionate, and devoted. Crazy in the negative:  Outrageous, ridiculous, bizarre and stupid.

Who’s to say what is crazy?  Was anything ever really achieved by the person who listened to the other who said “don’t do that, it’s crazy!”.  What if we stopped there.  We wanted to try something new or achieve a goal not so much for the guts and glory, but just to see if it could be done, but we stop in our tracks because someone said you’re crazy.  Can you imagine if you heard the words “you’re passionate, do it”.  What a different world this would be.

This is predominately a running blog.  It is a PASSIONATE running blog (don’t forget I’m walking and riding my bike too – lol).  It’s main objective is honoring my mother through running or mileage if you will, 11,315 long hard miles.  I also use this blog, that passion, to honor others as well.  I wouldn’t say running is my passion, but the process and results that running brings have intensified my passion in other goals I want to achieve.  The planning, the discipline and the joy of completion – on my own terms.  Passion can be crazy!  Crazy good!  The feeling that comes up from your gut that makes you want to achieve that special goal. It doesn’t have to be running, it can be anything really.

I was born with dislocated hips which required I wear a body cast.  My left tendon in my neck was so tight I couldn’t move my head from side to side.  The story goes the doctors wanted to cut out the tendon which would have left a large indentation in my neck for life.  My father refused to let them cut the tendon out and proceeded to stretch my neck back and forth until the tendon elongated and I could move my head from side to side, therefore, no need to have the tendon cut.  If you were to look at me you would never know I had any issues with my neck or hips.  It hasn’t slowed me down or kept me from doing anything.  What is the point of this vignette?  We all have issues, hurdles or hills to climb on the way to achieving your passion.  The beginning path may be rough but the ending glorious.

It’s crazy not to have passion.  Happy miles to you and a very happy Tuesday.

Run #4 – No iPod Challenge

7 August

Nice lunch time run today.  The Garmin said it was in the 70s with 88% humidity.  I can’t believe that at all.  When I left the desk temp said 88 – but who knows.  It was hot – very hot.  I love having that break during the day to go for a run or a workout.  The only problem in August – working out, outside you get drenched in sweat.  Hit the showers then try to cool down before going back to the office.  Whew!  Not always pristine situation.

It was quiet on the track today – not a lot of people out.  When I started running I didn’t really think about the music or lack thereof.  I concentrated on the pace and loosening up the shoulders.

Ran 3.11 miles with core work out in between.  Workout consisted of planks, reverse planks, some yoga pose I forgot the name of and crunches and burned 310 calories.