MS 50 Mile Challenge Update

I just received an email from the St. Louis Multiple Sclerosis Society finalizing those last-minute informational tasks before the walk begins Friday morning.  We will be starting and staying at Washington University, of which I’m not familiar with at all.  They have attached a map with locations for parking and where we will be bunking for the next two evenings. 

Today I will pick up my packet and my room key.  I’m beginning to sense a bit of deja vu.  You would think I would be more concerned with the walk, but let’s be honest, I’m fretting staying in a college dorm, with a roommate I haven’t met, and yes friends…. the bathroom is down the hall.  Sigh….been there done that folks.  In college and in the Army.

Let’s compare:

1.  Long grueling walk – (without rucksack of course) – check

2.  Sleeping in a unfamiliar area and sharing the facilities – (at least I’m not on fire or cleaning detail) – check check

3.  Individuals yelling at you from the sidelines – (this will be positive reinforcement I’m sure) – unlike this reinforcement:  checkity check check

Drill Sgt

Like I said been there – done that.

Lord, Give Me the Strength to Taper

I walked 7 miles on Monday and came home from work today and immediately jumped into my running gear.  Why is it so hard for me just to sit still!  I want to run, but I’m fighting the urge and need to get ready for this weekend!  So hard to do!  Eighteen miles on Friday.

Mileage Stats 19 – 25 May

This weeks mileage =  11.61.

Month of May = 50.94 with an overall mileage total of 392.41 – 10,922.59 to go. Next week begins the prep for the 50 mile walk.  Hope everyone is having a good Memorial Day weekend.

MS 50 Mile Challenge Walk Update….

Or lack there of….  I am undisciplined at times.  This appears to be the case with my walking “training” in preparation for the 50 Mile Challenge.  Every time I decide to walk, I end up jogging, running, skipping or whatever.  All I know it isn’t walking.  I am coming clean.  I am a USDA grade A walking failure.  No, that’s not me in the photo…and no, I don’t know why the gentleman on the left isn’t wearing shoes in the snow.


There are only a couple of weeks left before I go on this adventure.  What do I plan to do to rectify this behavior you ask?  Nothing…nada…zero.  I’m going stone cold walking.  I figure this will be one of the many life lessons I will have to learn. 

There are many kinds of failure in this world. 

Like a really bad tattoo.  Something tells me this ended the “best friend status”.  No, that’s not me or my best friend.


Ready or not I’ll be there with bells on.  Hopefully, I won’t end up like this poor lass…

Walking Dead

…she appears somewhat dehydrated.


For those of you who are “old enough” did you ever order something out of the newspaper?  You know what I mean…like the x-ray spy glasses?  Who the heck doesn’t want x-ray eyewear!  Com’on.  I want x-ray eyewear!  I’m not sure if I ever ordered the x-ray glasses when I was a kid, but I’m sure it was something close.

I’ve been very interested in chronicling my 50 Mile MS Challenge walk activities through video.  So, I came across this item called the MeCam.  A small mini camera that you pin to your clothes that videos and takes pictures!  Can you say espionage?  I couldn’t wait till this thing came in!  It was just like being a kid again.  I’m going to video everything, oh yeah!  All my runs, the times when I fall on the trails, etc., etc…Hell I might even tell the doctor to video my next impending knee surgery….hmmm ok, sorry getting off topic.

So,  I have received the MeCam (choir of angels sing in the background).  You would have thought God himself delivered this item straight to my door.    It comes in five different colors and 4, 8, 16 GB and price is 49 – 80 dollars.  My motto is go big or stay at the house, so of course I got the 16 GB in a green casing.


All in all not a bad product.  The video/sound and picture quality are very good.  I took the recent cover photo on the blog with the MeCam.  It is very easy to operate and all of your videos and pictures will load through USB to your preferred picture program.

I tested the video on last weeks walk.  The video was crisp but I was bouncing around too much.  It’s not fluid and you would have to be fairly steady to get a good feed.  That’s the major downside.  Also, the buttons on the side are a little small to push.  If you have nails and I don’t, you may have a bit of a problem.  I was able to capture a lot of people mowing their lawns, but the camera was all over the place.  Maybe I should practice walking with a teacup on my head.  Even though I’m glad I got it and I think it will serve its purpose.  Stay tuned for more.