Mileage Recap ~ 2 – 22 February

A quick mileage check in today.  To answer your question yes it’s been cold and hot but mostly cold.  When I say cold I mean 5 degrees, so I have been inside getting my miles.  I was able to intermix between biking and running for a total of 67.29 with 9,414.97 happily remaining.  Happy miles to you!

Mileage Recap ~ 18 Jan – 1 Feb and the Nippy Niner Trail Run



Happy February!  We have left January and moved into the month of love… or not.  Mileage these last couple of weeks was mainly on the indoor bike relaxing the calf injury I endured during a practice run two weeks ago.  I was determined to get back into some working shape so I could run the Nippy Niner ~ a nine mile trail run in at the Columbia Bottoms Conservation Area in St. Louis.  I’m happy to report there was much more love than hate going into this race that made it successful.

The Loves:

Physical Therapy.  I’ve been going to PT for a couple of months for my hip and my therapist was so kind to work on my calf for these past two weeks.  I stretched, massaged and worked out the kinks.  I could definitely tell a difference and I was disciplined.  I foam rolled every night and although it wasn’t perfect it did get better.  Lesson learned to stretch out a bit more and strengthen some other core muscles. 

Concentration and foot placement while running.  I didn’t bring any music this time to run.  One, it was raining and two I needed to concentrate.  I know there are many views on running with music.  Although I like to be somewhat competitive in my races I do like to have fun while I’m putting in the miles.  It was a good decision to make.  I wasn’t 100% and I needed to focus on stride, breath and foot placement.  The constant up and down of part of the trail required focus and a couple of times I could feel the pull.  I was able to concentrate on core and tended to run more on the balls of my feet (something I don’t do well) and it made all the difference.  If you don’t like to run without music ~ may I suggest giving it a try ~ there is a difference.

No eating dirt this time.  Last go round I fell four times (it was snowing) and broke my iPod.  This time I remained on my feet.   It was muddy but that doesn’t bother me.

Trail route.

Trail route.

The Hates:

Too much layering.  Apparently I haven’t broken the code on layering.  It was cold and rainy so I layered and purchased a light rain jacket.  I was shedding around mile 3.  I just didn’t want to chance it this time so I paid for it later.  Not too much issue but I had to maneuver it off.

Me with too much layering.

Me with too much layering.

Pain from the beginning.  Yep, I had done some warming up and jogged a couple of days earlier and the leg felt fine, then on race day (of course) the niggles started to come back. So straight out the gate I dealt with the pain.  The first mile was painful, but with stride adjustment I was able find my happy place.

Shoes ruined.  Normally when I get ready to change my shoes out I like to clean them up and donate them ~ not this time around.  There was no amount of cleaning that was going to get that muck out.  They died a slow death but lived a full live.  Into the trash they went.

In the end the race was enjoyable, a challenge and gives a good sense of accomplishment.  I ran it with 5 of my co-workers and that was special.  I picked up 33 more miles this go round with  9,482.26 miles rain or shine ~ happily remaining.




Mileage Recap 15 – 31 Dec ~ Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful time ringing in 2015 and time to reflect upon the previous year.  2014 for me was a good year.  It was a year of challenges and changes.  My mileage goals for 2014 fell short.  I just had too much going on this year to fully complete the original goal of 1500 miles.  I also struggled with bursitis in my right hip.  This sent and continues to send me to physical therapy.  All of this sounds negative, but sometimes we hit some potholes and we pick ourselves up fix it the best we can and keep moving.  This by no means is going to stop my end goal.  It may slow me down, but stop…uh no.

My triumph this year was obtaining my yoga certification.  Yoga has helped me keep the flexibility I need to continue on my mileage path.  It took a lot of my time with the training and extra classes on weekends.  The training just didn’t leave a lot of time for too much else on the weekend.  I’m glad I did it and no doubt yoga will be a major part of me for the rest of my life. 

I added 24.71 to December for a total of 68.29 miles for the month.  It was a combination of indoor cycling, walking and running.  This brings me to a yearly total of 774.26 for 2014.  It wasn’t my goal of 1500 but it’s a “step” in the right direction.  I am grateful that I have the ability to keep moving forward in this wonderful gift we call life.  Mobility is a great gift.  I have finished 1,780.25 miles since I began this journey with 9,534.75 miles waiting to be earned.

I was able to pick up some miles in Arizona over the holidays.  It was lovely to see family and the weather was ~ COLD!  That’s right it got down to the 30s in Phoenix.  At least the sun was shining…at times.  Happy Miles to You!!


Beautiful sunset from the top


My daughter


Love this shot of the valley



Mileage Recap ~ 17 Nov – Dec 14

It’s hard to believe it’s been about a month since I did a mileage recap!  Time just seems to be getting away from me.  Our weather here in the Midwest hasn’t been helping either.  One day cold another day in the 60s.  I will say the 60 degree days are lovely.  November was a low mileage month for me but I hope to make a final push in December to “recover” some of those miles.  I was able to get some running in but have been focusing more on my cycling.  I did get a nice walk in on Thanksgiving.  It snowed!  I don’t know but it seems sort of strange to have snow on Thanksgiving.  Here are some pictures from my walk.

Love the winter berries

Love the winter berries



Since the weather change I went to one of our local cycle shops and purchased some long riding pants and gloves.  Needless to say they came in handy (no pun intended) for last weeks ride.  It was the first time I went out in 30 degree weather.  My ride was around 18 miles and about 3/4 into the ride I really began to feel it in my exposed areas and uh…feet.  Note to self ~ when on a bike you are moving faster therefore, weather temps are exemplified much different from running.  My toes were so frozen I could barely feel them walking into the house.  Yes I know another lesson learned.

I know this is the season to be thankful and reflect.  I hope everyone is having a joyous and peaceful holiday season.  This year has been a good year.  I’m thankful that I can keep going.  I picked up 56.49 miles this go round with 9,559.46 thankfully remaining.  Never.Give.Up.  Happy miles to you.

Mileage Recap – October 19 ~ Nov 16

Still moving at a bit of a snail’s pace for mileage this month, but mileage is mileage right?  Of course.  Nothing exciting or earth shattering and it’s been a busy month for me.  Plus the weather here in the Midwest is now beginning to get cold, (snowing now) which means some major sucking up.  Mileage is totaling 32.85 with a really nasty run two Saturdays ago.  Wanted to finish around 5 miles but the body said no, no, no!  I don’t think I’ve had one of those runs in a long while.  One of those hey can someone please call 911 after I get the garage door opener.  Crap!  Man that sucked.  Let’s hope I don’t experience that feeling for a long time.  I hope all of your runs don’t include…the runs 🙂  9,624.87 thankfully remaining.  Happy Miles to you.

Mileage Recap ~ 1 Oct ~ 18 Oct

Mileage continues to be somewhat light this month.  One good thing I ran my first race of the season, I will blog about that at a later date.  I was hoping to get in my longest ride this Saturday, but the cycle Gods had other plans.  I will admit, I haven’t read up on my new bike.  Yes, yes I know.  I knew for a while that I was playing with fire.  About a week ago I realized the back tire was getting a little low.  When I felt it….it seemed ok.  So, out I went on Saturday.  I got a mile from my house and the back tire went flat.  Needless to say, I learned a lesson in compression pellets….the hard way.

The way I look at it, if your going to ride it, you need to know how to fix it yourself.  I dug into the bike kit and pulled out one of the two compression capsules.  Hmmm, instructions who needs them ~ this isn’t rocket science.  It’s just a tire for heaven’s sake.  Well, I unscrew the tire valve and I place the capsule down on the value.  All of a sudden the air shot out of there like a rocket and bam that was it!  The capsule was empty.  Okay, that was interesting.


Then I started to tempt fate…I have one more capsule remaining.  Shall I act as stupid as I did before or shall I read the instructions this time.  Instructions win!  But it wasn’t just learning how to use the capsule.  Apparently there is a little mechanism on the valve that’s screwed down before you put the cap on the valve so air doesn’t escape.  Ooohhhh…I see!  Anyway, I ended up wasting too much time and had to cut my ride short.  So far for October I have 30.64 with 9,648.80 miles happily remaining.  May all your flats be low in number….Happy miles to you!!


Mileage Recap ~ 8 – 28 September

My blogging has had to take a bit of a back seat lately.  I hope everyone is meeting their mileage and life goals.  So this will just be a quick update this time around.

The body is feeling pretty good.  Was able to get in a little more running this time around which was nice.  I had two long bike rides these past couple of weeks and I’m slowly increasing the length of my ride.  Longest so far was 26 miles today.  Beautiful weather which made it enjoyable.

The combination of running and cycling came to 64.16 miles with 9,679.44 gratefully remaining.  Happy miles to you.

Mileage Recap ~ 1 – 7 September

The beginning of this week was hot.  Here it is September and finally the August temperatures have hit. Luckily it didn’t last for long and this morning was about 58 degrees, perfect for a nice ride.  It’s always fun to get back into work when you’ve been gone a week….riiiggght.  Started the week off a little slower with a walk and then some circuit training. Completed three hours of yoga on Saturday (part of my certification requirement).  Since I’ve been out of the net, my yoga teacher put the hurting on me with power vinyasa.  My shoulders are in major pain today.

This morning was the perfect morning for the long ride, 59 degrees.  I love when you first get out this time of year and the air is a little crisp.  It’s good for people like me who seem to overheat quickly.

I’ve been hovering around 18 – 20 miles for cycling so I wanted to try to get a few more miles in today.  The ride started with a quick loop around the neighborhood than off to the bike path that’s close to my house.  The bike path has served a comfortable option for me as there is no traffic and it’s a fairly decent ride ~ not all flat.  I realize as I increase mileage I will have to get off the beaten path so-to-speak.

As expected there were a lot of people out this morning ~ riders, walkers and runners.  When I finally hit the trail I was already 5 miles into the ride and I passed this one woman who caught my eye because she was moving so slow.  In the Army we used to call it the airborne shuffle.  Just shuffling along.  Even though she was going slow she had this determination about her.  I could feel it as I passed.

I continued on my ride at what I think was a fairly good pace.  At my turning point I took a Gu gel, I just felt like my body needed it.  I’ve been playing with fire a bit as I don’t have a repair kit on my bike yet:(  That’s my own fault and I hope I don’t learn the hard way.  I will say this morning I rode over something that made a loud pop.  So loud, I actually stopped to look at my back tire.  Thank goodness, nothing but not only do I need to get a kit but I need to learn how to repair the tire.  I know:-/

Started back and I passed the same woman still shuffling.  Awesome!  I love that kind of determination.  I made sure I gave her a big smile and pass some positivity her way.  It’s important to remember to appreciate the journey on the way to the finish line ~ no matter the speed.  My long ride ended up 22.47 miles and looked like this:


Inserting the screenshot because for some reason I can’t get the Garmin link to work.

Completed 26.95 miles for the week with 9,743.90 gracefully remaining.  Happy miles to you.

Mileage Recap ~ 24 – 31 August: Seattle

Happy Labor Day!

This week’s mileage recap comes from the beautiful city of Seattle.  I had the opportunity to visit last week as we took our daughter to a local Performing Arts College.  I passed through Seattle some years ago on my way to Ft. Lewis for some military training and all I could remember was the rain and temperatures in the 30s at night ~ during June.  Not fun for a Southern girl.  This go round was different, temperatures and weather was very pleasant.  Although I didn’t run much through the city I enjoyed my visit.

To me, Seattle gives you the big city life but not as busy as New York City.  It was easy to move about the city on foot or car.  Parking was crazy expensive.  Here a couple of photos to share:

Walked to the needle from the hotel.

Walked to the needle from the hotel.

I’m a foodie so the public market was amazing.  I think I could go there every day for the fresh veggies, fruit, and food!

The Market

The Market

Fresh veggies

Fresh veggies

Hanging peppers

Hanging peppers

photo 5

Fresh fish

I ate at a restaurant at the market and these crab cakes were great.

Crab cakes from a local resturant

Crab cakes from a local restaurant

How can you not sample the local brew?  Thank goodness I still have over 9,000 miles remaining:)  I could eat my way through Seattle.

IPA from a local brewery

IPA from a local brewery

Totem down by the water

Totem down by the water

I did pay a visit to the city’s Chinatown.  Not bad but nothing compared to San Francisco or New York.  Either way stopped for some really good Vietnamese food.



Visited the town Leavenworth, Washington that has a large German immigrant population (or did).  The town is modeled after towns in Bavaria.  The country side is breath-taking and riddled with wineries and orchards.  Just beautiful.

Reminds me of Bavaria

Reminds me of Bavaria

I tracked three days of mileage in Seattle ~ running, walking and elliptical and was able to pick some cycling up when I came home.  Total for the week came to 26.77 miles with a total of 106.95 miles for August. ~ 9,770.85 miles gratefully remaining.  Happy miles to you.

Mileage Recap ~ 3 – 9 August Bad Bad Soleus

Last weeks mileage was very light.  Very light because I have injured my left calf muscle.

**Disclaimer ~ I am not a doctor or physical therapist.  All injuries should be diagnosed by a doctor**

Whew, got that out-of-the-way.  It is undeniable I have injured my left calf or the soleus muscle to be exact.  To what extent I’m not 100% sure, but I imagine from all the reading I’ve done it is a moderate injury.  Ankle is swollen and calf is tender to the touch with some pain walking.  So says the armchair doctor and of course all hail Web MD!  I went on a 5 mile run on Wednesday.  Everything was great and around mile two I felt a pop and that was all she wrote.  Fin.  What made matters worse I was half~way into the run and it was raining.  I don’t run with a phone so I hobbled on home.  Awww Shucks!  Quite the downer.  This is the first time I’ve ever had a calf injury, so I started doing some reading.  There is plenty information out there so I won’t list it here, again don’t believe everything you read on the internet. For the most part the sites I visited I’m fairly certain were giving me sound information, never to be replaced by a professional advice, of course. 

Interesting article take-aways.  If there is swelling minimize the amount of massaging the affected area due to possible clotting   Massaging the area could release any clots that might be forming which isn’t a good thing.  Massage should happen after the acute injury phase.  And calf injuries tend to increase with AGE (what!).Ooookay, I definitely wasn’t following the massage advice in the beginning and there is no doubt I felt this injury coming but kept pushing.  Needless to say I will be more aware of how I treat injuries in the future.  I acted a little callous towards the possibility I may have something quite severe.  Lesson learned.  Now time to heal it properly so I can continue. 

Good news is I can still bike, slowly at first.   Not the news I wanted to report, but there it is in all its crappy glory.  Maybe I should be more positive and grateful that this is all that happened, I can adjust fire and continue running after I heal.  Ok…I’ll take that route.  Five of the hardest miles completed with 9,851.51 miles (hoping without pain ~ highly doubtful) remaining.  Happy miles to you…no matter how painful.